2014 World Cup: Tension as German legends roundly condemn Ghana's Boateng

2014 World Cup: Tension rises as German legends roundly condemn Ghana's Kevin-Prince Boateng

Kevin Prince Boateng says Germany are rubbish

Tension is simmering between Ghana and Germany ahead of their World Cup clash after Black Stars midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng was roundly condemned by German legends for questioning the quality of players in their squad.

The 26-year-old, who was born in the European country before switching nationality to play for his father’s country in 2010, sparked fury in Germany last week.

He lashed out at the quality on player in the German national team claiming that they have no match winners in their squad and have no leaders to guide the team to success at the World Cup.

Boateng’s comments have not been taken lightly as top German football stars have been lining up to condemn Boateng for his comments especially German legend Paul Breitner.

“What does Mr. Boateng want?,” German legend Paul Breitner asked during a talk show in Germany this week

“He should mind his own business and rather concern himself with his own team and look for leaders over there.” 

Oliver Bierhoff, General Manager of the German national team “Die Mannschaft” also joined in to reject Boateng’s claims insisting that the Ghanaian’s claims are baseless.

“We don’t need anybody on the pitch screaming around furiously. What we need are players, who are able to assume responsibility – and looking at our squad, I think we have those,” Bierhoff said in an interview with the Bild newspaper.

While Bierhoff was stoic in his response to Boateng, Germany coach Joachim Loew insists they will respond to the claims on the pitch: “I just want to say: We will respond adequately to that at the World Cup.”

Wolfgang Niersbach, president of the German Football Association DFB, responded to Bosateng’s claims that they will not progress beyond the group phase.

“Of course we will make it through the first round. We have that kind of self-confidence. We lost only one of the last 25 official matches and of course our goal is to win the title.” Niersbach said.

Boateng is no stranger to controversies before Ghana plays Germany as he became Germany public enemy No.1 for injuring Michael Ballack before the 2010 World Cup.

Do you think such comments will spur Boateng on to do something extra-ordinary to beat Germany? Do you think it was necessary? Make your views known in the box below:


  1. selfmade says:

    Am surprised a German born kpb doesnt know the country he was born in! Infact it ll be a big mistake if anyone thinks the German team doesn’t have leaders or they lack quality becasus the Germans always reserved their best for tournaments! They can really deceiceved people with their friendly matches and qualifiers but they become a diff team during the tournament proper and I am surprised kpb doesn’t know his own country!! I know he is playing mind games but he did similar thing against the Germans in south Africa and he was the flop of our match against Germany! I know he is hurt by the German fa snubbed but u can never punish your enemy when he knows your next step!! The pressure ll get to him again in Brazil!

  2. Askantwi says:

    I believe Boateng is still bitter for not playing for germany. He claims he is happy playing for ghana but I don’t buy it. He is just using Ghana to sell himself. If he could do it, he’ll switch to play for Germany in a heart beat. He just runs his mouth out of jealousy.

  3. Mumbi says:

    He is a Germany international, but once he decided to join a country 4 sperms sake, he has now bcome very stupid.

  4. kada says:

    I think he is making some sense. we not scared of any team, nor country. Ghana will surely qualify even beyond the group stages. I got your back KPB. GO GO GO GO Ghana!!!!!!!!

  5. Ken says:

    he’s the best don’t be jealous we we will be Germany ,go ghana

  6. Anokwale says:

    This is all for TV ratings. This is like pre fight hype. I do not take these things seriously. If we lose it was expected, if we win, KPB looks like a hero.

    • Prince Paa Kwesi Gyampoh says:

      KPB has spoken his mind and I agree with him however that is none of our business (Ghana), like the Germans have said the pitch will do the talking. Germany we can’t wait, bring it on, we are more than ready for you and the rest of the world. As for KPB he is for Ghana blackstars, Germany u wish!

  7. kkknj says:

    Mumbi and others you don’t understand. Without these rantings there is no entertainment. KPB knows exactly what he ment and it has nothing to do with stupidity

  8. issah says:

    Not necessary lets expose what ever short comings they have on the field not outside.It didnt help us in 2010 bcos we lost againts them and he didnt play well too.

