2014 World Cup: Ghana defender John Boye linked with Barcelona move- report

John Boye

John Boye

Ghana defender John Boye has been linked with a move to Spanish giants Barcelona as a replacement for retired Carles Puyol.

This is according to reports in the French media, the centre-back, who has rejected a contract extension from Ligue 1 side Stade Rennes, is on the priority list of the Catalan giants.

Boye spent close to six months in the treatment room this term and managed only 10 appearances.

He arrived at the club for the 2008-2009 season but made his first team bow in 2010.

The 27-year-old made a total of 63 French Ligue 1 appearances.

Boye could enhance his market value if he distinguishes himself at the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.


  1. Viper says:

    Don’t be ridiculous GSN,the last time I checked today isn’t the 1st of April.

  2. papa nkrumah says:

    Hahaha. Oh Viper! We all hope for the best even though he is clearly not the best defender in Africa. But anything is possible. It would have been good if GSN had indicated the specific source.

  3. John says:

    Is this supposed to be some kind of Joke. John Boye is not good enough to play for Barcelona. He was nowhere near the required standard.

  4. Spirit says:

    @Viper, How do you mean? Is boye not good enough to get a barcelona call up. As long as football is concern every player can play at any level provided they are given the chance to proof if they deserve to be there. Lets believe in our own.

  5. Paul says:

    Anything is possible in football. We don’t know what Barcelona scouts have seen in him so lets pray it comes to pass, it will be a great news for Ghana.

    • Ken says:

      That’s exactly what Ghana fans said about Kwadwo Asamoah when he was named in AFCON 2008 squad. Boye is an excellent player, he just need a good coach and a good team. This world cup will help his development a lot.

  6. edem says:

    Bad move if true – Why go and rot on Barca bench?. Get more playing experience before you take the money to watch 1/2 to 1/3 of all competitive matches.

  7. smokey says:

    Cant see this been true

  8. benito says:

    If only he can get playing time..otherwise is a bad idea.

  9. kwame says:

    GSN liars shall go to hell.
    I’ve checked for this news around d web and only GSN is carrying this LIE !!!.
    Thats how they lied that Adomah was about joining liverpool last year.
    John Boye have been warming d bench at rennes this season,Is that the type of players almighty barca sign ????

  10. HNH says:

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  11. achimotan says:

    Barcelona paaa. Am not even sure Monaco or PSG in France interested

  12. selfmade says:

    He shouldn’t even try because they ll simply destroy his career! Spanish leagues doesnt favor Ghanaians!! Essien and opare are typical examples!

  13. coach says:

    You guys should think about it; why did he reject the contract extension offer if there is nothing at stake for him?

  14. tonado says:

    Kantata…how can this be true…if he goes to barca that will make it for his career, apuuutu…

  15. selfmade says:

    Is wrong for the people to say that he is not good enough for the LA liga!! Was Thierry henry good enough for the Spanish league? But this was a guy who was the top striker in the EPL! How a player performs in a league doesn’t doesn’t depends on whether the said player is good or not but rather how the PLAYEE ADAPTS to the league!! U can be the best player on the planet but if u can adapt to a certain league style, u can’t perform! There are a lot of certain world class players who switched leagues and instantly became average, ordinary players in those leagues because they cldnt adapt to the said league!! If john boye can adapt to the Spanish league, he can do his best but judging from other Ghanaian players who has play in the Spanish league, it ll be better to said is not a good league for Ghanaians and Anthony annan and essien even said that!! Now is very clear that the series A and the France league as well as the EPL suits our players depending on their level of domestic success!

  16. Richmond Ofori says:

    I don’t think he’s to bad to play for any team. Barcelona players to swim in the air when playing so I’m quiet surprised by the level immaturity displayed by some of us: a player doesn’t need specific qualifications to play for any team.
    Lionel Messi made his debut at age 19 for the senior side and wasn’t the best player ever. Every player needs the most valuable asset in the world; time, to study, learn, pickup and be a master so I pity y’all trying to underrated somebody simply because you feel you can never reach where he’s trying to reach.
    Y’all need to stop hating if you can’t encourage. We all have to start from somewhere and his happens to be French league 1: so whether you feel he has to be a god to play for Barca or whatever requirements you think, nobody is too bad to try.

  17. Blaq says:

    How many matches did he played for Rennes this season to make almighty barca to look for his signature. Tweaaaa

  18. Ken says:

    If does well at the world cup, any team could go for him. Boye’s style of play is different, he just need an experience coach to polish him up. Barcelona would do a world of good to his career even if he becomes a bench warmer.

  19. kwame says:

    U guys shouldnt believe everything gsn posts.
    Its not possible for barca to be interested in a player like boye,Look at the type of signings they’ve made in d past seasons.
    They dont sign small players talkeless of a player that cant command regular play time in d french league.
    Of course i’ll luv for our players to play for big club,but this one is a LIE !.
    You guys should check around d web to find a credible european site carrying dis story.
    You’ll find out that its only gsn that is carrying it.
    So that makes it lack credibility.

  20. kwame says:

    @blaq thank u oh.He didnt even start up to 10 matches for rennes this season.

  21. jake cobby says:

    funniest funny

  22. Hackman says:

    Wen wil gsn stop these fake informations. Last season it was li’pool bid 4 Amartey.their lies has turned onto Boye linked 2 Barca dis sumer. Tweaaaaa!! Wat a boring site.

  23. Agoronso says:

    lets wish him best at de world n make it to barce

  24. Agoronso says:

    lets wish him de best at de world cup n make it to barce

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