2014 World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo returns for Portugal as Ghana group opponent maul Ireland in friendly

Published on: 4 years ago
2014 World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo returns for Portugal as Ghana group opponent maul Ireland in friendly
Cristiano Ronaldo captained Portugal to victory

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Ghana's Group G opponents Portugal received good news on Wednesday as their influential playmaker Cristiano Ronaldo made an injury return to help them thrash Republic of Ireland 5-1 in an international friendly. 

The Real Madrid star and Ballon D'or title-holder last 65 minutes for the European giants as they wrapped up their preparations with a sumptuous victory.

Out of action since the Champions League final, Ronaldo ripped through the Irish defence with his first touch to spear a shot on target. The message was clear – CR7 was back.

Wisely, Portuguese coach Paolo Bento withdrew Ronaldo just after an hour on a newly-laid surface that was a slow, spongy, and a hazard throughout.

After a double save from Forde to deny Ronaldo and Raul Meireles, who also returned after injury, Portugal doubled their advantage when Richard Keogh deflected Fabio Coentrao’s left-wing delivery beyond Forde into the top corner.

Ronaldo's return slaps a big question mark in the face of Ghanaian witchdoctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam who gained worldwide popularity following claims he was behind the 29-year-old's injury and he would not be fit to face Ghana in the final group game.

Ghanaian fans mock Kwaku Bonsam on social media
Ghanaian fans mock Kwaku Bonsam on social media
The claims gain home and international popularity on both TV and radio as well as social media. However, most Ghanaian fans took to social media to discount the claims saying the fetish priest has no influence on the fitness of Ronaldo.

Even more, most Ghanaians are mocking him after Ronaldo returned to training two days ago and it could get worst as Ronaldo played on Wednesday night.

Yet still many others feel its a disgrace for Ghana and the rest of Africa.


  • nigga
    says: 4 years ago
    Ghana in real trouble..LOl
  • Gideon
    says: 4 years ago
    I am very happy the best in the world is back for good.
  • Yaw Madiba
    says: 4 years ago
    shame on u koo bonsam !
  • Kwabena
    says: 4 years ago
    I am happy Ronaldo has returned. I need him in the Portuguese squad so that they do not say they lost because there was no Ronaldo. We need Ronaldo to play for 90 minutes in the game and watch us qualify to the Second Round.
  • 21guns
    says: 4 years ago
    Ghana is not super chikens, no matter what Ghana will win,
  • Dr Who
    says: 4 years ago
    Portugal will cry just like we did to their U20.....we dont give a dem
  • keith from germany
    says: 4 years ago
    let the games begin
  • benny
    says: 4 years ago
    Whilst the likes of Tony Yegoalla ,Azumah Nelson, Abedi Pele , The black stars 2006 to date have lifted Ghana to high pedestal, disfigured face Kwaku bonsam has given those illiterate Europeans who cannot read nor write , typically racist ,expecially West midlands here in UK a good reason to perpetuate their diabolical sickening views on Africans in General. His claim to use FOUR DOGS TO BEWITCH CR7 makes us Africans disgusting people in their eyes.l know people who have skip work for two weeks because their dog died but report to work next day after their relative die. Dogs means everything to 99% Europeans. Even now, some illiterate Europeans think Africans still live on trees because the only thing they see on TV about Africa is naked children crying for food in some remote villages BBC will not s how the Mall in Accra and all those push buildings. CR7 is back playing, Kwaku bonsam claim went global and Africans are greatly ridiculed.Glad Cr7 is well. You don't claim to be responsible for someones demise. It's not acceptable in Europe or America. Shame some low life's on this forum sees nothing wrong with bonsam's claim.
  • Paapa1
    says: 4 years ago
    He really played shit yesterday I watch the full game and the guy is not fully fit,he couldn't even shot the ball,
  • achimotan
    says: 4 years ago
    @ benny . Thanks so much. The least said about the stupidity of bosam the better. Every right think Ghanaian should feel embarrassed about the negative publicity this phool brought to our country. Sometimes i wonder the level of education of these presenters on the non english speaking radio stations. You would never get Live FM, Joy Fm or Citi Fm opening their airwaves for the likes of Kwaku Bosam and Maame Esi to spew trash. Angel FM and Happy Fm enough is enogh