2014 World Cup: Mubarak Wakaso spends quality time with his family before catching Black Stars flight to Rotterdam

Mubarak Wakaso spending time with his family

Mubarak Wakaso spending time with his wife and three kids

By Ameenu Shardow

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Midfielder Mubarak Wakaso spent his afternoon with his wife and kids as he prepares to depart with the Black Stars to their camping base in Rotterdam on Saturday evening.

The 23-year-old played in the 6-1 thrashing of a locally select side in an exhibition match on Friday meant to bid the team an official farewell as they embark on yet another World Cup campaign.

Wakaso who plays for Russian club Rubin Kazan stayed indoors to spend precious time with his family before catching the Black Stars flight to Rotterdam – where the team will be camping for a week.

Coach Kwesi Appiah is taking his team to Rotterdam to intensify preparations towards the World Cup in Brazil.

The Black Stars will take on the Netherlands in an international friendly on May 31 before moving to the USA to conclude the preparations.

Ghana will play its final warm up match against Korea Republic in Miami on June 9 and will travel to their team base in Maceio two days later ahead of their opening Group G game against USA on June 16.


  1. shark says:

    why do i have a feeling this guy has to be dropped. there cant be two sully muntaris in the squad. plus he cant play on the wings because they have been occupied

  2. ZG GH4LIFE says:

    We need him for penalty situations, i remember how good he is with penalties, i hope AA is practicing on penalties because if we loose any important match based on penalties again i will scream

  3. benny says:

    Wakaso is doing a good job off field. Three beautiful kids and he is only 23.
    His boy looks like 5 year old which means at 18 Wakaso was dancing in bed. BAD BOY.

  4. stallion says:

    And how old is this guy? Huh…

  5. agogo says:

    how can u be 23, when did you start giving birth. dont live in lies

  6. ginger says:

    Loooools…@benny, u are killing me with laugh oooo,how did u think about dat?, I was thinking in d same dirrections too and don’t forget dat dis guy has four kids one is dead and he is just 23, africa will always be africa, age cheating is what we know how to do best

  7. rascozy says:

    I hav the feeling Accam, Wakasu and Rabiu would not make it to brazil. But am not the coach so wil wait for AA to decide.

    Lets support the black stars in our colours. contact Beek Sportz for ur BLACK STARS REPLICA JERSEYS. I ‘ve got mine call 0242548764 for yours now.

  8. Mykel Sackey says:

    He is 33 thats his real age, but football age is 23. I feel we have too much of him and the leftees…..which means someone has to go home

  9. benny says:

    @ ginger , its very funny with this players and their adopted ages.

  10. stallion says:

    That’s what happens in a country where the system is so porous to the extent that people creat their own birth certificates. I bet the president probably has fake age, and birth certificate…lol.

  11. Richard Ekow Quansah says:

    pls let wakaso ve peace of mind.u look great with ur family

  12. May his peace prevails says:

    Muslims marry earlier. Some even marry when they are in school so this has nothing to do with age

  13. mus says:

    i dont believe he married a muslim lady cus the family dont look like one a moslem lady dont dress like that with the hair shown mtwwwwwww

  14. kofi says:

    @may his peace prevail i agree with u 100%.we need wakaso in the final 23 although we have alot of leftees but wakaso confidence is high.
    i ll drop accam,jordan and somaila

  15. shywee says:

    Unless the lady is older than Wakaso,…cos this young woman is anything but 23!!!!!!!

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