2014 World Cup: Ghana defender Inkoom hits the gym ahead of Black Stars camping next week

Ghana defender Samuel Inkoom in the gym

Ghana defender Samuel Inkoom in the gym. Photograph: Facebook

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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The Black Stars hit the ground running next week with preparation but defender Samuel Inkoom has already gotten to work in the gym as he gets his body into shape before he joins the entire squad. 

The 24-year-old FC Dnipro full-back was the first foreign-based star to arrive in Ghana after helping Greek side Platanias survive relegation and maintain their top-flight status.

On Sunday morning training, the former FC Basel star is in his brilliant gym wear showing muscles and biceps in a gym.

Samuel Inkoom keeps training ahead of Ghana camp

Samuel Inkoom keeps training ahead of Ghana camp

While there is a space for some family holiday after returning home early, Inkoom always has got an eye on his fitness as he takes to the gym at his free time.


  1. Don-dominic says:

    seriousness and dedication that what i like about the black stars

  2. joe says:


  3. kuukuphilly says:

    he needs to hit it harder cause there will be pushing and shoving..

  4. sticky straw says:

    @ Joe I dey fill u waa . He manage to sneak his way into the team now is up to him to prove some of us knows football and are calling for his exclusion from the team to prove us wrong because he couldn’t make in Ukrainian and french league how much more worldcup with world class players . Local coaches are funny

  5. Spirit says:

    @ Askantwi I totally agree with you. Inkoom does not need to impress any body because we all know what a great player he is. We tolerated Asamoah Gyans incompetence for so long until he found his place in the UAE. We like sabotaging talents while encouraging those trying hard to acquire one. If any body thinks inkoom is not good enough I want to see that person replace him on the pitch of play himself. Just join the team and make your point by playing better than inkoom, period.

  6. danny alvez says:

    I really dont know why this guy was even included in the list.

  7. Stranger Danger says:

    take some protein shakes while you’re at it, it will help a lot

  8. brento says:

    Dis guy inkoom should nt make De squad. He still plays like a kid. We can’t rely on him on De right back cos he can simply give away penalties easy…

    • Assemblyman says:

      The truth ooo..his crossing is bad,he runs like a car with loose breaks and ends up no where,he looses 50/50 balls,he can’t even make decent tackles and am sorry for him.he wasn’t that bad till he moved from Basel to Ukraine.He is not the inkoom we used to know.I don’t think he has a place with the current squad.

  9. sticky straw says:

    @ assemblyman u know football very good

  10. Pinkus says:

    Bravo!!! Incoom, you have shown the way to a successful campaign. That is what every Black Stars players should be doing and even more. Carry bags of cement everyday and run across the mountains. I saw a German world cup preparation documentary and I was shocked at the level of physical drills.

    Ghana has been to two world cup, but the preparations for the third world cup should be the toughest in physical preparation if we want result. If the GFA officials are listening then I plead with them to employ the Ghana military to assist toughen the players. Serious physical drills is what can ensure a 90 minute total football against running horses like Ronaldo and the rest. A word to the wise?.

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