Andre Ayew and Asamoah Gyan defend fat bonuses paid to Black Stars

Andre Ayew speaking at the press soiree

Andre Ayew speaking at the press soiree

Ghana duo Andre Ayew and Asamoah Gyan say even though the Black Stars players want to die for their nation, they deserve to be paid their dues for rendering services as professionals.

Several issues have been made about how the Black Stars boycotted training sessions at the 2014 World Cup in protest of the delayed payment of their appearance fees.

While some believe the players unduly held the nation to ransom over monies that would have been paid to them anyway, others believe their actions showed clearly they play solely for the money.

Some have even drawn comparisons of how some teams at the World Cup, in particular Greece and Algeria reportedly donated part of their earnings to charity.

Some players of the victorious Germany team were also reported to have given their earnings from the World Cup away to charity.

These comparisons drawn appear to show how ‘selfish’ the Ghanaian players were to pocket the whole $100,000 payment received by each player for showing up at the tournament staged in Brazil despite crashing out after just the first round.

But Andre Ayew says these comparisons are misplaced as most of the Ghanaian players aside making constant donations to charity on the quiet, use most of their earnings on a larger number of people they consider as family.

“Which teams gave all their bonuses out to charity?” the Olympique Marseille star said in response to a question at a Black Stars press soiree on Wednesday.

“Bonuses for any Ghanaian player is deserved. We love our country but we are also working.

“It is our job. Do you know what we have done for people in Ghana?

“We don’t need to make these things public, we do it from our hearts.

“We do charity all the time and sometimes not even monies we get from the Black Stars.

“Money is not football and football is not money. Charity or giving out are things we do and we don’t not need to come out and tell everyone what we do.

“The monies in any case are spent in Ghana. The earnings from our clubs are used in Ghana.

“Whether we buy land or use it on our family, it stays in Ghana.”

Captain Asamoah Gyan backed the comments made by his international teammate by adding: “We don’t take the money just for pleasure.

“We use it on our families and in Africa our friends are part of our families.

“Unlike Europe where a family is just a man, his wife and kids but in Africa it is different.

“I have a company in Ghana and pay 200 workers. I pay tax.

“We bring cars into this country and the duties we pay are sometimes even bigger than the $100,000.”


  1. Ojuju Spirit says:

    We want trophy, please!!!!!!!

  2. Mr south Africa says:

    they are defending a losing course,they held the country ransom which showed they didn’t trust the government as to whether they were going to be paid their bonuses after the world cup. $100.000 that’s a lot of money..i’ve never heard of a Ghanaian football club getting that kind of sponsorship. by that I mean yes the gentleman robbed the nation.

  3. Benny says:

    Listen to those ignorant fools.Where would Dede or Gyan be without the black stars.No team bothered to sign Dede inspite of all the hullabaloo about Man and Liverpool .
    Look at the amount of transfer fees being commanded by the likes of Di Maria .
    Nobody is saying you guys should not be paid but in Brazil you should have temper the love for money for the love of Ghana.Is it not disgraceful to boycott training because of $100,000.
    Look at the ridicule that permeated .Stupid John Boye kissing money .
    I am not holding brief for the GFA ,the Sports ministry etc but the players who are the direct beneficiaries of the World Cup should have known better.
    They are sitting there defending stupidity.I am done with the black stars for good because following them is nothing but emotional trauma.l won’t be surprise if they draw with Uganda.

    • DC says:

      So Called Benny or whatever u call urself, are u not paid for de work u do, or u are unemployed? Allow de stars to demand 4 they due to be given to them. ‘How can they trust dis stupid government’?

      • Benny says:

        DC,l would have deemed you sensible if you had kept your stupidity to yourself and not advertise it.Are you daft,stupid or both.
        Who has said the players should not be paid?if they had any sense ,they would have kept their cool in Brazil and concentrate to the end and not be distracted by $100,000 .
        Brazil 2014 was for Ghana but vision less pricks and pillocks like you think the players were right.
        Do you know how much the players could have earned in sponsorship deals alone if the had gone to semi finals?
        Go back and read my initial comment and stop babbling,you son of a bitch.

