2014 World Cup: Is Nana Kwaku Bonsam on Cristiano Ronaldo again? Portugal winger suffers fresh knee injury

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves training on Thursday

Cristiano Ronaldo leaves training on Thursday

Ghanaian witchdoctor Nana Kwaku Bonsam came clear on Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation on Wednesday night insisting the winger would not face Ghana and 24 hours later, the player walks off during training with a knee problem.

Cristiano Ronaldo cut short a training session with Portugal on Thursday, and was forced to leave the field with an ice pack over his left knee indicating that his tendinitis may still be bothering the Real Madrid forward.

Ronaldo trained with the rest of the team for about 15 to 20 minutes, doing physical exercises, but then did not take part in the rest of the session with full ball drills. Instead, the 29?year?old stretched on his own and signed replica shirts for fans before going to sit on the bench.

The former Manchester United talisman has been bothered by injuries to his left leg in the lead-up to the World Cup, and was on the sidelines for two weeks with tendinitis in the knee and a thigh problem.

The Portugual midfielder João Moutinho said there was nothing to worry about concerning Ronaldo’s health.

“Ever since he started to train with us he has been 100% like the rest of us,” Moutinho said. “Everything is fine with him but there is some caution, not only with him. Today many other players were using ice as well. There is nothing to worry about. The ice is normal after training.”

Portugal kick off their Group G campaign on Monday teatime when they take on Germany in Salvador.


  1. Capo di Capi says:

    GSN you are incorrigible! Ronaldo wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. King Bobo says:

    I am really not sure ronaldo will be fit for the world cup!

  3. Capo di Capi says:

    GSN you are incorrigible!

  4. KWEKU BONSAM says:


  5. Selfmade says:

    Yes our savior Bonsam, we need you for success. We cant do it without your powers.

  6. Mumbi says:

    Stupid witches!! May GOD bring fire on the entire juju ghana nation like he did to sodom.

    • A concerned citizen says:

      You guys plus the witches coupled with GSN must stop living in a foolish paradise. God’s judgment will surely come over you..Leave Ghana the God fearing nation alone..

  7. rockey says:

    Hahaha..Bois fool oooh
    abi he isn’t de only player there
    and i tasked him(K. Bonsam) to predict us de winner of de WC not dis silly talks..

  8. KayG says:

    Hahahaha @ Kwaku bonsam

  9. achimotan says:

    Will some of you stop being dumb.It amazes me how educated folks believe this Con Man Kwaku Bosam’s assertion on Ronaldo. If he has such power he should use to change his Gas burnt face and stop bringing Ghana’s name into disrepute and giving us negative publicity.

    And for some you fools being happy for his injury and wishing ill for others you should be ashamed of yourselves. You should use your energy to pray for Warris,Boateng and Essien who according to Ampofo Ankrah this morning is having problems with his neck.

  10. Sterlingz says:

    pls….don’t let the wrath of God befall on us. We Ghanaians are already blessed nd is not any witch doctor who will help us win. God has done it already nd he might see it in spirit but that doesn’t mean that he is working ronaldo. Ghana 3:1 USA…Ghana 2:0 Portugal . Ghana 0:1 Germany

  11. LegonViking says:

    @ achimotan . Thanks so much. If there was any period in time when i fell ashamed as Ghanaian, it must be the day the silly comments of kwasia bomsam went global.Come to think of it, which neutral supporters in the world would support a team like Ghana where a stupid self acclaimed witch is hurting a player the world adores and voted as the best. Kwasia Bosam is as stupid as the low life radio presenters who interview him on air and those who sadly believe in his bogus assertions and see nothing wrong with it.

    Now every victory we chalk might even be attributed to witchcraft and not the hard work of boys

  12. Maame Afua says:

    @ LegonViking . God bless you .The least said about some of these journalist the better . They seemed not to be aware that in this information age anything said is available worldwide and so they should be mindful of what they put out . Imagine Happy Fm granting interviewing to one ESI said to be a leader of Tutu Mma and asking government for support for Brazil. Sadly this news also hit major portals around the world and our country was once again subjected to joke butts and insults

  13. Ghanaboy says:

    That idiot Mumbi is the same person using the “kweku bonsam” I.D and “selfmade’s” ID…….. u seem to b dumber than ur bastard father!!! At Mumbi u better grow up

  14. Deikor Gbedemah says:

    I believe you do a lot of disservice to serious visitors to your website when you put up stories about “numb skulls” like Kofi Bonsam, because you provide him with a platform to fuel his agenda for cheap undeserved popularity. Let’s please get serious as a people and confine the likes of Kofi Bonsam or whatever that clown calls himself to the thrash bin of infamy.

  15. dasaintshy says:

    Zambians do not believe in circumcision so the Mumu or Mumbi guy is not circumcised. He does not need to even have a conversation with Ghanaians. I have worked with a lot of Zambians here in the states, they behave like bush men. They eat with two hands and every food has to be salty or sugary. If you know how they behave, you guys will not waste time on this idiot.

  16. Edifor says:

    Lord pls hv mercy on us cos if u say yes nobody challenges

  17. readi 2 dye says:

    Don’t get it…we at war n I hear some saying don’t use each n every ammunition we got. I can understand if u don’t believe him but to call it an embarrassment u r a brainwashed alien schooled ghanaian. EMBRACE ur culture, this was our religion before these aliens came to our shores waving a cross which was later used as a sword. Thousands witness okomfo anothe conjure SIKA EGUA KOFI from the skies yet we believe miracles from 1000′ s of miles away. It’s like all we know is wrong compared to these aliens. Come on, these are the same aliens who came up with blood drinking vampires,Dracula n Jeffrey Dorman. Don’t really know if what kwaku bonsam is doing is true, but if it works why not use it. If we at war u don’t pray for ur opponents 2 b well n strong we need all the ammunitions we can get. Didn’t hear the Portuguese screaming embarrassment when thier witch doctor claimed he caused Akaminko’s injury. REP UR CITY….GH 4 LIFE

  18. Kwadwo Boakye says:

    You all believing in lesser gods change your ways and move to God for he is mighty

  19. wee ba says:

    Mumbi don’t you think you should pray for your dead country which is taken over by chinese men

  20. Nana Appiah says:

    Hello, guys lets be careful the kind of things we say here.Is time for us to stand by our nation n pray for them.All other things don’t matter for now.Stay bless.

  21. Afrikaba says:

    Too many ”educated illiterates” parading our streets as intellectuals because they think they can string a few English words together, they are lost in popular culture and religion and don’t know there is something called religious tolerance. Why keep insulting the spiritualist because he is voicing his belief and practices. Don’t my Christian and Muslim friends pray for the fall of their enemies? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery… where you guys around when the Serbian witch of healer was called to heal Asamoah Gyan with a horse placenta? Why didn’t our Christian brothers call for healing prayers for him then? We are so brainwashed and I am beginning to belief that we think with only side of our brain as a people

  22. Kwasi says:


  23. Evans says:

    Portugal, on behalf of Ghana and well meaning Ghanaians, I apologised for the emotional pain that the so-called Kweku Bonsam has caused you. This is a disgrace to Ghana and consider it as coming from a man who is desperate to become famous by all means. This is a warning to all false prophets, because statements from you that comes from your own heads can put you to shame. God bless Ghana, God bless Portugal.

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