2014 World Cup: Probable line-ups for Ghana vrs Germany on Saturday

Probable line-ups for Ghana and Germany ahead of Saturday's clash.

Probable line-ups for Ghana and Germany ahead of Saturday’s clash.

It looks both Ghana and Germany will make changes for their Group G match in Fortaleza on Saturday.

Kwesi Appiah could bring on striker Abdul Majeed Waris but Asamoah Gyan is likely to lead the attack for Ghana once more.

Kevin-Prince Boateng will come on from the bench against USA, though could start in Jordan Ayew’s stead against Germany.

Michael Essien may also come into the starting XI at the expense of Mohammed Rabiu.

For Germany, Bastian Schweinsteiger should come back into the starting XI at the expense of Sami Khedira having missed the 4-0 win over Portugal.

Mats Hummels limped off with a thigh problem in the second half of the victory and may not be risked, with Shkodran Mustafi ready to replace him if needed.

Other than that, Joachim Löw may persist with a similar side that took to the field on Monday.


  1. Chineke says:

    Ghana is a useless team.Unless German trains in a car park and lights off during thats wen these black dogs can win coz i understand dogs dont see wen lights are on unless they are off.Wat a useless,arongant and dogs team…Nigeria has a hupper hand of goung to the next round coz we are the hope for Africa and also ivory coast.Ghana can never matvh ivory coast,they will always b african heavy weights Unlike black dogs

    • Godfred says:

      U are a big fool to say that.

    • Prophet Tunde Moses says:

      Chineke ,don’t you feel embarrassed ,displaying your low iq?
      You can’t spell 1.Arrogant
      These are common spelling for two year olds in Ghana and for you a 56 year old next month displaying such timidity is mind boggling.You are cursed and has a brain of a two month old that why all you do everyday is 419 and spend rest of your day insulting noble Ghanaians.
      Your life is in a mess.A car will just struck you dead and your parents and neighbours won’t miss you because you are a liability to everybody including yourself.
      I am a Nigerian and responsible and will never insult Ghanaians because they are very decent people .Chineke your days are numbered because l have been reading your insults on people you have never met and that in itself is a big curse because you don’t know who they are.I am a prophet speaking to you.You need to apologise and henceforth behave as an adult .10 year olds behave the way you and some others do.You life is going to be a misery if you don’t change take it or leave it.

    • kenny says:

      This is a good selection but Boye will sit down for Sumaila to play.

    • compliments says:


    • yaw2 says:

      Watch your dirty mouth if dont have nothing better to say..Go fish…

    • OGYA says:

      Chineke, you stink, I can smell your funk 1500 miles away. Ivory coast and Nigeria are not going anywhere in this tournament. Both are loosing today. But when they do please keep your funk to yourself. Nigerians have too much body and mouth odor, keep it to yourself.

    • CHINEKE IS A FOOL says:


  2. atda says:

    Chineke.You are a big champion fool.your stupid team couldn’t even put 3 passes together against Iran.Ghana would have beaten them 6nil.

  3. real sabacious says:

    I still have my doubt on Playing Afful on the left fulk back simply because of his stature.I doubt if he can hold his guard against the muller,Klose etc.Will you guys ask yourself why he has been pushed to the midfield at his club?I prefer to see wakaso instead.

    • yaw2 says:

      Don’t give up on local coach yet the white people will not help us….. i think Odenky is capable if AA fail us or Sella Tetteh……We will never go back for foreign coahes again….

  4. Bayonet says:

    I don’t think this formation will do us good but rather

    Opare Jonathan Boye Aful

    Ayew Essien Muntari Asamoah

    Kelvin Gyan
    God bless our homeland Ghana.

  5. John says:

    Ghanasoccernet, you guys should never predict a line up. Its either y’all know nothing about soccer, or y’all just forcing to be soccer journalists.
    Also how much Dauda played y’all. Smh, its always about him.
    Lastly chineke, clap for ur self. Your comment won cuz no one is paying attention to you. Thank u.

