2014 World Cup: Legend Abedi Pele wants Black Stars to be fearless in Brazil

Abedi Pele says the Black Stars must be fearless at the World Cup

Abedi Pele says the Black Stars must be fearless at the World Cup

Ghana legend Abedi Ayew Pele says the Black Stars can have a successful World Cup campaign in Brazil if the players wipe out all forms of inferiority complex.

The triple African Footballer of the Year believes the current crop of national team players have quality to do well from a difficult Group.

Ayew, whose two sons- Andre and Jordan- are in line to make Ghana’s squad for tournament, says Kwesi Appiah’s side must be mentally toughness to make a mark.

“The Black Stars have every chance to do well and with the right mentality they can go far,” the Marseille legend, who is away in Switzerland, told Africanfootballl.com

“All is panning out well and they can do well.”

The Black Stars open their campaign against old foes USA- coached by ex-Germany captain and coach Jurgen Klinsmann-on 16 June in Natal.

Ghana will then face Germany before a final Group G clash against Portugal.


  1. Dr Who says:

    The Black Stars will certainly whoop some arse at the WC…We are the torch bearers of africa.

  2. NONI(9JA 1ST SON) says:

    hahahahaha apuuuuuuuuutor…… The heat is already on the ass of your charcoal team and nothing will stop them from being disgraced in brazil koraa… hahaha

  3. access says:

    Ghana is going to win the world

    cup for Africa…Dr.AA will

    deliver the world cup for all

    black people….

  4. kuukuphilly says:

    No fear indeed.

  5. samva says:

    do u guys really read your articles before you publish them?too many grammatical errors.

  6. Kofi USA says:

    For once I agree with you Abedi. FEARLESS is a start.
    JJ Rawlings said they ought to be RUTHLESS. I agree with him.
    The USA have to fear them and not the other way around. They will be fine if they play like agains Czech Republic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZ15IiM6o-s

  7. Ras Kofi says:

    You think you have to tell a man like Qincy to be fearless.When your skills are authentic then ‘agoro ne fem’.He’s talking for and to his kids. Abedi doesn’t know Abeyie is a beast,didn’t he ask for Kevin when his kids fluffed the C.A.N 2012?June oooh June,run come quick.If you are fake of course you’ll be ‘pissing in your pants’ .If I no see Quincy,Black Stars dey bore me stiff WALAHI!!

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