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2014 World Cup: Ghana duo Accam and Boateng miss out on Swedish Cup trophy

Published on: 19 May 2014
David Accam in agony after losing in the Swedish Cup final

Ghana internationals David Accam and Ema Boateng went into Sunday's Swedish FA Cup final against Elfsborg with high hopes of securing their first major career silverware but ended up missing out on after losing narrowly. 

Both Accam and Boateng were in action for the REDs at the Rödblåa with in-form Accam starting in attack and completing the game while Boateng make a return from a back injury to come off the bench as a second-half substitute.

Helsingborg went into the tie riding on the back of Accam's inspiring performance and were hoping for their first trophy in three season but after a thrilling stalemate in the first-half, experienced Swedish attacker Lasse Lars Nilsson filed a clinical finish in the 54th minute to stun Accam and his team-mates.

"Second place sucks. Missed out on winning my first professional trophy in the Swedish cup final hours ago. This thing is not ending up in my room," Boateng obviously disappointed with the outcome status his Facebook status after the game.

Accam is expected to fly down to Ghana to join his Ghana team-mates on Monday as they begin preparation for the 2014 World Cup.


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