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Honorarium paid to Black Stars management is not a crime, it is government approved - GFA

Published on: 21 August 2014
Ghana FA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara

The Ghana FA has defended revelations that management members of the Black Stars received payments at the 2014 World Cup – insisting that government approved it.

Chief Director of the Sports Minister Abudulai Yakubu revealed during his turn with the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that the Black Stars management committee received $82,500 as appearance fees.

This revelation sent shockwaves who hitherto thought that members were given honorarium – a combined bonus of two or three players shared amongst management members and other officials.

The GFA says the money approved by government is not only meant for the seven-man management team of the Black Stars insisting it is approved by government as payment for the officials who work on the team.

The federation insists that no wrong was done by officials who received the monies revealing it is approved by government and has been the practice over the years.

“It is not a crime for management and several other officials who work on the team to receive monies that have been approved by the government,” GFA spokesman Ibrahim Sannie Daara told Radio Gold.

“It is not as if someone has been given money that has not been approved by government. This is what is due them for working hard to bring success to the team.

"In 2006 the GFA made a proposal to government that management members and several other officials who work day and night to get the team to reach its success are not remunerated.

"This was agreed by government that the management members and several other officials, sometimes numbering 25 , receive these payments - not even close to what the players get.

“In any case, this is not a recent practice. It was agreed years ago that people who work constantly for the team also benefit from its gains.

“It was done in 2006, was done in 2010 and it was done in 2014. This is not illegal.”

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry was set up to look into issues that saw the Black Stars make a first round exit from the 2014 World Cup.

It is also to probe the preparations and systems put in place by responsible authorities towards the finals staged in Brazil.


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  • JNR says:
    August 21, 2014 10:02 am
    Saanie Daara, shut the **** up. Hate is a strong word but i truly hate you and your fucked up croonies. You are suppose to be the spokesman for the GFA but you have no fucking clue what's going on around you. Weren't you the same fool who denied GFA ever seeking a technical advisor then few days later they confirmed it? That tells me you have no clue what your job consist of, fucking twat. The question here is..... How much did you receive as a puppet for these crook so-called management committee??? Nyantekyie hosted a hurried press conference after the world cup to deny they ever received any appearance fee then we find out they sure DID, shocking! What a coincidence that the four players who stood up and spoke up against these corrupts are dropped, WOW. Never thought there will ever be a day when Black Stars are about to play qualifiers and i'm not batting an eyelid or could be bothered. This team is in turmoil and i hope chanel 4 here in the UK exposes Nyantekyie AGAIN, fucking idiot!
  • Benny says:
    August 21, 2014 09:04 am
    Essien's career has been shattered because of the black stars.You crooks mean to tell Ghanaians that $82.500 is not a crime so what is then? The players who were doing the work got paid $100.000 and do nothing management got $82.500. Greedy bastards.You people had the cheek to question why the players were not happy. Funny enough AA has excluded Essien,KPB,Kwarasey and Muntary because he can't face facts and people who speaks their mind. Muntary did well slapping Parker .This is evil and criminality to the highest order.
  • Ato- USA says:
    August 21, 2014 08:12 am
    Ibrahim Saanie, 'wo maame tw3' wasn't you the same person who denied FA members did not receive anything? Now you come & defend it? Shameless foooool, your days are numbered....
  • Big mouth says:
    August 21, 2014 08:12 am
    The fact that, that was done on the blind side in the past does not mean it is right. It is as illegal as we Ghanaians see it. Did your budgets spell out clearly those monies as going to be paid to management committee members?; and the fact that budgets are approved does not mean a descent opportunity has presented itself for loot, Mr. Daara. Didn't Nyantekyie come saying earlier that no management comm. member received appearance fee? God will punish you bunch of criminals!!!!
  • AAA says:
    August 28, 2014 11:39 pm
    So Muntari was right in saying that the management members were in Brazil to milk the players. That is why they were so many because anyone who had been left out would have let the cat out of the bag. God have mercy on Ghana football!!!
  • King says:
    August 21, 2014 11:19 am
    Hmmm, interesting it is. I now understand why nantakyi himself decided to preside over the b.s mgt committee. This guy is fucking greedy. The revelations now indicate to me that nantakyi and his croonies always agitate for the abnormal increase in appearance fee and bonus for players. However they later come out to tell us that it was the players who are asking for it. Hmmmm, black man and unptriotism. These same people after dubiously cheating the on the poor's tax payers money will come and blame the govt of the day for mismanaging the economy. There is something I understand here. Are these Gfa guys not been paid for the working they are doing at FA? For the players to take appearance fee, I dnt have qualms about that because they are not employed by the govt and the only time they are employed is during tournaments. In all honesty, these Gfa gurus are the greediest persons in gh. If only they are on pay rolls at the fa, then payment of appearance fees and bonus just like the players is clearly misplaced by govt and a greedy request by the fa. As for Saanie Dara, the least said about him the better. When this guy was at BBC, am always in love with regarding his constractive criticisms of the Fa. But now this guy sees nothing wrong with the fa. Allah watches us all.