2014 World Cup: Kwarasey responds to Stromsgodset's emergency call, to leave Black Stars camp on Friday night

Adams Kwarasey to leave Black Stars camp on Friday night

Adams Kwarasey to leave Black Stars camp on Friday night

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ghana goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey has confirmed he will be rejoining his club Stromsgodset for their crunch league match against Rosenborg on Saturday.

The 26-year-old is badly needed at his club for their league match and will therefore leave the Black Stars’ preparations momentarily to help his side.

Stromsgodset lost 2-1 at Stabaek on Tuesday in the absence of their inspirational captain while substitute goalkeeper Anders Gundersen was in post.

But manager Ronny Deila is unwilling to take any chances this weekend when the champions host Rosenborg in the big game in the Norwegian top flight.

The club have thus struck an agreement with the Ghana FA to have their inspirational goalkeeper return for Saturday’s clash.

Kwarasey has now confirmed to Ghana’s number one football news outlet that he will respond to the emergency call to return to his club for Saturday’s clash at the Marienlyst Stadion.

“Yes I will go tomorrow [Friday] night,” Kwarasey told GHANAsoccernet.com at the state dinner for the Black Stars on Thursday night.

This means Kwarasey will not be part of Ghana’s travelling party from Accra for their training camp in the Netherlands on Saturday.

He will however be involved in the farewell match against a locally select side earlier on Friday before catching his flight to Norway in the night.

The Stromsgodset captain is however expected to rejoin the Black Stars camp in the Netherlands by Sunday when other absentees Michael Essien and Kevin-Prince Boateng are also expected to arrive.


  1. access says:

    Is good for Ghana …High competitive game..Somebody will have a chance to impress in home crowd.,The two reserve keepers will have chance to prove their criticize wrong….

  2. access says:

    possible lineup ..Ghana vs Holland ..4-4-2




  3. yaw2 says:

    Not bad.i got my own starting eleven,———————–kwarasey—————————————————-

  4. bob says:

    I don’t know why so much pc you guys put Kwadwo Asamoah on the bench.

    He is the only One, whos playing constantly on high level. I even would say, that he is our best Player!!!

  5. nhyira says:

    Oh this is what we are expecting to hear from dauda too

  6. Paul says:

    See, this is a mark of a champion keeper. He is our automathic number one keeper now.

  7. Kwaku says:

    I dont wish him evil but have we thought of the fact that he could go and get injured in their game. The risk oooo

  8. Pharoah 7 says:

    What on earth is really going on with Ghana?Only in Africa this stupid,ridiculous nonsense can take place!Here, after almost 9yrs. in office, i was lauding Nyantakyi as Africa’s finest administrator only to see a return to an amuteurish behaviour that has been the bane of African’s footballing development.All the other teams-with the exception of those with players in the Champs League finals tomorrow-have been assembled since monday the 13th-immediately after most of the leagues ended-or on monday the 19th,Spain,but here we stiil are having absentees when it was well known that tuesday the 20th was the assembly date set by the GFA for all players to turn up to camp.So why on earth are two players,who the nation clamoured for their return despite showing disinterest for the past 2 yrs. and are supposed to be key players for Ghana,are still absent and no one seems to be interested in trying to ascertain from them or the GFA as to their continued absence.Are they nursing some form of injury as Boateng seems to be in need of constant “nursing”around the clock and has Essien not recovered as yet from his last injury incurred almost a month and a half ago thus missing the last set of games for the season?If this is the case then fans of the Stars need to know and they should then be dropped if they are more likely to being liabilities than assets for the campaign.To hell with foolish sentiments as this doesn’t win you titles.Figo,Makalele,Zidane and now Lampard,Sweinstieger Lamn and Gerrad but to name a few have been far more active and made great contributions to their respective team’s success in the last two World Cups and oh,how can i forget the evergreen Pirlo who continues to win trophies for Juve after Milan stupidly let him go.Essin is no longer of this quality at his age like these players were and are at the moment.Now this nonsense about letting Kwarasey go in response to a SOS call from his club!!!What utter NONSENSE and STUPIDITY!!! It is now WORLD CUP TIME as all the other nations are in full gear with their preparations some to the point where they have played friendlies already!!! Give me a break.

    • Kwame Denkyi says:

      Pharoah, you have spoken very well. Disorganization, divided loyalties has indeed been the bane of African teams. Great teams understand set rules and their demarcations; to break these rules in the name of inordinate behavior and self-preservation and self-interest at the behest of serving the nation rings and always invites disintegration as others will follow through especially when the times are critical. It is in times like these that we have to hear things as togetherness, unity, proper organization, good behavior and punctuality, and not the hokum we are hearing now. Please, spare us the bunkum and place some discipline in the system. All that said, my kudos to those who report on time and who in spite of their status and abilities dedicate themselves to the nation. Remember, the ostentatious show of ego is simply a display of ignorance, insecurity and the peasantry of mind. Black stars we need to grow!!

  9. Redd says:

    I really don’t think this is the best for both kwarasey and Ghana.Yesterday it was KPB and Essien being granted permission to stay in Europe.Today Kwarasey has to go back to Norway.This is just not right and im wondering if our coach is in control at all.Maybe the coach does not realize ths WC thing is a serious thing.And this Norwegian club comes to me as a very unserious club.When did they get to know they had this crucial game?What about the other goalkeepers in the team? Its very unfortunate to treat them like this- actually very disrespectful and im surprised a club in a very big nation like Norway is behaving less than a club in sub-Saharan Africa.To Kwarasey I tell you that u have let us down big time.Those of us who forced to ensure AA and that his bogus gk trainer kept you in this team even when it was clear they wanted to make a bench warmer our number one.What if you get injured or don’t you think you have just given them ammunition to drop you to the bench on the excuse that you didn’t train enough?Well, its your decision and we are watching.

  10. kofi says:

    Ghana paaaaa, here u have :a keeper whose club will go heaven and earth to have him play for them in a match. Then u also have a keeper who will warm the bench for the whole season. And we Ghana Ian’s will still be debating.who should be our no. 1

  11. Benito says:

    I’m beginning to believe that there might some financial gain for the gfa big wigs for this so called SOS call.that has been our bane ,we sacrifice important for some few dollars,money conscious leaders!!!!!

  12. tumbor says:

    Kwarasey is not going to lie down at beach. He is going to play a competitive game which will even make him sharper. Abedi used to fly back and forth to play for his club and the Black Stars without any problems. His case should not be compared with that of Essien and Prince.

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