2014 World Cup: Kevin-Prince Boateng backs Black Stars bid to win 2014 World Cup

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Kevin-Prince Boateng

Ghana midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng believes the Black Stars have the credentials to win the 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil.

The Schalke 04 player was a key member of the Ghana side who missed out on a historic semi-finals spot at the last tournament in South Africa.

Boateng ended the 2013/2014 German Bundesliga campaign in top form by scoring six goals in 28 matches.

Africa’s five representatives at the 2014 tournament are Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Algeria.

The furthest an African team has gone at the World Cup is the quarter-final but Boateng says he and the Black Stars are capable of defying the odds to win flagship football competition in the world.

“We have to be world champions and that is very clear. We will do all that to win the title. The whole continent is waiting that someday an African team grabs the trophy,” Boateng said.

“They (Black Stars) want to make the country happy, but it is not so easy to become world champion.”

Boateng will be one of Kwesi Appiah’s key men to face USA, Germany, his country of birth, and Portugal in Group G.


  1. Kobe Jones says:

    Someone help I do not watch bundesliga that often…what is this guys ideal position

  2. kuukuphilly says:

    More fire…..

  3. kwame denkyi says:

    That is how true champions speak. First, you must envision the goal, think as the one in that vision, become it, work towards it and you will definitely become one. Boateng, you have spoken well and everybody else must follow your lead.

  4. texas says:

    Yes more fire. Confidence and can do attitude and never say die and fighting to the final second mentality are what our players need to take to Brazil and rest will be history. We did that at 2009 u 20 world cup and won it. That was what hearts of oak did in 2000 to win champions League and super cup. Even kumasi 11 can win the world cup with such vim.

  5. Papadinho says:

    I made 247 foto’s today, including a video the jam session after the training. Training report: first of all I want to apologise to Kwarasey for the criticisms of yesterday. He was really the man in training today. Dauda should be deported to the bench . He is no where near Kwarasey. It was really fun seeing the unity and the love in the team today. KPB did train today and was great. He even went in with some great tackles . Dude is not even scared of getting injured. Andre Ayew, wauw what a player!!! This boy should be the boss in the team. No joke. SULLEY was man of the training today. He showed us all that he’s a better finisher than all our strikers. Wauw he scored all his set pieces and Dede was second. It was heartbreaking watching Asamoah Gyan, he missed 60% of the set pieces. Maybe he’s just having a bad day. Jordan was really great at training and there’s no doubt about him making the finalssquad. Dauda did well today but Kwarasey was, is better and will always be better. Kwadwo Asamoah should be our secret weapon at this coming WC Damn dude ook is good. The way and the positionhe trained today says it all. He will be the playmaker at the WC with Dede and KPB supporting him. If u ask me who will go home, I can give u the names of dem 4 players that are on list . But I will make u wait in patients, I could be wrong. Asamoah Gyan got angry with me and my friends today after we told him what we don’t want.We told Gyan, we dont want no heartbreaking penalties from him again and he should please be cool on the field and give us more goals. He didn’t took it I n good faith. He got angry and stuff but we apologised to him and we were cool afterwards. Coach AA is really cool and very respected by the players. KPB on ther hand thinks he’s the star player by acting big and shit. If u ask me, this dude will quite the black stars after the WC.
    Please I beg u all, the pictures are too much so just check my Twitter for them. Or somebody should create whatsapp group and I will send them dere. Twitter: @the_TBoy. Jesus Fanatic.

  6. Nimo says:

    Adiyiah should have been part of this squad, he’s hungrier than Jordan and Accam combined, but thats life, he wasnt managed properly. Lets hope the boys show some resilience

    • Lord Dennings says:

      I agree 100% with you. Adiya is a hungry man. I have the same feelings for Dauda. I know people think he is no good, but the boy is hungry and determined. I think his performance has not been too bad. except that he is not getting playing time at his club. I know that it is important to get regular time, but we must also realize that sometimes regular times at the club are very subjective. I know Dauda will do just fine playing for Ghana

    • The truth says:

      Totally agree, he is very hungry and always shows up for us in big tournaments

  7. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    hahahahaha…. Mumu…. When your country have not had a feel of common AFCON trophy for the past 35 years… KPB must be high on codein wai…..nonsense

  8. Samens says:

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  9. jnrb says:

    @Noni or whateva you tagged your self to, mind ur own business i mean ur super chickens of naija. Black stars will shine at dis world cup

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  12. selfmade says:

    Can this DEFENCE wins ours the WC? I hope our defence is fix before Brazil becasus though I want Ghana to do well, the defence doesn’t look good to me! AA has a lot of work to do on the defence becasus this is the WC and every mistake ll be punish by our opponents!

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    Coach Appiah should start these guys and just add the defensive players. Essien and Muntari could play in front of the defensive unit. Kwadwo and Dede could be the wing players and KPB in the middle behind Gyan the lone striker. This set up will protect our defensive players and the lone striker option took Ghana to the quarter finals in South Africa.

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