Andre Ayew hints at Marseille exit

Andre Ayew might leave Olympique Marseille before the start of the season

Ghana midfielder Andre Ayew says he is discussing his future with his family after reports that he might quit French giants Olympique Marseille.

The 22-year-old has been linked with some stellar European clubs and he recently signed for influential agent Jean-Pierre Bernès.

Marseille’s precarious financial position and their inability to qualify for the UEFA Champions League could push him out.

But his suitors must be ready to meet the 18 million Euros buy-out clause in his contract.

”I’m very young and it’s true I have been in Marseille for a very long time and I have had the opportunity to play all the competitions in the world, but now I’m going to sit down with my family and make a decision,” Ayew said.

”One day I’m going to move from Marseille, but when I don’t know yet. I’m very happy at the club and I’m not in a hurry to go.

He added that: ”My staying at Marseille will not kill me, me going will also be a very sad moment for me but at the moment I’m just planning on strengthening my shoulder, hoping that I’m not going to feel any pain and soon I will be back on the pitch.”

Ayew underwent surgery in April to correct a problematic shoulder injury.


  1. The Great says:

    Nowonder u are a dark star. How could u live wen no one is interested in u? Be lik mighty chipolopolo players. U can even compare yoself 2 Chisamba Lungu the master dribbler.

    • blackman says:

      But who is this rubbish zambian who comes here only to irritate ghanians. you are an ass hole.

    • kwez says:

      You should stfu. When Zambia has players who play UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cups you can come back and talk. But for now, just keep quiet and mind your own business. Not one top team is interested in any of your players, so keep your silly words to yourself and come back when this will be the case.

    • ras nick says:

      stop this nonsense and find something 2 do u stupid fool.

    • kay says:

      Chisamba Lungu and Chipolopolo. Sounds like fantasy names given to a clown. The Zambian player’s dream is to play in the Congolese league so just leave those guys to continue playing for their TP Mazembe. Dede will also play in his UEFA champions league. They were all there when Dede was named BBC African footballer of the year, an achievement that non of the shameless and corrupt FA president Kalusha’s children can ever dream of. No wonder the cheapest bullets are made of copper. Their thinking is also copper plated. Very cheap minds.

  2. THE PAPA says:

    Thank you Ghanaian-forumites for not attacking those Zambians who have been posting bad comments on our sites. Bless u all. This shows our level of maturity as Ghanaians and also goes a long way to portray our peace loving nature that others want to emulate. I congratulate you all. Let us continue to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. Ghana will qualify for the WC. Hail Ghana! God bless our Homeland Ghana

  3. kojo swift says:

    Zambian’s are always thinking that their dead heros will help them qualify for the 2012 worldcup, they are really joking and let me tell u guys that you can’t even compare your players to that of ghana.zambian players are scrab!, they play well becos there is team cohesion since they have been together for a very long time ….

    • Robb says:

      Please ignore them, just like what everybody is doing.
      Be proud of Ghana, the ONLY country to represent African beyond the first round in the last two world cups. The first country in Africa to win a MEDAL in the Olympics. The First African country to win World Under 2o Cup. Ghana has won under 17 WORLD CUP twice.
      The first country to be visited by the first black US president. Many African countries are envious of Ghana with Zambia included, so please do not respond to any Zambian post. Be proud of your nation Ghana.

  4. family man says:

    zambians shd not dream of playing in de wc when ghana is in their group. if they can even qualify, they will only add up to de numbers and not do anytin there. they shd prepare for a thrashing in de return leg because no official will cheat for dem in accra.

    go black stars

  5. OTUMFUO says:

    This is about Andre Ayew but not Ghana vrs zambia. Andre we lovew you and recover fast.

  6. Advisor says:

    In addition to winning under 20 world cup..we are the first country to withdraw 12 players from under 17 bcoz they where over age….secondly…most players who won da world cup are suspected to be over age. then we are
    the first country…in Africa which uses juju as declared by our own coach…

  7. peter zimba says:

    hello felas,on bhalf of zambia,i unreservedly apologise for all da bad cments against dede.we hav no resentmnt against da spirit of sport u luv u’r oponents even tho udont supot dem,zambia is dat country-save for dat misplaced chipolopo en africa unity.

  8. Pat says:

    I love Ghanian but I get pissed when i remember what Derek Boateng did @ Levy stadium. Despite convincingly wiring them twice they stil dont respect Zambia. I miss time of steven appia, muntari, kingston, essien etc these are unforgoten Heroes nt these chaps.

  9. Ali Ghana, Kenya says:

    Tell this Zambian that their former President once cried that he leads a country of drunkards. Let him go drink CHIBUKU and KIBUKU (Dog Porridge). Don’t ever comment on DEDE or any other Ghanaian. Your time will come, you drunken Copper miners. Ha!

    • Vicki says:

      Life was so much easier when we were yungoer, sa totoo lang . But seriously, being nostalgic is perfectly normal and we all feel it, particularly during a constant change in our lives. (that’s the life of Expats ) . Remember, for everything you have missed, you have acquired something much better. I guess, we all must have the wisdom to enjoy the experience that comes while growing up ! Agree with Makis, in the end we all get liberty, it depends solely on us & how we accept the events in our life !We miss you more in the South Kala, wala akong makurot dito !!! And yes, roller blading in Toulon was great, even though I didn’t have the guts to do it !

  10. Chinchinga Lapaz says:

    Dede I wish u well in all ur endeavours whether at marseille or not.

  11. Kk says:

    How many medals have Zambia won, since their existence…Ghana are d pace-setters.

  12. Mbela says:

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