Ahmed Toure marks Hearts of Oak debut with a strike against Lions in Top-four clash

Ahmed Toure scored for Hearts of Oak

Ahmed Toure scored for Hearts of Oak

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Ivorian hit-man Ahmed Toure made a strong statement on his debut for Hearts of Oak after coming off the bench to power the Phobians to a 1-0 win over Heart of Lions on Wednesday evening in Accra. 

The 27-year-old stepped onto the pitch amidst massive cheers from the Phobians fans and he expressed his scoring ability by brilliantly finishing a move in the 68th minute to send Hearts 1-1 on aggregate pecking.

The Phobians fans on attendance responded with colossal cheers when Ivorian striker Ahmed Toure showed up from the dug-out to warm up. Toure, who played for Hearts’ bitterest’ rivals Asante Kotoko four seasons ago, joined on Monday as a trialist and was thrown into the game to replace misfit Gilbert Fiamenyo.

Claiming the opener for Hearts was a big statement from the talented attacker but it took a double change infected by Herbert Addo to bring that goal.

New-boy Kwame Kizito who had replaced Kofi Abanga in midfield, laid an acute pass for Toure and he exercised his right to shoot by powering home to level the scoring to 1-1 on aggregate.

Toure is expected to join Hearts of Oak on a three-year-contract.


  1. Edmund says:

    Toure i think is a good replacement for the hitman Otoo .
    Jew really deserve to be with the phobian family .

  2. Maxwell Johnson says:

    He indeed made the difference this afternoon and I urge the board to have him signed ASAP to argument the attack. Initially I had doubts about his fitness & form due to the fact that he was out of action for some time but made a strong case for himself today with such an incredible performance and also capping it with a goal.

  3. Afua vera says:

    Ahmed toure, wlcam home, i luv u,,neuer cease scoring 4 hearts ok

  4. Ahmed Simba-Costa Toure have made the difference. kudos!

  5. Nanakash says:

    was it not this same player that… these same players bashed that he failed trials in north Africa cus he was having HIV?
    Hearts Funs has he been healed now ?
    read this from the same GSN..

  6. wilson says:

    2 quality ivorians in the midst of hearts. I thank the hearts fans for giving him a rousy welcome.

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