Asamaoah Gyan must return to Europe to regain top form – Augustine Arhinful

Asamoah Gyan joined Al Ain in 2011 on an initial season's-long loan deal worth 6m pounds

Asamoah Gyan joined Al Ain in 2011 on an initial season’s-long loan deal worth 6m pounds

Ex Ghana striker Augustine Arhinful is urging Asamoah Gyan to make an immediate return to Europe in order to regain his best form.

The Black Stars captain is on the verge of winning his second UAE Pro-League title with Al Ain.

Gyan is also on track to winning his second successive top scorer’s award in the UAE top flight.

But many believe the 27-year-old’s form has suffered a downward hit with his move to the lucrative Arabian League.

Ex Ghana international, Arhinful now says the former Sunderland hitman should return to Europe where the competition and level of football is streets ahead of that in the UAE in order to rediscover his best form.

“Enough is never enough when it comes to money that is how come we keep on working day in day out,” he told Takoradi-based Melody FM.

“But if you are talking from a football point of view, then it will be better for him (Asamoah Gyan) to move back to Europe proper.

“The attitude in mainland Europe in terms of soccer cannot be compared to anywhere in the world.

“I have been there (Arab league) before and I found their programs not so professional for my liking.

“You sit down the whole day and wait to train sometimes in the evening. And as you train, you break and wait for the others to go and pray and come back before you continue.

“This is never done in Europe. All these things affects the level of performance of a player so it will be better if he returns to Europe.”

Arhinful cited Didier Drogba’s move to Galatasaray with his poor showing at the 2013 Nations Cup as a perfect example.

“Look at Didier Drogba, he went to China for the money and we all saw his performance at the Africa Cup of Nations,” he adds.

“Even in their last qualifier, he was dropped and he has now moved to Galatasaray and we can see he is playing well again.”

Gyan stunned the whole world in the summer of 2011 with his shocking loan move to Al Ain who paid a record smashing £6m to Sunderland just to have the Ghana international on a season’s-long loan deal.

The Boss were believed to have paid a similar amount to the English club to sign the Gyan on a permanent five-year deal after the loan spell expired in 2012.

Is Augustine Arhinful right to suggest Asamoah Gyan’s immediate return to Europe?

Has Gyan’s form indeed taken a dive since joining Al Ain?

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  1. kwame denyi says:

    He can rediscover and a better form at liberty profesional than at Europe. He will be benched over there. Atleast at liberty professional he will rediscover his hunger gain than being belly full at Al Ain

  2. wee says:

    hahaha arhinful or who ever,if you would got such chance you wont be poor like this,were you able to pay your house you wanted to buy,if is not osei kuffour you wont have any place to sleep,let him make his money so that he wont be like you

  3. mukmin says:

    It’s too late for him now, plus he’s past his prime which was between 2010-11, its hard to make up ground after one year in the European top flight let alone. He should stay in UAE and make his money, but make way for the up and coming strikers.

  4. naija man says:

    It is over for GYAN , he is now a dead horse , he made a terrible mistake in leaving England for Arab league he was already making it big in England and suddenly left unceremoniously
    Let other African players learn from this

  5. Divaro says:

    @wee, pls the man was questioned by a radio station about an issue and he made his opinion known. Your comments about where he lives is not necessary and has nothing to do with the article. Pls be respectful and responsible with your comments…thanks bro

  6. Pk dee says:

    De questn is ”why do africans wnt na ply in europe’?is it to b come europeans?to b come european plyr?to b come bst plyrs,to b come rich or wht is it? Ahinful ws in europe nd should understnd by now that no any creature in de wrld wnts to b a european excpt for necesity,evn the europeans,they wish for africa. Besides,asamoah gyan earns £40.000 minus 30% deductns which left him wth jst ovr £20.000 per wk at sunderlnd despite being the highst paid wth all de so-call prime asp ppl may call it.In UAE, asamoah gets£170.000 tax free per wk,wining bonuses.champions league,goodwills,league trophys, wth other cadeau benefits which sunderlnd as a club nd no ghanain playr has ever nd currntly gets paid in his sum total of his take hom cheque amt to £220.000 per wk tax free. no african playr comes close excpt yaya toure nd eto,now tell m if it were u?

  7. Black Stars Fan says:

    Arhinful shouldn’t waste his time on Gyan. Gyan loves money and afraid of serious challenges, he loves easy life and enjoyment, he doesn’t care about Ghana.
    Our hopes are on Waris, Boakye and Jordan. Please, leave Gyan alone.

  8. tanco says:

    ,l don’t know why ghanians are so pssionate about gyan, at 27 he is already a veteran, so many ghanians knows dat gyan original age is 43yrs so let him enjoy his pension at dubai nd focus on younger players like yiadom, jordan,atsu nd warris who has really won my hearth with his performance against sudan last month

  9. Kwabra says:

    Arhinful should leave Gyan alone and mine his own business. He Arhinful played to satisfy people and look at where he is now. It is jealousy. How many people care about Ghana? Look at our MPs. What did they do ? The first thing they did was to double their pay. Second increase their rent allowance whiles children do not have a place to go to school. So you want to tell me that gyan should leave the about $320,000 a week and go to Europe just to play top football. Only a fool like you will do that. that is why you are broke. Gyan did not enter football just to praise Ghanaians. Gyan entered football as a career to make money so leave him alone. No matter what his football career will come down or he may get injure. Look at Essien, what is Ghana doing for him. he got two injured while playing for ghana. He is still playing in europe. All what Arhinful is saying comes out to be jealousy LEAVE GYAN ALONE

    • Black Stars Fan says:

      If every young player follow Gyan’s example, tell me what would happen to Ghana football?
      Do you know how many sacrifices people have made for the Black Stars?
      People like you as a player can collect a bribe to betray your country.
      Look at what Samuel Eto has achieved in soccer, 4 times best in Africa, and Drogba?, Yaya Toure? THIS IS BETTER THAN MONEY.

  10. Wadad says:

    I think if He goes there (average team) He would bd able to expel over there …

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