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2014 World Cup: Ghana deserved to win over Germany - coach Kwesi Appiah

Published on: 21 June 2014
Ghana's line-up

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah believes his side's 2-2 draw with Germany was not a true reflection of proceedings in Fortaleza on Saturday night.

The ex-international saw his charges rally from a goal down to take a 2-1 lead but were pegged back by a Miroslav Klose close range effort.

The Black Stars were impressive on the counter attack and match Joachim Loew’s side in every department.

According to Appiah, his side were a shade above the Germans in the strength-sapping encounter.

"It was a great game. Germany are a big team. Our boys did well matching them. We had a lot of chances but we didn't take advantage of them," Appiah told TV reporters.

"We fought until the end. It was unfortunate it ended this way but on the whole it was a very good game.

"I know Portugal are a very good team, the same as the U.S. [are a very good team] but we will wait and see how it goes [on Sunday]."

The Black Stars are now third on the Group G table with one point and will hope Portugal beat USA on Sunday to throw the pool wide open.


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  • Ghfuo, heaven is NOT for.FOOLS! says:
    June 21, 2014 11:29 pm
    AA is our problem AA is the one giving us all these problems. Wat did Badu come n do in this game? Mensah is the reason we didn't conceded more goals. I don't know why boye was even brought in in the 2half. Kpb is not committed. We don't need him. Acquah would have hustled better. Aa is mentally constipated. Imagine kasa on the wings today. He would have gotten into the 18nuff times! We needed for today. How are we going to beat Portugal with more goals? It's possible but not easy . Boyee should have seen that Goetze had gotten inside of afful. Before the cross was sent. He went totally for wats going on from afar. Rather than paying attention to what was beside him, goetze We should won this game. We lost from the bench. Boye messes up against usa and u give him a start again? When I insult aa. Ppl say I'm disrespecting, but look! We are played with vigor and hustle...but aa that hardheaded coconut is why we didn't win. U use kasa on the wing. U replace rabiu with acquah or essien. U remove boye for sumaila. Dauda was watching the player in the second goal, not the ball. Boye played well in the firsthalf. it his mistakes what cost us. Then u remove atsu for wakasso? Another poor decision. Look at the year atsu had with his club this or and how he played?. Wakasu barely played any games this season. AA brought in 3 subs. Only jordan did smthing better. Badu n wakaso didn't impact the game in any way. Defence wins tournaments, but u didn't make any changes to defence(boye). Dummy! AA why did u bring in Badu, wakasu n jordan. 2 mids and 1 striker. Wen uknow that defence wins tournaments. This is must win game. Uhve sumaila, acquah, essien n warris all better than boye, wakasso, Badu, jordan. In a must win game? Octopus sef predict give us, still we no fit win? Ebei aa!
  • maja says:
    June 21, 2014 11:31 pm
    U useless coach. U r leading by a goal wth only 18min to go. U chose to solidify ur midfield but rather brought on an attacker. Akwasi paaa...wasa papapa. When u took Atsu off...u had to simply bring in a defensive Badu. Then Rabiu was injured so bring Acquah...n its stunning u cudnt see that Sulley was tired after he assisted the Wakaso shd hv come on u pack d midfield n play only Gyan on top to see d game out. Rather ...u were doing ur guesswrk again on d touchline... there but seeing nothing! This guy has no coaching sense...after having being a player for so long. Its a shame that such a talented side has no better coach but this mediocre one who keeps costing us. As for the idiotic Jordan...d least said abt him d better. But once again...who do u blame for bringing him on when Waris was on d bench... Akwasi Appiah is not a coach n no matter how long he learns, will still not be a good coach. Twiaaa.... Its now dat ur r praying for Portugal to beat U.S? Bogus coach wth bogus substitutions.
  • s.k says:
    June 22, 2014 12:08 am
    massa, u r a vry clueless coach......we drew frm de bench, we cud hv easily won dis game
  • Boro says:
    June 22, 2014 12:34 am
    Yes had it not been the selfishness of the small boy Jordan. Now we have to pray for Portugal to win against the US. What kind of nonsense was that, ah Jordan?
  • Eben says:
    June 22, 2014 04:41 am
    @boro; enough of that, if u’re criticizing Jordan for his selfishness fair enough. Why do insult his father, it’s the same man whose other son, ayew, has put on great performance in both games. I’ve lost every respect for u for attacking a man who has absolutely nothing to do with that. Why don’t you talk about the two glorious chances Asamoah gyan wasted in first half, we could’ve equally won if he had score one of those chances in the first half. What is prove that he’ll have scored even if Jordan had given him the ball, a useless striker who has one of the poorest convention rate.
  • Johnny says:
    June 22, 2014 01:41 pm
    Eben, Jordan just had to lay the ball off to Gyan for a tap in! So you can't see that Jordan is too selfish and inefective to be used in such a game? Gyan clicks so well with Waris, so why soes the coach keep using Jordan who is so ineffective? Have you ever seen Jordan do a tackle when he loses the ball? AA is clueless for stubbornly using Jordan instead of Waris.