Andre Ayew takes over No 10 shirt, Ghana full squad number out

Midfielder Andre Ayew has taken over Ghana's No.10 jersey for the Africa Cup of Nations, Caf has confirmed.

Midfielder Andre Ayew has taken over Ghana's No.10 jersey for the Africa Cup of Nations, Caf has confirmed.

Midfielder Andre Ayew has taken over Ghana’s No.10 jersey for the Africa Cup of Nations, Caf has confirmed.

His younger brother Jordan Ayew will take over the No. 13 jersey which his brother has relinquished. revealed earlier that Andre will take charge of the No.10 jersey which Kwadwo Asamoah opted not to wear.

The Confederation of African Football has now revealed that Andre will wear the famous jersey number while Asamoah takes the No. 20 shirt.

Goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey who is also making his tournament debut has settled for the number 16 jersey.

Strangely Derek Boateng will take the No.9 even though he is not a striker while Asamoah Gyan sticks with his No.3.

Most of the senior players in the squad maintained their numbers.


Squad in numbers


1 – Daniel Agyei

2 – Daniel Opare

3 – Asamoah Gyan

4 – John Paintsil

5 – John Mensah

6 – Anthony Annan

7 – Samuel Inkoom

8 – Agyemang Badu

9 – Derek Boateng

10 – Andre Ayew

11 – Sulley Muntari

12 – Prince Tagoe

13 – Jordan Ayew

14 – Masahudu Alhassan

15 – Isaac Vorsah

16 – Adam Kwarasey

17 – Lee Addy

18 – Jonathan Mensah

19 – Charles Takyi

20 – Kwadwo Asamoah

21 – John Boye

22 – Ernest Sowah

23 – Mohammed Abu


  1. nab says:

    i think its good for ghana ,no coment about that. andre is a good player and if he diserve the 10 let give it to him cos we all saw what his father did with the 10 and after appiah took over. i think its his time i know what he did with the 10 shirt at the under 20 level .so adre all the best GHANA is behind you and good luck black star. against go die

  2. coffee says:

    Eiiiii.So the world be,Like father like son,I know the no.10 issues and kwadjo asamoah not wearing it is all the doing of Abedi Pele so his son will take charge ,he did this in the 1992 squard and there was a whole lot of trouble in the blackstars camp…..Kojo is better than dede,no doubt,this will bring emnity in the stars camp,shame unto you adedi pele

    • PIB says:

      @ Coffee: Masa, this conspiracy theory will not sail. Why are u trying 2 make an issue out of this. Why do Ghanaians seem to enjoy controversy.Can you provide facts to substantiate your claim? You don’t have to make irresponsible comments just becos nobody knows u.
      It is about time people got prosecuted for such defamation of character. Abedi Pele has worked so hard to earn a reputation for himself. Without any substantiated facts, u are now trying to bring down the wall that he has spent his whole career to build.
      Shame on you…

      • B'modinho says:

        PIB,its better to ignore pple like coffee.they speak before they think…Kwadwo Asamoah left the jersey cos he feels it bears too much pressure.Dede loved his 13 but we have no one better than Dede at the moment to bear the responsibility of our most cherished no.10 jersey and as bold as he is, he accepted it. fire burn all the negative thinkers like coffee.

    • texas says:

      @ coffee where do you think you are going with this? This is shear ignorance and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Does jersey number play football? Didn’t Dede wear the same number when he captained Ghana to win the under 20 world cup in Egypt? I guess you ass was jubilating then. All you guys know is to cause controversy. Enough of this jersey number bullshit.

  3. William Ofori-Attah, Worcester, MA. U.S says:

    This number 10 saga is making me sick! Does it make a player an extraordinary person or what? Tune in to all the radio stations and all you hear is the number 10 issue. Let us focus on the journey ahead and live this 10 10 10 Jessy behind. Good luck to all the players and the officials.

  4. daddy k says:

    @Y coffee.r u seriuos.hw can asamoah be better than dede.u r a big fool..if r gud it does not matter e shirt u wear.we africans will never reason

  5. doncobby says:

    Kojo Asamoah decided not to wear that jersey again, and so it was given to Dede, does it matter whose better than who? Besides why should Abedi be brought to this? Its stupidity and waste of time guys.
    @Coffee idk how old u were in 1992, but ur accounts of that incident is false. Besides the Ayew family deserve to be praised not made to look like the devil. Abedi, Kwame , Sola, Rahim, Dede and Jordan have all made sacrifice in the Ghana jersey, if it was Euro, they will ushered into the hall of fame.
    I believe u were in Gh during the CAN 08 tournament, and heard what people said about Dede,look at him now. You guys should leave Abedi alone.

  6. Bavoke wialitto says:

    Andre will be a delight to watch in the # 10. Ghanaians hate his father that is why they make all the noise. Whether you like it or not, God has blessed pele and there this nothing you can do about that!

