2014 World Cup: 'Crazy' Nigeria supporters club demand 62m condoms for use in Brazil



The Nigeria Football and other Sports Supporters Club (NFSSC) are demanding 62 million condoms for their members who will be attending the World Cup in Brazil next month to support the Super Eagles.

Rafiu Ladipo, President-General of NFSSC, who made the demand in Abuja, appealed to the United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) to take the demand very seriously.

Ladipo’s appeal came on the heels of assurance by Bilali Camara, UNAIDS Country Director, that two million condoms would be provided for the entire duration of the 2014 World Cup.

He said instead of two million for the entire duration, UNAIDS should provide two million condoms each day for the 31-day tournament.

“Of all football loving fans all around the world, I alone will be taking over 10,000 fans to Brazil, not only from Nigeria.

“You know that Nigeria will be playing their first three matches and there is going to be a match between Nigeria and Argentina.

“By the time we play that match, we will regard it as the match that will also qualify us to play Brazil in Rio de Janeiro during the final.

“If that is achieved, we want to be protected; we must be protected.

“So, I want to urge you (UNAIDS) to provide more condoms,’’ he added.


  1. benny says:

    They need ipad, laptops, smart phones for 419 and amunitions for Boko haram.

  2. benny says:

    They need ipads, laptops, smart phones for 419 and amunitions for Boko haram.Pathetic people.

  3. benito says:

    Don’t give them a pin,crazy asses you don’t think about kidnapped girls.

  4. Kuukuphilly says:

    Ei what at all is wrong with these anago brothers.

  5. spellBOUND says:

    LOL, crazy fans indeed. no need to demand such things as the prostitutes will be bringing their own…. they don’t want to catch anything from u book haram idiots…

  6. Joseph says:

    But It is çall FIFA world cup competition nt FIFÅ world sex competition

  7. Godsaves says:

    GSN my only advise to you guys is to stop this shabby reporting of yours; always trying to paint Nigeria black…truly the man in question demanded that UNAIDS should increase the number of condoms that’s to be supplied during the world but is it for Nigerian’s alone?….when I read articles here, I discover that you guys are still playing second fiddle compared to Kick Off Nigeria when it comes to reporting news from other countries most especially fellow African countries….

  8. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    hahahahahaha my country is at it again… lol…. Go to BRAZIL & fuck anything fuckable, its part of the game koraa…. SPELLBOUND Nsem kwaa y3 wu d3 papa

  9. Don Dominic says:

    You Fucker Negers U Always Disgrace Africa.

  10. Godsaves says:

    @benito, terrorism is everywhere not only in Nigeria, you don’t laugh at someone who is passing through difficult times cux you can never predict the future; guess what, Nigeria is only passing through her trying and will surely come out stronger…we are the number one in peace-keeping mission in Africa…we show love to our African brothers even though they don’t reciprocate….jux a little while and Nigerians shall smile again…shalom

  11. Stranger Danger says:

    silly Nigerians, condoms are not for kids 😉

  12. ginger says:

    Hmmm!, @ times always wonder why ghanians hate their fellow west african brothers dis much?? Upon all the investments dat naija pple has in dat third world country called gayna nd upon all the bilateral relationships we have build..they always remind us of our current pains, anyway it is a national chalenge nd we shall overcome it one day nd for ghanasoccernet, u have never report any positive news about nigeria all ur news about naija are all negatives ones anyway keep on d good job God will see u tru nd for kickoffnigeria we will never report any negative news whatsoever about ghana cos we are civilized people…God bless my beloved country nd d largest economy in africa NIGERIA..very soon we shall overcome our challenges nd we will invite d kwekus nd kojos from ghana to come celebrate with us

  13. Naija boy says:

    C’mon Ghana, so much envy & hate coming from y’all. I feel sorry for you though. I admit the above story is ridiculous & I laughed as I read it, & thats all it should be about, not Boko haram. mind you, u should pray Nigeria wins this war against terrorism cos guess what if they don’t, Boko haram will harvest your country. I still love Ghana & Ghanaians though.

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