2014 World Cup: Andre Ayew charges Ghana teammates to get out of this mess following USA defeat

Andre Ayew got Ghana's consolation in the defeat to USA

Andre Ayew got Ghana’s consolation in the defeat to USA

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ghana forward Andre Ayew is urging his teammates to get themselves out of their own mess in order to progress from Group G following their 2-1 loss to the United States on Monday night.

The Black Stars struggled to equalize through the Olympique Marseille enforcer having been stunned by an early strike from USA captain Clint Dempsey.

The defeat sees Ghana facing a first ever first round elimination from the World Cup with tough games against Germany and Portugal to come.

But Ayew is willing his side to pull themselves out of their own created ditch in order progress in the competition.

“It is left with two games and no one put us in this situation, we put ourselves in this situation so we have to do all we can to get out of this situation,” he told GHANAsoccernet.com.

“We can [possibility of beating Germany], like the same we they can beat us. This group is going to be very tough.

“I believe if we have a good result against Germany it will come to the last game.

“Everyone should therefore remain patient. We know Ghanaians are hurt and we are sorry for that but we will make sure we change this on Saturday.”


  1. tee boafo says:

    Dede,indeed you are the son of your father.i like your courage.

  2. kwamina says:

    kweku obomsam or whatever his name is have course damage to Ghanaian team. dirty man who has no good things of himself expect bad for our team. i blame this website for their ignorance. he who throw ball against the wall bounce back. May the Spirit of the Lord torment his evil deed.

  3. Carlos Danger says:

    Dede should be the captain not asamoah gyan who is useless — all he wants to do is jama, lousy haircuts, rehearse on his dance and be given 20 chances to score one. Ghana is technically out thanks to Dr. AA experiments. We need to build a team around dede and kasa. All the defenders on the current team are useless. Muntari and essien are too slow for the game. Our crosses are not effective as we don’t have the height for it against US, Germany and Portugal defenders. After the first half we should have rather put the ball on the ground and pentrated the middle.

  4. Garbby, Toronto. says:

    The only way Ghana will win against Germany is if only Jesus Christ will be our goal keeper not Kwarassay. He has no luck for Ghana.

    • Yaw Chicago says:

      I absolutely agree with you bro. I have said severally that although Kwarasay has the form over Dauda, he doesn’t seem to have the luck being in post for Ghana. We have NEVER won a game with him in post! For the reason, I don’t know, but I will prefer Dauda in post; then bring Kwadwo to join the midfield to add creativity, If only we are serious about the German game.
      Then finally, we need God’s intervention, not Kwaku Bonsam.

    • Bani man says:

      man, forget about luck and Kwarassay. what would you expect him to do? none of the goals was his fault. so please blame the defenders and AA

  5. Yaw Chicago says:

    Dede is our next most consistent performer after Kwadwo Asamoah and Gyan. I saw him shouting at Atsu, and rightly so because if Atsu had been selfless to pass most of the balls that came to him, Ghana could have won the game. The only one he passed was the clearest chance which Jordan amazingly mishit.
    Lets steal at least a draw from the Germans..which we definitely can. Go Ghana go!

    • Papa USA says:

      we are not stealing any draw from German. Guys not was a good day for us even though we played our hearts out. Surely if we can only believe we can do it. Nothing is impossible. Come saturday Ghana will beat German.

  6. Chineke says:

    Who has chances of progress ti second btwn our Super Eagles and black dogs?

  7. kuukuphilly says:

    Chineke I think ur mama..

  8. Naija Guy says:

    @ Chineke.My fellow Nigerian brother,its Super Eagles to the final.Ghana is surely a discras to Africa.Chipo’s would have done better becoz it was their timr but these black mambers qualified by making there fellow african train in a car park.These are the results

  9. Selfmade says:

    Ghana is a useless team and i dont like the behaviour of our players.they become more arogant wen they are down by a goal.I dont see our black dogs going anywhere.Im told the pilot didnt switch off the engine @ the airport coz he was informd that since they are dogs they just camr to bark and they will have to go home soon.Our team is stupid and arogant

  10. ChiefRocka says:

    I respect Dede, heart of a Lion, future Blackstars Captain. He’ll bring Ghana our 1st WC 2018

  11. Kwaku says:

    Everyone let us come together as Ghanaians and support the team. USA will lose to Portugal bc they will b determined to win. Portugal isn’t gonna lose 2 games in a row. We just need to shock Germany and it seems we can do it. All teams will have 3 points heading into the last games of the group where ghana beats Portugal and Germany rapes the stupid USA.