  6. John says:

    Ghanasoccernet, you guys should never predict a line up. Its either y’all know nothing about soccer, or y’all just forcing to be soccer journalists.
    Also how much did Dauda payed y’all. Smh, its always about him.
    Lastly chineke, clap for ur self. Your comment won cuz no one is paying attention to you, be very proud of yourself n ur intelligence. Thank u.

  7. Assemblyman says:

    If this is another prank by Kwesi Appiah,I think we have already failed long ago before we played this game..I will never play Essien in the central position ..the man has lost the touch,,I was at the stadium in natal.when he came on,I had witnessed his contribution..aside his blocked header ,he didn’t do anything extraordinary.Rather our midfielder lost some touch..after Rabiu went off.,so the United States who had been pressured by our team capitalized on the hole left in the midfield,attacked and got a corner kick which finally nailed us as Jonathan tried to prevent the ball.
    I haven’t been to a coaching school and I don’t think I will ever ditch my businesses to become a coach..but from my layman point of view,if Essien will have to play in the Germany games..he should be deployed in either the right or left back..it’s only there that he will find himself useful …but for the middle,he has lost his strength and touch..
    Instead of playing Atsu,I will rather play Waris to cause problems for Germans defense ..maybe if we are lucky ,we could get a penalty..Kwadwo Asamoah should play in the middle as well..there will be a need to sacrifice one of these top plays in order for us to achieve our am of at least drawing against Germany ..as long as our coach doesn’t continue to be confused..just as he single handedly gave our game to the Americans .

    • kelvin says:

      u dont know anyfyn ma gay the 1s eleven played 70min but could not score but kelvin and essien change the u are rather BLOCK HEADED not essien.

      • Assemblyman says:

        Massa,no one called Essien a blockheaded neither did say he should not be played against Germany.all I had said was,he could be useful in the right or left back,should any case Kwesi Appiah needed to use him in the game..But no the central role..
        You see today’s Ghana,it’s either some people like you this spicy of kelvin read to misunderstand or too ignorant..
        I suggest to go to the nearest library in district to improve your reading to understand English grammar.
        I never insulted anyone there,I just gave my candid opinion on the subject being raised here.

      • Sean says:

        I agree with u brother Kelvin. Those against Essien are those jealous of his success and achievements. Even a blind man knows that Essien is a threat to our opponents just like the Americans were so worried about Essien and Kevin Prince Boateng. I’m beginning to believe that Nyantakyi and Akwasi Appiah were not only in Miami Florida to camp but to make a deal by selling our game which allowed Klinsman to stay in the U.S.A for an extra day. No wonder our entire nation starting from the leaders are all corrupt. Underestimating Essien is just like Underestimating Pirlo and co. We have a failure as a coach so we should always be ready to fail. Imagine the kind of garbage we call technical team around our talented players that only wanna help the nation with their talents. Kwesi Appiah must be fired because the black star team is too huge for him and if the government wanna keep him, then the government should send him to a coaching school. Even Americans hire the best sometimes to help them from other countries so what is this garbage about black local coach and all that. I will then say those foreign coaches that sent us to world cup 2006 and 2010 to win against the United States both care about our motherland Ghana than the man we call our brother from Ghana cuz they will not act nonchalant in the name of arrogance like Akwasi did. Boye shouldn’t even be in Brazil period

  8. Assemblyman says:

    I will never play Dauda in this case..his reflexes and too short..

  9. Edem says:

    When we are talking abt football, nigeria can never fit Ghana de pride of Africa….we ar not talk abt kidnaping here ooo, we understand dat for kidnapping nigeria is de best…

  10. john akpa says:


  11. Kokofu says:

    Essien has not trained since our last game how then do we start him? another loosing team if essien starts

  12. JMP says:

    How on earth can somebody in the right frame of mind, suggest Dauda start over Kwarrassey? Why, is he injured?

  13. JMP says:

    How on earth can somebody in the right frame of mind, suggest Dauda start over Kwarrassey? Why, is Kwarrassey injured?

