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2014 World Cup: Four Black Stars players already in town ahead of next week's World Cup camping

Published on: 18 May 2014
Abdul Waris is in Ghana already

The Black Stars' pre-World Cup camping officially begin in Accra on Tuesday with a bulk of the foreign-based stars expected in town on Monday but four of them have already spent days in Ghana ahead of the non-residential camping. 

Versatile full-back Samuel Inkoom who completed the just ended season in the Greek Super League with Platanias was the first to arrive home before Turkish-based Jerry Akaminko.

Striker Majeed Waris who spent the second-half of the season at Valenciennes in the French top-flight touched down in Accra on Wednesday night and has been in the Northern regional capital of Tamale to spend time with his family.

Tunisia-based Harrison Afful has also arrived after his successful domestic campaign with Esperance.

Defender Akaminko was spotted at the Judgement Day Bout between Bokum Banku and Ayittey Powers on Thursday night.

Players include Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu, Kwadwo Asamoah and Afriyie Acquah are expected in Ghana early next week.

England-based Albert Adomah and Russian pair of Rabiu Mohammed and Wakaso Mubarak are also expected in town.

However star duo of Michael Essien and Kevin-Prince Boateng have asked to be excused from the training in Ghana as they want to spent brief moments with their families before joining the Ghana camp, according to reports in the Ghana Sports newspaper.

Swedish-based David Accam is also expected to fly in after Helsingborg's game on Wednesday.


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