  12. Benito says:

    Zambia can never and ever qualify for the world cup,get into your empty head

  13. Chineke says:

    These black mambers are in the same class with minions Zambia nowander they were forces there way into Cosafa wich is mearnt for southern africa.Black dogs are funny

  14. selfmade says:

    Kwasia,stop using my I.d.!! U WRETCHED mouse!

  15. Selfmade says:

    @ Chineke.U r right.Am not support these black mambers of ours.I will put my money and hope on Your super Eagles……

  16. Shark says:

    Awwww Dede, he’s the only player who has cooled my heart. Only if we had 11 of this guys character we would have won the world cup…

  17. Selfmade says:

    Our black mambers will b walopd by germany coz they are too arogant

  18. navy seal USA says:

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  19. navy seal USA says:

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  20. gabby says:

    @Chineke nd his fellow nigerian chicken…your super chickens are nothing but a disgrace to African football. Shut up nd think abt wat Bosnia ‘ll masacre u!

  21. navy seal USA says:

    Naija Guy,don’t you feel embarrassed for your fuckn spelling..
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    uncircumcised bastard.
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  22. navy seal USA says:

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  23. Ogya says:

    We shall overcome

  24. lhaj says:

    @Selfmade, it is ironic how you have reduced yourself to rubbish over one loss. What would you say after Ghana win the second match? And for the Nigerians, you have a good team that does score even if the goal is wide open. Apart from Ivory Coast the only team that could make Africa proud is Ghana. At least they will go out fighting.

  25. Selfmade says:

    @ ihaj.I have not changd am just being realistic not puting our black mambers where they dont belong.They are just dogs awaiting to b transportd back to Africa after touring Brazil

  26. Chineke says:

    @ Navy seal USA.I dont know wat elian u are.Like fellow dog called selfmade has U are just like your fellow dog stars.Ghana is so arogant indeed.It will take take time for ghana to reach wher our Super Eagles are

  27. Kwadwo Mensah (Holland) says:

    @Ihaj some troll is using selfmade’s identity, it’s not him. This site should switch to disqus commenting platform where you actually have to register your user id.

  28. selfmade says:

    Ihaj… Chineke, naija guy are the same person usinf my I.d… Can’t u see!! Don’t let a fucking zambian based in Lagos tricked u bro!

  29. selfmade says:

    I don’t know why u all are wasting your time on chineke, naija guy becasus he is the same person using my I.d. chineke and naija guy on zamfoot!!.. He has being doing this for a long time and yall can’t see?

  30. wee ba says:

    Guys you are all invited to this stupid zambian site let’s go there http://www.zambianfootball.co.zm,those fool needs to be thought a lesson

  31. Papa says:

    Best formation for ghana. Christmas tree.

    Ayew— kpb
    Afful-mensah- boye-opare
    Kwarasey(if he decides to stop being scared)

    Pls send to A.A. He really needs this

  32. selfmade says:

    @ Selfmade.Stop the nosens i dont know that niaja guy neither do i knwo Chineke.I leave in accra myself so i just have a differnt opponion about our current black mambers

  33. selfmade says:

    @ selfmade.Stop impersonating okay you fool

  34. john says:

    Nigerians are the worst footballers

  35. Maxwell Johnson says:

    Two comedy of errors from two shit players (Boye & Opare) cost us this game especially Boye what a useless CB he’s become now no wonder he’ll be playing club football in Turkey next season. Just look at how the defense was open with ease with just a simple one two pass that resulted in Dempsey getting the 1st goal this should never happen to a team that wants to go far in a big tourney like the WC and as for the second goal John Boye again!!! This guy is becoming a liability rather than an asset to the team the earlier we look for better replacement the better. Jo Mensah also considering that cheap & needless CK which resulted in the 2nd goal for the yanks, though I gotta be fair to the chap cuz he kinda had a solid game.

