Abubakari Damba unhappy with the neglect of goalkeepers in football formations

Published on: 4 years ago
Abubakari Damba unhappy with the neglect of goalkeepers in football formations
Goalkeepers going through their training routines

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ex Ghana international Abubakari Damba is unhappy with the apparent neglect of the role of goalkeepers in systems and formations of coaches and officials.

There are famous mentions of various formation variations by coaches, officials and journalist during matches.

The role of goalkeepers are usually missing in formations like the 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-2-1-2 and the like.

And the ex Ghana goalkeeper noted this ‘major omission’ in mentions of formations and systems after sitting through a lecture of Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld who is currently in the country.

“He [Hitzfeld] is was always talking about formations 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and so on so the question I had wanted to ask his is what about the goalkeeper?” Damba noted.

“I think it is about time a lot of prominence is given to the goalkeeping role.

“For me it is the most important role in a formation because we, goalkeepers, win competitions.

"So when talking of formations, the goalkeeper has to be recognized like 1-4-4-2 or whatever.”


  • Arrow
    says: 4 years ago
    GSN, do you really have an editor. How many minutes would it take to proofread or edit your articles? Pls, this is getting too much. so much for professionalism.
  • Dro!
    says: 4 years ago
    Personally l think Damba just wants attention! No one disputes the importance of goalkeepers but truth is in football formations, there is no need to mention the gk. Its like in mathematics you know there is always 0 before any whole number but no mathematician will mention it. Yes gk play important roles in todays modern game but if Damba is seeking attention why wait till Ottimar makes a comment then you raise your voice? Please concentrate on keeping Adam and co in top shape for the world cup and save us this crap.
  • Kobla Black Star
    says: 4 years ago
    What's the need to put in a "1" in front of a formation notation if it will always be there irrespective of the change in formation?? And anyways would a keeper ever play a different role in a change in formation? This is just nonsense and doesn't deserve any news space.
  • Benito
    says: 4 years ago
    "I had wanted to ask"so you left the lecture hall without asking your question? Now what's your problem? Attention seeker !!
  • Benito
    says: 4 years ago
    Complete crap!!!