Marseille ace Andre Ayew surprised by reports he's been offered to Newcastle

Andre Ayew

Andre Ayew

Andre Ayew says he is unaware of reports claiming his French Ligue 1 side Olympique Marseille have offered him to Newcastle United.

His future was speculated following Marseille president Vincent Labrune’s recent visit to London.

It was reported that went to discuss the possibility of loaning Ayew to clubs including Arsenal, West Ham, QPR and Crystal Palace.

“Dede is really surprised of news out there that he has been offered to Newcastle United in the English Premier League. There have been several talks surrounding his movement or stay but to hear that he has been offered to a club has come as a real surprise to him” a confidant told


  1. papa nkrumah says:

    Please GSN is this your apology for helping to spread this same rumour without verifying from the player who happens to be Ghanaian or even his camp?

  2. fish says:

    oyiwa, when I claim GSN journalists are a bunch of punks, some Ghanaians don’t understand me. They are so hungry that, they will even publish about Ayew’s dog eating pizza..

  3. May his peace prevails says:

    so what about you Fish? Do they Publish about you? Are famous? or you want to be famous on GSN?

  4. fish says:

    @May his peace prevail,please change your name to the way I have written,because “May his peace prevails” is bad grammar.

  5. lion-fire says:

    This news that he is going to Newcastle is on even that’s the most trusted source for football news. So what is it. This is not the first time a player has denied a transfer story only to end up there where he denied earlier.You will go to Newcastle, whether you like it or not. Your employers won’t let you go for free next year.

  6. Yaw says:

    @Lion-fire,It is a shame you don’t know your left from your right,otherwise you will not call yourself lion-fire.You must be lion or fire,because the two can never be together

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