    As for our clueless manager the least said about him the better, this is the third consecutive time that we’ve conceded an early goal in our games and we haven’t been able to recover though we nearly recovered in this game buh another loss of concentration later on in the game cost us. I mean cant this coach psych up the players mentally and let them know how crucial it is to be 100% focus in the game also what’s the role of the so-called psychologist in the team I mean doesn’t he know to do his job properly? Playing your best player @ LB when we have equally good options on the bench, look how dangerous KASA was whenever he surges forward he initiated the attack that got us the equalizer through Dede, and for him to be playing as a LB throughout the entire game when we needed creativity in the middle shows how clueless & tactically inept AA is. Tweaaaaa!! This man cant take us anywhere with this 17th century tactics of his goddammit!!

    For goodness sake the yanks didn’t had any clear-cut chances after they scored that early goal they only looked dangerous on the break, it was very evident that we were clearly lacking creativity in the middle. Imagine how dangerous we would have been with KASA, Dede, KBP & Sulley with Rabiu protecting the back-four but instead this clueless coach kept KASA on the left-back throughout the entire game. Also what was the need of bringing in Essien when Rabiu was playing even better? Also why take out Atsu who was lively in the game and bring in an ineffective Adomah what was the use? He could have at least brought in Afful to man the LB position so that KASA can move upfront and give us some more spark and creativity. Jordan has really improved a lot the chap has a good game it was just unfortunate that he couldn’t bury that chance he had latter on in the 1st half. Wasn’t Warris fit for the game? Why not make a double sub by bringing him on alongside KPB to put more pressure on the yanks and open their defense cuz were really limited in attack and that was how come we couldn’t convert the numerous chances we had despite dominating game throughout .

    Don’t get me wrong we played very very well buh lost the game from the bench and also due to some comedy of errors in defense especially Boye, as for Opare ooh boy this guy has been a huge disappointment whenever he dons the national colours. Its just unfortunate that we allowed this mediocre US team to beat us despite dominating the game from start to finish, this is the best squad we’ve assembled in yrs buh unfortunately this time around we gonna face an early exit from the WC courtesy our clueless & tactically inept manager. Our final two games against the Germans & the Portuguese are really gonna be difficult yes its 100% possible that we can beat them buh its gonna be a huge task especially when we have a manager that doesn’t have a system nor varies his tactics and make the right selection or subs.

  36. Gh says:


  37. lhaj says:

    @Maxwell Johnson, this is the best analysis of the game I have read thus far. You got it all right on the money. Playing KASA on the LB is like playing Messi on the left back. Even my 7 yrs old daughter kept shouting to give the ball to #20. Essien has done his time, it is now time for him to sit back and watch.

    Perhaps, Ghana’s biggest challenge were the hopeless passes from Opare into the box. Atsu was causing a lot of problem therefore a better replacement would have being Warris (if he is OK). I am actually believing that Ghana would get pass Germany and Portugal to the next round. But as you noted, the coach needs to act as if he is watching and understanding the game. He just can’t leave it all to luck, he will have to make some tactical changes before and during the game.

    God Bless Ghana!!

  38. Read this and pass it on says:


  39. Kwaku says:

    Are these useless Nigerians not ashamed. The super chickens are just a waste of one of Africa’s tickets. U draw with Iran and yet u come and laugh at Ghana which had a good game against a better usa. Ur players play as if they have no brains…big bodies but chicken brains. Bosnia will end ur world cup and messi ll use u for a record. Who ll support u? Even our televisions are tired of showing such a group of idiots posing us footballers. African champions my foot, wat a useless country with useless footballers.

  40. Okwonko says:

    Oh my Nigeria, so you’re not even ashamed of your performance against a team like Iran ??? You’re a big disgrace to Africa, Let’s all unite with one Africa spirit and rally behind Ivory Coast and Ghana, they’re Africa’s only hope, with all apologies, Cameroon, Algeria and My Nigeria are all coming back home. Go Elephants, Go black stars !!!!!!!!! One Love

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