2014 World Cup: Ghana defender Jerry Akaminko undergoes successful ankle surgery

Rashid Sumaila, Jerry Akaminko and Samuel Inkoom.

Rashid Sumaila, Jerry Akaminko and Samuel Inkoom.

By Rahman Osman

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Ghana defender Jerry Akaminko underwent a successful ankle surgery in Miami on Friday after twisting his fibula in last Saturday’s pre-World Cup warm-up against the Netherlands.

The Turkey based landed awkwardly on his left ankle rupturing his fibula which has ruled him out of the World Cup.

The 26-year-old will be out for two months but should be ready for pre-season ahead of the Super Lig.

“Akaminko has undergone successful surgery and his recuperation begins in earnest and if all goes according to plan he should be back on the field in sixty days,” a statement read.

He is currently with the Black Stars team in Miami as the rest of his international teammates finalize preparations for the World Cup in Brazil.



  1. Assemblyman says:

    Look at that Inkoom guy..smh! He should have been the one with the crouches.A waste of space on the teams bench..anyway speedy recovery to you Jville ..

  2. Benito says:

    Ohassemblyman ,how can you wish that for someone..I’m disappointed in you.

    • Assemblyman says:

      Yo! Benito,don’t mind me oo..I am here to talk my mind and finish.i am not here to please anyone ..I don’t see the usefulness of blockheaded player like Inkoom in the squad ..except that he is one of the coaches favorites

  3. real sabacious says:

    @Benito he said the guy is a waste of space on the bench and does the gospel truth! Some players have bought their way into the team by soo called *gift*no wonder most of us prefer A white coach and not east European or a local

    • POW@ Operation 7 matches for Ghana in Brazil says:


      Remember when we had white coaches, it was mostly players managed by Virtous International representing Ghana in such high profile tournaments true or false? Appiah did what he deems best for his job as a coach. Let’s gladly and patiently give him the chance to exhibit what he has in store.

  4. benito says:

    Assemblyman,you are entitled to your opinion but to say inkoom should have been in clutches is a terrible thing to say,and remember whatever you wish for someone may come back to you…you know how painful it is to get injured over for couple months?,I think you utterance sounds rather childish.

  5. Chicko says:

    Assembly man i havnt seen u before but the way u speak tells me u are an illitrate man,weni mbieye ,pure black man hating,i hope truely u are no assembly man,useless people like u collapsing ghana if u are an assembly man.hw can u wish bad for ur own country man?

  6. kakape says:

    I really don’t understand why AA keep on calling Inkoom & Adoma into the team. He should have replaced inkoom with Ainoson & Adoma with Schulp. How do you got into a tournament like the wc with only six defenders? But then, that is Dr. AA for you.

  7. Joshua. A.N says:

    We thank God for what he has done to our brother. From today till the end of the wc, injury free spirit will descend on the boys.

  8. Ignatius says:

    Assemblyman…im sure you have heard THE LAW OF KARMA ? if yes den retract dat statement…u said u speak ur mind…..dat is falacy….dont u know dat….so faras life is concern, any action there is and equal and opposite reaction…hahaha….boys are young…..

  9. Ignatius says:

    Assemblyman….thank you for ur retraction……you are a good listener…….

  10. Francis Anim says:

    Why z it dat, u Assembly man or what ever called,speaks this way.U commented bad abt Essien n nw z Inkoom..Can u play lyk dem..mcteew

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