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2014 World Cup Group G: What went wrong For Ghana

Published on: 28 June 2014
Group G

Despite qualifying from the group stages in their previous two World Cups,  never looked like making the round of sixteen this time around.

From squabbles in the camp to outrageous defensive errors, if something could go wrong, it did go wrong. Why did Kwesi Appiah’s team fall so short

They Lost Their First Game

With matches against powerhouses Germany and Portugal to follow, the opener against the USA was always going to set the tone for the West African side’s World Cup. Although they showed creditable spirit to come back from Clint Dempsey’s quicksilver opener, the momentum was lost when John Brooks put the Yanks straight back into the lead. One could argue their campaign was doomed from that moment

 was almost mesmerically hapless.

The list of charges against the Ghanaian defender, from three games alone, runs to the following. Got his feet in such a tangle as Clint Dempsey ran past him only 30 second into the game that he nearly fell over twice as Dempsey put the ball into the net; kicking Dempsey in the head and breaking his nose during the same game; providing the shoulder into which Thomas Muller crashed in order to damage his own face at the end of the Germany game; miskicking one clearance so badly that it ballooned over his head into his own goal; miskicking another clearance so it almost did exactly the same thing. After winning only 2 of the 6 tackles he attempted during the tournament, with team-mates like that, who needs enemies?

A Reluctance To Turn To Youth

As the likes of  and  reach the end of their Ghana careers, it would be wrong to think that there are no replacements available. Jordan Ayew was used only sporadically during the tournament, while Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu featured even less often. These players will have to step up to the plate in future, but they were not given the opportunities this time around despite Ayew having scored a hat-trick on the eve of the finals.

They Took Their Eye Off The Ball And Onto The Bank

While football players are known for their greediness, the fact that Ghana’s players insisted that they receive their playing bonus in cash, before the last game, and gave rise to scenes that involved a plane full of money arriving in Brazil before being escorted to the team hotel, where players were ecstatic to see their money arriving – John Boye, in particular, seemed to be kissing his share. This was a far cry from the story earlier in the tournament that saw Sulley Muntari handing bank notes out in Brazilian favelas. Either way, money turned the Ghanaian heads.

Player Power Went Wrong

The exclusion of Muntari and Kevin-Prince Boateng from the final game was as a result of the players reportedly indulging in some behaviour that – if true – can be generous be described as silly. The team didn’t help themselves after the game, either, by not talking to the printed press and reacting to their exit with a considerable lack of grace.

For a team that had won so many fans at previous tournaments, the Black Stars were more a Black Cloud as they left Brazil this time around. There is much to do, and much to learn, but there is talent in abundance and a base to work with. Ghana will be back.