  14. tom says:

    Hey @chineke. Respect people no matter where they come from. Instead of u to talk abt how to fight bokom haram,corruption, 419,criminals, laziness, poverty, over population in Nigeria u re condemning Ghana. Make Nigeria better first. I support any Africa team even Nigeria who couldn’t win against easy Iran. I still hope they can score Bosnia.

  15. jeff says:

    You can only win if germany trains in a car park and when u switch off lights in a training ground like what u did to our brothers,,
    Here in SA we will always mistreat ghanians to the fullest and we dont want them in our land.
    You mess with zambia,then you mess with the entitre southern Region because zambia is our sisterly land and a joyous nation.
    And your juju this time will not work because all teams that you are facing are believers and they know the Almight God.
    Viva great southern Region

  16. jeff says:

    Viva great southern Region

  17. jeff says:

    Viva great southern Region,if only we can become another continent that would be great

  18. wee ba says:

    Kasa at left back again? Geezzzzz soccernet you blast

  19. ndoondoo says:

    my squad;
    In goalpost-Kwarasey
    RBack-Essien, centraldefence-Johns boye & mensah, LBack-Daniel Opare
    Holding Midfield-Rabiu & Kwadjo Asamoa
    Left flank-S.Muntari, Right flank-Dede
    KPB playing behind Gyan

  20. Eddy says:

    Dis forking boy chineke if i shld comment on u it means im very foolish.

  21. Benny says:

    GSN why are you people so shameless and unprofessional.?Akyereko on rating Ghana vs USA game said of Kwarasey that he always concede goals and Jordan was showing his pants.
    Who can blame Kwarasey for the goals conceded?
    Unless the person who did the line up was drunk ,it is only a dumb ass who will suggest Dauda against Germany.
    Kwarasey will not pay you useless people a penny.Dauda is finished,no amount of money he pays to you for hype will change anything.
    By the way find educated editors because some of your statements are embarrassing.
    ‘What is the meaning of the third paragraph?( KPB will come on from the bench against USA.)
    I know you guys will correct it to make me look picky but l don’t care.Stop selling your conscience and be professionals .Today Adomah,next Dauda ,next inkoom, unnecesary hype all for money.You people are a disgrace and disgust especially Akyereko .Pathetic fool.

  22. Al says:

    Jeff and Chineke…..
    What do you gain by posting these comments? Do you watch the tranmission from AUB? Check out the Ecobank advert and you will appreciate why we need to form one African support base for all the African teams participating in the tournament. Maybe their performance can convince FIFA to increase the number of African contingents in future tournaments and Zambia and the other countries can qualify.
    PS: The same teams are representing Africa in two consecutive world cups.

  23. nana says:

    The coach shd play 3 defenders @ the back,

    • papa says:

      agreed. we shud setup shop just like chile. and play essien in central defence. put asamoah as wing back so he can do his juventus thing. he can combine with ayew on the left flank.

      other option is my xmas tree.4321. its more defensive we cant cross so we really dont need wingers. just play ayew and kpb behind gyan. put 3 mids ( k.asa. muntari and badu). line same defenders as last tym. hopefully john boye will have taken a cup of coffee before the match so he doesnt fall asleep at the beginning.

  24. jeff says:

    We dont care,you guys mistreated our brothers so much,
    Here in SA we say No ghanians in our Land

    • watugas says:

      ok just want to know watz da sense n use of our left n right defenders at dis world cup. AFFUL and Inkoom. TO me Kasa is da man to cause damage to our opponents pls James Appiah. Make him do something for our black stars

    • ?2U says:

      Thanks i almost feel same selection with yours but i prefer R.sumaila in 3 than afful and afful to his normal 2 position,again the defenders needed to be strong men and good in height.
      Also i agreed with u 100% for prefers A.BADU to play in 6 position because he is strong,fast,good in pushing forward,defensive,good passes and can score even goal,he is far better than Rabiu.
      This is reply to A CONCERNED CITIZEN post

