2014 World Cup: Christian Atsu gets affectionate sending off from his wife as he joins Black Stars camp

Christian Atsu in a passionate kiss with his wife

Christian Atsu in a passionate kiss with his wife

Ghana winger Christian Atsu received an affectionate sending off from his wife, Claire before joining the Black Stars preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

The 22-year-old is seen in an intense kiss in a photograph posted on the Instagram page of his German wife.

Atsu is part of the 24 players expected to be part of Ghana’s early World Cup preparations in Accra which starts on Tuesday.

The former FC Porto youngster has had a thriving season on loan at Dutch club Vitesse where he played 28 games and scored five goals in the Eredivisie.

He will be joining his international colleagues in Tuesday’s opening non-residential training session at the Accra Sports Stadium where the Black Stars will be training for the next three days.

Atsu who is substantively a player of English giants Chelsea has been married to Claire for over a year now in a relationship which has been blessed with a son they named Joshua.


  1. Assemblyman says:

    This one too? Eii!Ameenu,I won’t be surprise you next will post a story on another player arriving to camp bedding his wife or girlfriend ..funny things

  2. Viper says:

    GSN have eyes everywhere,asem oo.

  3. millennium says:

    This african boy with black mindset; you are rich so you will marry a white lady. What about those young girls you were messing with while in Ghana? Dont they fit to be your wife?

    • Assemblyman says:

      Eii! Boys kasa..Mr.millennium wo kasa!!For no offense oo,what did those same girls you are talking about did to ex stars like Odartey-Lamptey,John Mensah,Painstil and Arthur Moses? Am sure you have a good answer to that.charley,it doesn’t have to matter about skin color or nationalities in terms of relationships.But someone who will give you some peace of mind is all important..
      From my experience,I know most Ghana girls fall in love because of their stomachs not with the hearts.some Ghana girls don’t even know how to appreciate common thing like flowers.they will tell you flowers can’t be eaten .instead they expect fried rice and chicken..and you call this true love !!

  4. Kweku says:

    Millenium u r a racist fool

  5. Ghanaman says:

    What a Luvy dubby circus!

  6. Union Leader says:

    @ millennium or whatever you call yourself, don’t be Racist. When it comes to Love ,color or someone’s race doesn’t matter. They both happy , that’s all that count

  7. PENDRIVE says:

    Challe bro have fan ok.

  8. Benito says:

    Enough of the privacy reporting;eg kwadwo asamoah went shopping,asamoah wear green boxer shorts,schlupp has Adidas shoes,etc enough of the mediocrity…let’s move forward Africans!!!!!!

  9. royal says:

    millennium!!!! I don’t agree with your comments. some of the African ladies are crisis.

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