Gyan, Muntari suffer robbery in Maseru hotel while playing against Lesotho

Asamoah Gyan had his US$ 10,000 stolen while he was playing against Lesotho.

Asamoah Gyan had his US$ 10,000 stolen while he was playing against Lesotho.

Thieves stole $10,000 belonging to Ghana captain Asamoah Gyan and an expensive watch belonging to AC Milan star Sulley Muntari in their hotel room in Maseru while they were playing in Sunday’s 2-0 win over Lesotho in a 2014 World Cup qualifier.

While the Black Stars were doing their country proud on the pitch, the thieves were helping themselves in the Maseru Sun Hotel by raiding the rooms of the two richest players in the squad.

Several other items were reported missing from the room of the two top players with Gyan losing his laptop and an expensive designer bag.

Muntari also lost an expensive bracelet and jewelry which he had bought for wife as well as his jacket.

The theft took place while the Black Stars were on the Setsoto Stadium pitch against the Crocodiles  but no doors were broken which means the thieves had some assistance probably from the hotel staff.

The calculated attack was directed at the two highest earning players in the squad as Gyan plays in the oil rich UAE while Muntari plies his trade in Italy with AC Milan.

The Ghana Football Association has lodged a complaint with the Lesotho police who have begun investigations into the case.

The incident marred Ghana’s victory which sent them to the apex of Group D; one point more than dethroned leaders Zambia.


  1. KK says:


  2. phillbanger says:

    This is plain childish.were the fuck were security.i suspect room service to hav hands in it.thats africa for u.this will never happen in europe.if the players are on the pitch how is it that there is no security standin by the doors.what a disgrace,

    • mojahadine says:

      I partially agree with you but the words “childish and dumb” should rather be inferred on the two bone headed Ghanaians who chose to travel with that amount of wealth. They should have left all of it at home.

    • TT says:

      Wumaa tw3 wati…kwasia! the people reporting lost items and all you can say is “all lies”. You hate Ghana so much as a Zambian that your senses are out of window. You can’t simply be objective. What do they stand to gain when they tell lies…Onye gbemi onu

  3. kk says:

    WTF! 35,000 us dollar cash for only a watch!!!
    Some of these players shld remember where they are coming frm and do more charity or extablish business to great employment for Ghanaians.

    • mojahadine says:

      You are so right, especially Asamoah Gyan, the last time I checked, he gave a hefty $25000 car gift to a boxer and a meager $20000 worth of bandages to Korle Bu hospital, but yet he carries half of that amount around as pocket money. This shows where his priority lies.

  4. troot_tella says:

    @KK – a Ben&Cole watch cost about $45,000. So that is not shocking. Watches are expensive.

    On the theft: The hotel should compensate them for failing on security. This will teach the hotel a lesson to tighten their security if they come out of the pocket for about 40,0000 to compensate the players.

  5. ayialolo says:

    ghanaians will not mention this when they are talking abt their stupid patriotism

  6. rahim sumba says:

    @ kk,,u have no idea of a good they ‘ ve bin doin,,so plss shout ur mouth & stop jugdeinu

  7. Akwa says:

    Baby Jet please stop bleaching your skin

  8. ahoofe says:

    bleaching is better than cocoa farm, and let me remaind you that he want to be like a whiteman just like micheal jackson

  9. Thegreates says:

    Please next time, use travellers’ cheques

  10. Kwaa says:

    Those commenting on this issue shouldn’t take things wrong. Maybe Muntari flew straight from Italy to the black stars camp. He has every right to take a laptop to the camp. After all, is he not a human being? Or does animals also use laptops? The black stars played their first game against sudan and so maybe Gyan’s winning bonus was with him as well. People need to stop talking stupid and their dumb and childish talk on here. Grow up fellas. If they were your brothers, I bet you would have been so sad by now. Part of the items were for Muntari’s wife and so, how could he take them along if he was already in ghana? He’s not a kid. After all, he has seen so many things that some of us haven’t seen before so what are you guys talking about??

  11. Adebayor says:

    No no no,this thing in africa can never happen in our a pitty!!!!!!!!!

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