  25. A concerned citizen says:

    Black Stars can arise and shine..If I were in the shoes of coach AA, this will be my selection and tactics against Germany.[ 4-4-2 formation with variations]
    [1] Kwarasey
    [2] Inkoom [4] J.Mensah [5] J.Boye [3] Afful
    [7] Dede [8] Essien [6] A-Badu [11] KASAM[Play maker]
    [9] Gyan [10] KPBoateng

    Reserves: Muntari, Acquah, Atsu, Wakaso, Warris, Adams
    Be your brother’s keeper attitude..two two
    [2/7] Dede and Inkoom
    [3/11]Kasam/Afful…But KWSAM will play behind the strikers [help defense, midfield and create chances for the strikers].
    [8/6] Essien/Badu[ once a while joins the attack especially during corner kicks and comes back ASAP[vice versa]
    [9/10] Gyan lone striker/KPB 2nd striker plus free role.
    Tit Bits
    @Advise Gyan to improve upon his headings up front. He should head downwards so when the ball hits the ground can beat the goalkeeper.
    @Advise KPBoateng to improve upon his shootings up front. He must maintain his composure to take his chances.
    @Advise Boye and Mensah not to lose concentration but remain focused throughout the match
    @2/3 Should not overlap unless there is an opportunity.
    @4 Midfielder should fight hard to capture the midfield which is the engine room.
    @Advise Kwarasey to be alert all the time and to program his mind that no ball will pass him. He must also build his confidence that he has that capabilities to excel.
    Go go Black stars…goal….

  26. Sami says:

    Essien is Not in mood. He won’t do a good job. He should stay out. Too old , to weak and didn’t play at ac Milan last season . I think Ghana is strong with kpb , he wants to improve and show the Germans how Ghanaian play and win . Bye bye Cameroon 😀

  27. Ericus says:

    U dis stupid south africans and 419 boko haram nigerians, wat de fuck is it dat u are looking 4 on gh page? Cant u guys talk abt ur hopeless countries? We are ghanaians . We luv our country no matter wat. How many times did those oblong headed SA qualify 4 a world cup. Nonsense. If dnt av anitn doing, get ur stupid ass off our page. U feel me?

  28. shaolin J says:


    In poste : Kwarasey , Right full-back : INCOOM, left- full -back : Aful





  29. alhaji isaka says:

    Chineke u are d most stupid animal foolish pig nd the west idiot Nigerian I ever see mumu comon Iran Nigeria can not beat is not the same USA that beat u in a friendly match did u ask ur self how many times Ghana beat usa foolish slave of Africa like u

  30. luca says:

    Because we didn’t start our first eleven in friendlies we are all here confused about who to start and who not to…by this time we shd ve had this in the bag..so only minor changes cud occur.but not our coach who is smarter than everybody..that coach must b sacked..and those who appointed him too.

  31. shine says:

    No player in Black stars is too old. Young boys are given a lot of huge problems. They only show their hairstylish but not strong to play soccer. look at Andre Pirlo very old but best form in the World. stop talking about players been old thats stupid indeed. They rather got experiences. when kwesi Appiah used the young boys what do they do? useles. soccer is all about maturity and not young age with hairstylish. No African team will do well in this year World cup. As for Nigerian sakawa boys who came to Ghana as refreegees should shut up and return to fight Bokom Haram in their nations. They must leave Ghana ashawo gay men begging for money at circle. Zambians are the most shameles people in this Earth they should be pitty for themselves If they know football they should ask Kalusha he can spell Ghana name correct for them. Poor Zambians. I dont like insulting people but if you think you are more than an animal i will give it to you. Any Nigerian who insult Ghana and eat our money shall dies with disease Amen. Nigerians are dying with hunger bombs killing folks everyday and never think of your families smelling asholes. I hate Nigerians for their bad reputations and bad image.

  32. Mumbi says:

    To much unrest in Ghana camp. This is a huge advantage fof Germany. @ jeff and Chinrke thanx for your nice comments and continue doing that.

  33. Slayer says:

    He should bring Afful where kwadwo asamoah is then kelvin moves to the right where Atsu is supposed to play and bring Asamoah in Kelvins place. one good thing about this also is that Andre, Asamoah and Kelvin can always interchange positions making them difficult to mark and more dangerous.

