2014 World Cup: Nobody cares because we are Africans - Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Ivory Coast midfielder Yaya Toure believes nobody cared about the Elephants being knocked out of the World Cup due to refereeing mistakes because they are African.

“I desperately wanted the referee to spot Samaras’s simulation,” he wrote in his weekly column in France Football, referring to Ivory Coast’s 2-1 defeat by Greece which sent them packing after the group phase.

Greece forward Georgios Samaras was awarded a controversial stoppage-time penalty which he converted.

“Once again, the refereeing was not on our side. We had at least two penalties denied in our match against Japan,” Toure added.

“And this time, one is invented against Greece. Of course, it does not upset anyone because we’re an African team.”


  1. Assisi says:

    Yaya, you are spot on. FIFA dont give a f..k about African teams. They always want us out in the first round by ensuring that all the other teams that plays with us are given some form of unfair advantage over us which is exactly what happened with the Ivory Coast v Greece game. Ivory Coats infact really deserved to go through but when Samaras did what he did, they gave them a penalty thereby making Ivory Coast lose. Horrible, racist and disgraceful act from FIFA. Shame on FIFA.

  2. kings says:

    dnt wory yaya ur tym wil com

  3. Bostonman redsox says:

    Give me a break. When teams in the west are working on game strategy during training we Africans are busy meeting discussing money, hoarding cash, kissing cash, fighting among ourselves, embarrassing are beloved continent. It takes west 4 years to prepare their team team and work on their set pieces, with consistent players ggelling. Players gell n know each others weaknesses so can cover on field as a cohesive team. They plan everything to the core. But we Africans waste money n human capital up to the roll up of worls cupa so we end up wingging it thru try n error. USA is starting to strategize for next world cup. And that’s what I call American exceptionalism. Building a winning team n strategy takes dedicated consistent work and not laziness n corruption. Stop with the excusses. Toure, if u had scored 2 goals earlier it would have given en u a buffer against any perceived biases against ur team

  4. nyarko charles says:

    I gree with u yaya, ones we from africa dey always go aginst as…..

  5. anzack says:

    As always, more excuses.. Pathethic attempt on the world stage and nothing to show for.

  6. Bostonman redsox says:

    Take black players to netherland, brazil, france, Germany, Belgium, etc and they will excel. Folks like lukaku really kicking ass n I’m proud of that brother. Keep players in african teams n they will have excusses n perceived biases n racism. The difference – it’s about strategy, planning, endurance, mental toughness, love for country, less political iinteferences, and hard work. That’s what get results n the west has masterminded those qualities

  7. paa kwesi Richardson says:

    Bostonman….I agree with u totally, infact squarely !!! A country where “Form-4 ” certificate holders are decision makers in the Parliament !! What do they know about planning, strategy, motivation and building up a national team to be proud of?
    But are there any possibilities of Abedi pele, Anthony Yeboah, Osei kuffour and Tony Baffour running our GFA ??? My German boss asked me some days ago what am I looking for in Germany when my country is soooo rich that they airlift million of dollars to players in Brazil and was shown live on most TVs……. I gave no answer than to smile and shrug off….Yaya sorry for u…..what about cameroon’s first match where the refree saved them? Are the cameroonians “whites” ???