  7. Handsome says:

    Pls stop de insults on coffee. Dat is his opion nd der is no nid insultin him if u dont agree wit him. But I tink Dede deserves de 10 jersey anyway.

  8. seidu says:

    That is good. I likes Ayew’s football style. He will be the first Africa captain to win world cup in Brazil

  9. 9ZA says:

    Y u dey worry abt dede and kojo do u know wht is happnn in camp.aftall kojo is wearn double numba “10”

  10. Frederick says:

    Infact, what koraa do people want… No wonder they read different into anything that happens. I wish the team the best of all lucks. Go for gold…

  11. Bemol says:

    All we want is reward from both kojo is 2 perform better with the no2
    watch out folk.

  12. Shinto says:

    U guyz nt behind coffee noe nafn.dnt u noe dat gh musicians kild terry bonchaka.dat baffour was da 1 hu made gyan miss da penalty?so y dnt u blv him…aint u gh’ianz?!coffee make u no biz dem.

  13. Martin says:

    Pls, lets pray 4 de team 2 peform well, but i hope dede is de best 4 numba 10 jesey.GOD HELP US LIFT THE CUP.

  14. D.B says:

    Derrick Boateng has consistently worn the no. 9 jersey, so i wonder y the writer of this article is surprised about him taking the number 9. World cup 2006 and AFCON 2006 was the beginning. Please,

    • texas says:

      You are right D.B…..sometimes I wonder if GSN writers intentionally Write these shallow minded articles so as to bring dispute into the BS and the court of public opinion or they just make honest mistakes in these controversial articles. GSN better watch out some are about to establish a competing site.

  15. Kofi Emma a.k.a. Nega u says:

    no matter what, dede is the best and he desive the 10 jersey, he will be the feature african best player.

  16. Ampaabeng says:

    Ghanaians are ungreatful how can some played 12matches in glo premier and has scored 11goals be dropped ie. EMMANUEL BAFFOE for a person who has played abt 236minutes with 1goal scored ie. PRINCE TAGOE be called, then we should stop playing the glo league cos the local players are not given the opportunity.

  17. grada says:

    cofeee u are stupid adiot and certified fool.if u have nothing to say u better keep mute.and stop opening your public toilet mouth.

  18. ballack says:

    ghana will suffer in afcon 2012 without asamoah gyan.

  19. chrisgya says:

    Dede is good and therefore he deserves the no. 10 jersey. Pls, let respect that fact and support all the players to bring the cap home. Dede is such a hard working and aggressive player who never gives up even when all things are against his side. I know Dede will captain BS to win the world cap for Africa. It’s a sure fact. Respect 4 Pele’s family.

    • Gideon says:

      Thank you brother. Dede’s generation will win the WORLD CUP for Ghana, just mark my words. I love this young man’s electrifying spirit. Dede is mentally strong than all the players in camp. He has the spirit of a CHAMPION. God bless Friends Of The Ayew Brothers (FOTAB). Dede deserves the 10 period.

  20. SABATO says:

    People lyk Coffee make me sick with their comments. When did he starts following football? Coffee, u c how ignorant u ar? So u don’t even know that K.Asamoah himself decided not to wear the no. 10 jersey again? Oh!

  21. tt says:

    Dede deserves the #10 jersey,y’all should stop the conspiracy theories.Hopefully we shall emerge as champions in this tournament.God bless GHANA!!

  22. Gideon says:

    Ghana will never win the cup if the number10 is given to dede trust me

  23. jon says:

    bbc african futballer of de yr.,caf 3rd best futballer of de yr 2011.infact andre deserve de no. 10.

  24. Gideon says:

    @Coffee. You are mock-up of the diaspora kookaburra.
    Think twice brother. Write something that exudes excellence. Think twice coffee. Kwodwo will do better in the 20. He himself knew why he relinquished the 10. After all 10 is a double of the 20.

  25. Gideon says:

    It is simple to build up all kind of theories against the Ayew’s. Whether we like it all not God has bless the Ayew’s. Fire burn those who hate the Ayew’s. FOTAB ALL THE WAY. Friends Of The Ayew Brothers wish the Stars the best.

  26. Theophilus says:

    I agreed with you coffie,dede and his father think bs is for them.both him and his father are fools.abedi is doing all means for his son to wear the 10 jersey and captain ghana in brazil.we know all be me after this tournament all the senior players will be sack and dede will be captain.we are not fools abedi

  27. saka says:

    i knew it would come to this, Dede wears 10, what Next, he will be captain soon. And who are those saying Ghana is going to lift the world cup in Brazil. on what bases are they saying that. Ghana used black star players to play and under 20 tournament and worn it and you guys are happy. Apart from Dede can we honestly say that all those boys were under 20, i personally believe Agyeman badu is 34. Anyway all we want is the best from these players. All the best Black stars

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