  9. Paa-Kwesi Richardson ( Dusseldorf-Germany) says:

    My guys chill……..I am over here in Germany following with lots of interest how the German team are feeling the KP Boateng “venom” psychologically….They re relaxing in their 5* hotel in sud Tirol and had their training grounds fenced so that no one can see them train…..I hope the blackstars are also preparing physically and psychologically to meet up with the task ahead….
    Germany will surely win the world cup and I pray they meet Ghana in the final…Long live Ghana, long live Germany….Amen !!!!

  10. selfmade says:

    Even if it is for TV ratings or entertainment, it ll affect him becasus it has happened before in south Africa!

  11. Bohr Beckstein says:

    Kevin BOATENG is right the German team lacks the quality in this squad. Football dynamics around the world has changed over the years. Ghana is now more superior than Germany. Germany must admit it and come with a quality squad in 2018. In this World Cup Ghana and Portugal will beat Germany. Make no mistake football is not based on history!!!

  12. keith from germany says:

    Selfmade@ KPB hit the right nail at the wall.
    Alot of germany citizens are with KPB.
    One thing germans dont like is about hearing the truth.
    All boateng is saying,is that he thinks the current crop of german players like lahm,schweinsteiger and neuer are not good leaders like lothar Mathäus,Matthias Sammer and Stefan Effenberg who were very present and always brought the best performance in important matches.
    In crucial matches like the worldcup 2010 semi final against spain as well as the euro 2012 semi final against italy the important german players were no where to be found.
    Those gernan players vanish in important games and alot of german citizens are pissed off because their top players always fail in decisive matches that wins or brings one nearer to a trophy.
    Since i live here im a witness to this case n i can say in all german soccer forums 80% of the forumites are with Kpb.
    A good example of wat kpb is saying was bayern münchen’s champions league home final against fc chelsea.
    How can a worldclass player like toni kroos refuse to shoot a penalty just because he ia afraid?
    All KPB is saying the current german team dont have the leaders and gutts to win a tournament.

  13. keith from germany says:

    Selfmade@ 70% of the german population dont believe in germany winning the mundial.
    Kpb is not the only guy who thinks the current german team lack leaders n are capable of winning a major since 18 yrs.
    In all the last two editions of the worldcups(2006,2010) and euro cup(2008,2012),germany went to three semifinals losing to italy twice and spain once and in the euro 2008 finals they lost to spain.
    In very important matches the german players player under their ability.
    So kpb is very right n since 80% of the german soccer forumites are with kpb,there is no cause for alarm.
    Dont mind that paul breitner fuy who talks a lot.
    Werent he,breitner the same person who said bayern münchen will mesmerize real madrid and madrid wint even score a goal?
    And we all saw what the “Galaticos”did to the german record champions.
    Ghanaians are too fond of believing cheap stories without knowing the real n true facts

  14. aconcagua says:

    lol this is hugely unnecessary, what kind of player is this? Great geniuses do not talk this way.’.He who claims to stand tall
    should be careful not to fall’- this is a quote from my granny.

  15. aconcagua says:

    I also earned this from my granny
    and i didn’t have to pay a penny
    Not always are great talkers little doers

  16. ROYAL says:

    please people stop condemning KP BOATENG and encourage him as mumbi said, David accam, kwadwo asamoah, christian atsu they play as the way NEYMAN play but always Brazilians encourage the footballers so please lets do the same thing and stop condemning and insults…..peace-shalom.

  17. Achemore says:

    There is no way Germany will win against Ghana this time. The Black Stars are ready to the next round and KPB Will surprise them.

  18. Dr Who says:

    KPB should stop saying things that rather pertain to the Black Stars than the German team…

  19. African Consciousness says:

    KPB is right again! He grew up playing colt soccer with these guys and he knows exactly what he is talking about. Germans are noted for their lack of emotion. KPB has rattled their cage and that is good for Ghana. If they come to the game against Ghana all emotional instead of their usual stoic, calculating and methodical approach then KPB would have done us a huge favor and the Black Stars have them by the jugular.

    KPB would have been the leader for the German team that he is talking about but the Black Stars are fortunate to have his fearless, no nonsense leadership qualities. He reminds me of another such leader. One of the best Ghana has known. JJ Rawlings. Love him or hate him the guy is a Ghanaian legend and so is KPB.

  20. benny says:

    When top brass takes to respond to issues then it means there’s hidden truth.They are
    obviously not happy with KPB because he is probably hitting the right cord.
    Having said that,as Mr Low stipulated the pitch will decide. I am more concerned with
    our strengh not the weakness of the Germans which I think should be the prerogative of KPB.