  34. Cookes says:

    Dauda is not better than Kwarasey! Dauda would not have stopped any of the two goals USA scored. This good luck, bad luck argument has no place in this era of scientific football.

  35. nana addo says:

    Ghana will definitely beat Germany because history made us understand that Germany never won their second group stages match but they qualify to the next stage you can check your football history Ghana 2-0 Germany.

  36. alfred says:

    ghana did well.tried thier best and my big thanks goes to Asamoah Gyan,Adam Kwarasey and Dede Ayew.

  37. Healer says:

    Dis chineke n jeff kraah are u people serious,hw can a corrupt nation like nigeria draw with iran n u will be happy,wen was e last time u people a move from a group stage b4 u will be dar n be making noise,u dnt have manners at all

  38. Chineke says:

    Useless ghana dogs very arogant and stupid indeed.We dont want all black dogs in Nija land

  39. ab says:

    My tactical suggestion for the Ghana match against Germany. I advice Kwesi Appiah to switch from his regular 4-4-2 to a system featuring three center backs and two wing backs and a lone striker. Kwadwo Asamoah will support Rabiu at the base of the midfield as a deep-lying playmaker (with more offensive duties). He will be our Andre Pirlo for that matter! Obviously, we don’t need to play two strikers since our midfielders are also capable of scoring goals. Moreover, Asamoah Gyan has improved on his finishing judging from his goal against South Korea. We need to strengthen our defends in term of numbers (the defends remains the weakest department in our team) while allowing our wing backs (Afful and Opare) to join the attack but they should still try to position themselves closer to the center-backs vertically when we don’t have the ball. This system will also allow us to crowd the midfield corridor and close down the Germans in the midfield. With this system we will be able to stifle the German attack and Muller who scores most of his goals inside the box will not get the needed services to cause any damage. Just an opinion !


    ——————Rabiu Mohamed———————
    ———-J. Mensah—-Rashid——Boye———–

    ———————-Adam Kwarasey—————


    I don’t know who taught Ghanaians that a good coach can’t lose a match and a good ‘keeper can’t concede a goal. Hard luck robbed us of victory against USA. We only need to change Opare and we’ll play better.

  41. jeff says:

    @ericus,,SA rules in case you dont know.we have a lot of ghanians here and they wil all pay big time for what u guys did to our brothers.
    if i may ask which SA national would like to stay in ghana and for what?????
    Viva southern Africa

  42. MIKE says:


  43. chicken says:

    Gyan Dede

    Atsu Boateng

    Muntari ———– Kojo ASAMOAH

    Aful Mensah Boye Opare

    —————————- Kwarasey ——————————-

  44. Nedved says:

    That Chineke guy should behave himself , he is cursing himself cus he keep insulting pple any how is that how Nigerians were brought out from their homes hmmm

  45. kwarcee says:

    Guys,this chineke guy is not a nigerian,he is using that Pseudo name to cause confusion between us nd nigerians.He is rather from zambia with a name called MUMBI ,he is the same one using that pseudo name called jeff from SA,
    he has been attacking Ghana nd the rest of West Africa since the world cup qualifiers where we bundled them out.
    visit http://www.zambianfootball.co.zm n u will realise how these pepo r insulting the blackstars left right center.There is a genuine chineke guy @ that site who always defend the interest of Ghana n fellow west Africans against those in the southern African region.

  46. Chineke says:

    Infact I love Ghana so much that I just insult u guys so that we could just interact since my bokoharam citizens are not as friendly as Ghanaians…. Go #Blackstars go…. O.o

  47. Emmanuel says:

    @ chineke, wht dey do u ? Omo make u mind yur country business afta Goodluck pack moni giv na players wht dey do for world cup even common iran u pple no fit score dem, Boko haram say if na no win world cup make no player come Naija. Thnk u

  48. Ike says:

    @atda…do you know that Iran beat the US 1-0 in the W/cup???

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