2014 World Cup: Anderlect winger Frank Acheampong holds no grudges over Brazil snub by Ghana coach

Frank Acheampong is cool with Ghana snub

Frank Acheampong is cool with Ghana snub

Anderlecht winger Frank Acheampong has admitted his disappointment over missing out of the Ghana squad for the 2014 World Cup but insists he holds no grudges over his snub.

The 2013 FIFA U20 World Cup Ghana winger was hoping to ride on his performance for Anderlecht in the Pro League while his form in Turkey with the Black Satellites come as an added advantage.

But Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah overlooked the former King Faisal winger for his 26-man provisional squad and also did not include him in his 4-man stand-by list.

Acheampong admits he was snub because he was not active at some point in the season.

“It’s disappointing because playing in a World Cup is the dream of every player, but the coach decided to do without me and I bow to his decision,” he told Anderlecht’s official website.

“I understand his choice because I have not played a full season.”

The winger has scored three times in 23 appearances for Anderlecht this season.


  1. Nana Yaw says:

    seriously he should hv been in da list
    he put a massive performance @ da youth level he has speed nd he strong Mr Appiah should hv @ least include 2 of da under 20 players.. Besides if our lads were europeans trust sum of dem will mk da cut… Frank dnt worry i tym will cum jux work hard nd neva gv up

    • Askantwi says:

      Yes, this guy should have in the list far ahead of Mahatma ottoo. I wonder how Akwasi Appiah could pick Kwabena Adusei ahead of David Addy, Lee Addy, Edwin Gyima and Isaac Vorsah? Even John Mensah is better than Kwabena Adusei. The 4 standby players shows clearly there is something going on behind the scenes.

      • Assemblyman says:

        Well,I learned he was injured or something during the latter parts of the season.But he is a left footed winger/attacker like Andre Ayew,Sulley Muntari,Atsu and Kwadwo Asamoah.i think it have made the team unbalanced for Akwasi Appiah in that sense .so for the case of the coach picking mahatma Otoo,who I don’t also support his inclusion ahead of RBY,Acheampong is a midfielder and not a striker.Lee Addy like Vorsah had been injured also during the latter parts of the season.And David Addy has been reduced to another bench warming Fatau Dauda, with his Portuguese club wanting to offload him to a either Poland’s Gdansk FC or a Swiss second division club.If there is anything to go by,look at his form and the way he had played during our game with Montenegro .Maybe Edwin Gyimah is the most active and deserving player to be called into camp on your list.But Kwabena Adusei has also been in fantastic player during this season in the local scene. John Mensah never completed a 90 minutes game on the field for FC Nitra.He mostly limped off the field in less than 45 minutes.By so doing he completed only 3 games for the entire season ,still under 45 minutes.The only good thing about John Mensah presently ,is maybe going to Brasil with the national team as the big brother figure we all know him of,to help advise and strategically guide the central defense with his experience .but not as a player.Also for Vorsah,I am sure he will come back strongly next season.Its sad he missed the boat.So my friend Askantwi ,we all might never agree with Akwasi Appiah in many ways.But researching into the actual reason to why some players couldn’t make it to the list,will also be a good thing .And am even still researching on Yao Kumordzi who has had a fantastic season with Belgium giants Genk.He even extended his contract days ago.he was once tipped to step into the shoes of Michael Essien some years back.I remember during the 2010 World Cup campaign ,he was supposed to take up the place of injured Essien.But he also got injured later and the vacant position became a blessing for KPB.Who in turn made use of the opportunity ,which had catapulted him to fame and stardom presently.its been a while since Kumordzi had called.Although he is still playing well.Maybe time will tell..

  2. navy seal USA says:

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  3. leon says:

    dont worry frank, keep on working hard and in four years time i am sure the coach will include you, along side lawrence lartey, RBY, assifuah and aboagye. the future is bright for the black stars !

  4. Selfmade says:

    Leon write some common sense. You are too daft.hahahahahaha.

  5. fearless says:

    @navy,why all dis insults?we come here to comment n talk abt football but I think u are immature,a mature n sensible person will nt behave lke u.grow up or stop visiting dis site.

  6. navy seal USA says:

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  7. fearless says:

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    • Assemblyman says:

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  8. Jakarta says:

    Guys, just ignore this dude who calls himself Navy seal USA. I don’t even believe he is in the US. He is so uncouth and raw. He and another uncivilized one who calls himself Benny have been using some terrible language on this line. They are a shame to Ghana. To the two of you, I don’t know or care about your beef with Selfmade or whoever, but take this advice from a guy who is older and wiser, do please take your insults somewhere else. It is very unghanaian. This site belongs to descent and serious people. I don’t know what Selfmade or whoever said about you and Benny , and seriously, I don’t actually care, I however believe whatever he said about you two Is right. Your behavior on this site has demonstrated that the two of you are a disgrace to Ghanaians. If Selfmade claims somebody is using his name to insult innocent people on this site, I believe the two of you are the culprits. I don’t know this Selfmade guy, but I’m advising him too to take any insults somewhere else. If you read this piece and become angry at me and choose to insult me, go ahead . I have a thick skin. Thanks.

  9. selfmade says:

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  10. selfmade says:

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  11. Papa Nkrumah says:

    Thank you Jakarta for the wise and mature words. I hope they work. Too bad Frank Acheampong is yet another mid-fielder. He is truly superb… tackles, dribbles, shoots, crosses, runs at defenders… he has truly got it all. I am not particularly bothered that he, Assifuah, and RBY did not get the chance to play for the Stars in Brazil. There are numerous opportunities not too far away. Infact they will be needed in about 2 months after the World Cup to play for the Stars in the Afcon qualifiers and the competition itself in about 6 months time. They will have their chance because some of the players may be injured or lost form among other factors. No worries at all. Just allow those players 30 and above to fade out and replace them as 20 year olds. You will realise that the sky is truly the limit.

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