Anti-doping doctor resigns over Kevin-Prince Boateng's boozy picture

Anti-doping doctors resigns over Kevin-Prince Boateng's boozy picture

The doctor’s assistant has been fingered as the person who leaked the picture to the newspaper

A German Football Association’s (DFB) anti-doping doctor has resigned after a picture of Schalke’s Kevin-Prince Boateng drinking beer and smoking while being tested for drugs appeared in a newspaper.

Boateng was injured in Wednesday’s 6-1 last 16, first-leg drubbing by Real Madrid — the heaviest home defeat suffered by a German team in Champions League history.

It capped an unfortunate few days for the Ghana midfielder after the picture appeared in German daily Bild earlier this week.

A Bild reader had submitted the shot showing Boateng, still in his Schalke kit, blowing cigarette smoke and holding a half-drunk bottle of beer.

The assistant of the doctor in charge is said to have taken the picture while Boateng was being drugs tested by the DFB after Schalke’s 2-1 win at Bayer Leverkusen a fortnight ago.

Leverkusen denied any responsibility as the picture was taken in a DFB-controlled area of their BayArena stadium.

“The DFB has looked into the case immediately and thoroughly,” the DFB’s media director Ralf Koettker told SID, an AFP subsidiary.

“In a telephone conversation with Dr. Rainer Koch (a DFB vice-president in charge of anti-doping) the doping control doctor admitted the wrong doing of his assistant.

“He asked the anti-doping commission chairman to release him from his duties.”


  1. Rasheed says:

    We don’t need smokers and drunkards in black stars.

  2. Mellow says:

    STFU u ignorant prick

  3. Mellow says:

    Y’all hypocrites , it’s ok to pop champagne and smoke Cuban cigars when you win championship but it’s wrong when he have a bottle of beer n smoke cig.

  4. samva says:

    No wonder he’s got injury issues.instead of focusing on your career,you go can you play well.The three things that brings sportsmen down are women,alcohol or drugs and indiscipline.he better stay away from these things to save his already depleted career.

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