  21. papa nkrumah says:

    Nothing wrong with what Boating said. A player from Tahiti will not say that about the quality of the German team. They will worship them. It simply means we are no Tahiti.

  22. African Consciousness says:

    Right on papa Nkrumah, KPB is saying to the Germans, we are as good as you are, we are equals, no inferiority complex, we are not afraid of you, we will take you on mano a mano, this is why KPB is so instrumental to the Ghana cause. He is the Trojan horse who will deliver the Germans to us. The man has no fear!

  23. ginger says:

    Personaly, I don’t see anything special in current german team, ghana players only need strong mentality nd my fear about bs is their goal keeping department

  24. ginger says:

    BREAKING NEWS…suarez is injured, out of world cup.

  25. Kuuku says:

    Guys, I also have this gut feeling that Ghana is going to go far. I think the blend of our players who are hungry for success and good contract deals is what is going to do the trick and cause harm to opposing teams.
    All our players need is a strong mentality and adherence to the coach’s tactics and a bit of innovation or rather ingenuity on the part of some players.
    God bless Ghana

  26. papa nkrumah says:

    Oh no! So sad for Suarez. We really want to see all our best players in Brazil. Suarez, Falcao, Ronaldo. Already no Ibrahimovic.

  27. KK says:

    KPB gets to tell his mates at camp about the weaknesses in the german squad. no need to for a scout LOL. sweet thing. go kpb,go GH!

  28. papa nkrumah says:

    Surely, the caption under the story is too much. He certainly didn’t use those words. He was only speaking about the lack match leader or inspirer

  29. alexander says:

    Taking a second look at things. I think this is a good strategy he is using. the Mourinho fact

  30. lucs says:

    Boateng has been talking too much lately..he should just shut up and focus..sniper mentality needed.this is not a floyd mayweather affair.

  31. Ishmael says:

    KPB there is mo course for alarm
    Come go for it
    Go for Ghana
    U are going to surprise Them
    We love
    U are always right

  32. nicholas says:

    In fact what kpb is saying is just good for Ghana, because, in today football arena commmunication in adverse ways help to confuse your opponent to loose concerntration before the game, it will also play on the mind of the coach who Barllack said is not good, so lets see how it goes.

  33. gameli says:

    I don’t think those comments were neccessary. kp is just putting undue pressure on himself.football is played on d pitch . As the German coach said everything will be decided on d pitch.I think d best team on d day will take d maximum points which I hope is Ghana.Being bias errrrrh?

  34. funnyashell says:

    This is funny stuff. Kpb is crazy, while there are defensive concern on the side including key injuries, the offensive side is stacked. Guys who were babies last cup are top notch players this time around. Good luck when gotzilla, rolls reus, ozil, kroos, shurrle, lahm, schweiney, mueller, roll into town with some new young blood in volland and others contributing along with seasoned vets contributing. Everyone knows leadership is in the guys who have been there before especially lahm, schwein, klose….mix that with still young n vastly improved players from last cup noted above and the Germans will be just fine. Expect 3-1 Germany in this match with added kph incentive.

  35. selfmade says:

    @ Keith.. One of the finest gentleman on this forum! U very wise guy and I total respect to u… Back to the issue mate, germany, is one of the most consistent team in the world and am surprised a lot of Ghanaians are underrating them!! Infact, if there is one country that Ghana needs to learn from, then is certainly Germany!! There is something about German national team that Ghana needs to learn!! I know people are just been economical with the truth or I ll called it nationalistic but GERMANY always reserved their best for the last esp in tournaments! Maybe people don’t know the German machine very well! This is a team that has beaten Ghana in every football competitions right from under 17 where we usual cheats to the senior level and sometimes they thrashed us( 6-1 in Bochum)… The German under 17 beats us two times in one tournament and Ghana is yet to pick a win against them!! For all the past three WCS, German has been to all the semi finals thrashing some of the world HEAVYWEIGHTS on their way with specific mention been England and Argentina spotting the world best player! Germany ll win the WC in Brazil and underrate Germany at your own peril!

  36. hayford says:

    he will do well

  37. EZRawlins says:

    (Sigh). WHY ANTAGONIZE Germany? Don’t the Black Stars ALREADY have a huge challenge ahead of them withOUT inciting German passions? Good grief.

    I think KPB IS upset about not being considered for the German team – it means his ‘homeland’ doesn’t consider him to be one of their 23 best players…

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