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  • Emma says:
    June 28, 2014 07:31 pm
    Great piece.
  • Rasheed says:
    June 28, 2014 08:25 pm
    Wimpy Appiah is the problem,he should be sacked now.He messed up AFCON 2013 and now Mundial 2014.
  • selfmade says:
    June 28, 2014 09:23 pm
    Colombia is REAPING URU-VAMPIRE! Am so happy!! God ll punish this racist team every four years!! DEM NOT SEE NOTHIMG YET! Suarez, that Spanish VAMPIRE has disgraced and am waiting for their stupid, good for nothing Spanish coach to get his punishment too! Every member of their team that contributed to our downfall in south Africa ll received their punishment in one or another! Am just waiting for the Italian MOB YO PLACE A BET ON SUAREZ HEAD! Anything that begins to exists, must have have a cause and the cause for anything that begins to exist must live beyond our present TIME AND SPACE AND HENCE VERY POWERFUL!
  • Adebayo says:
    June 28, 2014 09:40 pm
    Boye was simply the 12th player for Ghana's opponents: Of the six goals Ghana conceded, Boye scored one himself, combined with Dauda to set up the Ronaldo goal, was guilty on both the Clint Dempsy and Brooks goals in the first match, was guilty in the first German goal ad ball watching in the second! Yes, with a defender in such form, the opponents don't even need to have strikers!
  • Benny says:
    June 28, 2014 10:12 pm
    Whatever happened is nothing short of expectation.You put a security man as a football coach and expect results?AA has no coaching credential.He is a square peg in round hole. You put a man who is interested in playing favouritism cards and expects results. I am surprised Kwarasey did not slap him and leave camp.What was his reason of changing Kwarasey for Dauda? GSN never stop their biased campaign against Kwarasey ,all because Dauda was not only paying AA and Yakubu,he was also paying GSN.AA cook up a story about one of the players bribing him and all of a sudden Ghanaians were singing his praise.Today all those who were singing hallelujah to AA are singing his crucifixion song. Let nobody blame KPB ,l am sure AA deliberately left him on the bench against the USA to show him who is in chargé.Obviously it would be frustrating to be coached by top class coaches at club level and all of a sudden you being coached by a clueless persona with no club coaching experience ,never played in the highest level and resorted to security job here in the UK. AA should have the decency and resign, he is never been a coach and the risk the GFA took has backfire big time.Experimenting from day one to date. John Boye should never be called back in the Black Stars again. Ghana needs a top class coach ,no more experiment.
  • jondo says:
    June 28, 2014 10:21 pm
    "Jordan Ayew was used only sporadically during the tournament, while Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu featured even less often." Paa... Ayew was given lots of chances and he stunk up the place. Badu did nothing with the time he was given. Muntari was Ghana's best midfielder. Atsu, Waris, Jordan Ayew - all young players given starting berths. The entire point three is crap.
  • john akpa says:
    June 28, 2014 11:28 pm
    Coach Appiah played 4-2-4 formation in the first game. No one plays that anymore.
  • Assisi says:
    June 29, 2014 12:52 am
    @Adebayor. Even some of my friends from other nations questioned me if Boys and Cauda had taken bribes since they couldn't understand how professional footballers could allow those easy goals like those once we conceded to happen.
  • Ghanafan says:
    June 29, 2014 03:08 am
    Well said *clap clap clap clap*
  • Nana(RSA) says:
    June 29, 2014 03:54 am
    If it is not Ghana which country will you ever see a player like Akwasi Appiah Coaching a national team ahead of Abedi Pele. Someone who played and won Champions League and someone who only played at Kotoko. Technically and Tactically Abedi Pele could have been a better Coach than Akwasi Appiah 100 times. But just because Abedi competed with Nyantakyi the prideful FA president he is never used for anything football in Ghana. Someone who views anyone who compete with him as his enemy. An autocrat, boastful and clueless Leader like Nyantakyi will send Ghana to abyss, too sad.
  • masiya says:
    June 29, 2014 06:26 am
    Even dou rashid sumaila daznt hav de expeeience .i tink the coach shud hav given him de exchange of boye.. ghana really failed as totally dis time around...God bless our homeland Ghana
  • Mambwe says:
    June 29, 2014 06:42 am
    Boye is a gud defender u cnt blame him 4 ur exit. U Ghanaians r too blameful thts y u'll neva win a major senior tournament. Learn to manage ur futbol properly so tht thingz like tht dnt occur again. Am Zambian nd gudluk.#Team africa
  • sticky Straw says:
    June 29, 2014 07:17 am
    In a country where there is always favouratism of player selection whats result do u expect? We have tall,strong and tactically sound defenders such as awal mohammed,issac Vorsah,yahyah mohammed,edward Kpodo,francis dickoh,baba abdul raman ,Jeffrey sclupp but the toy coach rather preffered short defenders who does not even know how to clear the ball in their own half .what's the sense of sending samuel inkoom to Brazil? ?,adoma who play like a pregnant woman ahead of Augustine okrah? Rabiu who cannot read a game better than Anthony Annan? What's make me see clearly that akwasi appiah is a big fool not a coach is when the whole world see that sulley muntari was so tired in second half against germany even my ten years old son said to me that dad sulley is tired and he need to be substitute .sulley muntari is very good player whithin 65 from there lies his energy above that minutes will be a desarster. So apart from Asamoah gyan don't we have any options? What's about if he retire from football? God bless our homeland Ghana.
  • PITO says:
    June 29, 2014 08:40 am
    Ghana will be back with Appiah in charge?? And NYantakyi is Afraid to sack Appiah because he himself has his ass on fire by the telegraph news paper? If Appiah does not go and Nyantakyi do not resign after being recorded in such an unprofessional manner giving the "go ahead" - at a pool side in miami wearing black sunnies and sipping on coolaid - to a novel investor to arrange Blackstar game, our current good players like Kwadwo Asamoah will never be the same again.You call this management? wearing sunnies whilst taking blackstar decisions with investors? Business Administration 101 warns against creating a cynical workforce! our players have become cynical of A.A's coaching accumen and the F.A's integrity. They only back to full strength is an overhaul of management.
  • Frank says:
    June 29, 2014 09:40 am
    Muntari smoke shiisha in blackstars dinning everyday
  • Tor says:
    June 29, 2014 09:55 am
    I think we shd all bow our heads and appologise to those Serbian coaches we insulted and condemned. Appiah has never been a coach. I saw this from the day we left Egypt . Appiah had over 360days to get the team in good shape . Every Ghanaian knew the problems with the team. Our left back and two central defense was our number one problem. We were so fortunate to see azzarro, ainooson and nuru sulley perform so well but maxwell konadu was silent on that. We saw baba Rahman in turkey who could have handled the left back position with ease. This headless appiah who I will not address as a coach never did anything. Our preparation was bad. We were in the with two Western European countries and we played a friendly against only one that is holland with our second team. The match against South Korea was useless becos there was no way those Asian teams were going to come our way. I thought appiah was going to be serious about the friendly between the yanks and Nigeria . The yanks beat the Nigerians with the same margin they beat us. The format they scored all their goals was the same. Appiah never knew his first team, just toying with the players. Dauda was just a joke and Orlando pirates are even surprise. After failing to address all these problems we got to the real tournament and this clueless head decided to use our most creative player as a left back, confused as to which keeper shd be in the post, used a player like opare who never featured in any of our trial matches. What a coach. This guy shd just resign and go. If we had a coach, Ghana would have gone far in this tournament.
  • FRANK says:
    June 29, 2014 10:38 am
    Appiah has to go. How can the players respect any coach whose selection of players like, INKOOM, DAUDA, ADOMAH IS STRICTLY BASED ON FAVOURITISM. How much did he know about the match fixing? His ego got the best out of him