      • Benny says:

        DC,would you not be considered wise if you had kept your stupidity to yourself instead of displaying it to all to see.Are you just daft,stupid or both .
        Did you read my comment at all or you are just plain Pillock to discern wisdom.
        Who has said the players should not be paid.The problem is letting the money issue marred the whole World Cup campaign not mentioning the attended ridicule.
        Idiotic son of a bitch get lost,will ya.

    • DC says:

      Those of u ‘critisising’ de stars players, I dont know what is actually wrong with u. U speak RAW. What do u think they are playing for? Will u ppl commenting stupidly feed them if their legs were broken when playing for de BS?

  4. the minnows says:

    listing to this bunch of players i feel thy hav no lov playing for the country their motives are money and fame from black stars.but u guys should remember without ghana u guys will be nothing . that how life is .

  5. the minnows says:

    u guys do not win trophy for the nation .but u know every means and cruck to squize money from the burn u all.i hop fance boycot this march and the rest of the qualifires thy feel thy are superior and non com close to them stingy players u never no what thy do with all this money.

  6. Boro says:

    Thank you Benny you have said it all. Nobody is saying you should turn father christmas when playing for the BS. All we are saying is that you do not allow your greed for money supersede that of national interest. However this is exactly what you did in Brazil. Now i cannot differenciate between you the players and the politician regarding greed for money !How can you wound the hand that feeds you and others. It was this same blackstars that gave some of you the platform to excel when there was every indication that your careers had taken a dive especially Dede. Do you guys have an idea of players who even had better talents than you guys but those talents have died down because they never had the platform you these ungrateful guys had from the nation? Stop this trying to foolishly defend those stupid things you did in Brazil to avoid infuriating us the more.

  7. Pastor Canada says:

    Dede and Asa should not defend the indefensible. As Ghanaians will are not unduly worried that you are paid bonuses for playing for the nation. Our contention is the shame you brought on the nation through your action. I think what you need to do is to simply apologize for your actions off the field in Brasil and stop trying to offer flimsy excuses.

  8. Ghanaman says:

    We want AFCON at all costs,we are tired of waiting . Bring the AFCON please!

  9. john akpa says:

    I SUPPORT THE PLAYERS 100%. African teams are getting close to winning the world cup ! Ghana draws with Germany, 2 African teams make it to the second round and we are disappointed. The next time Ghana or any African team plays Germany or a team from an advanced country, depending on the importance of the game, that country will not take the chance of losing. THEY WILL BE COMING WITH BIG BRIBE MONEY ! So when the players ask for $125,000 as appearance and you don’t fight with them but pay on time even though you are a poor country, when say $1m bribe comes in a quarter final match against Holland, the players will look at your sacrifice and turn the bribe down! Not all the players have played for big clubs since they were young like Samuel Eto’o. I live in Europe and I know a little about white people.

  10. DC says:

    Those of u ‘critisising’ de stars players, I dont know what is actually wrong with u. U speak RAW. What do u think they are playing for? Will u ppl commenting stupidly feed them if their legs were broken when playing for de BS?

  11. DC says:

    Those of u ‘critisising’ de stars players, I dont know what is actually wrong with u. U speak RAW. What do u think they are playing for? Will u ppl commenting stupidly feed them if their legs were broken when playing for de BS? If any of them were to be ur family member would u have said all those unpleasant words to them? NONESENSE

  12. Ghanaboy says:

    @DC don’t b silly…. is that d right way they should have demanded for their money? Besides they were going to b paid in anyway so wat was their rush

    They simply placed their needs b4 that of the country even when they were on international duty.

  13. kwaku sika says:

    Ghanaboy dont b silly wat r d essence of these strike we c nowadays, they ve every ryt to demand wat r due dem, d university lecturers monies is dat nt tax payers moni we use to pay dem as well. we pay everyone according to the nature of work n qualification

  14. stephen says:

    you people are still talking about money .. ohhhhh this players .. shame on you all

  15. Augustinebh61 says:

    so the players deserved all dos stage by stage appearance fees as revealed at the commission $100k b4 kicking a ball, $35k for progressing beyond the group phase, $40k for quarterfinal, $45k for semis nd $50k for the final… no mentions of the $15k winning bonus per game. very sad.. very sad…. lets start a new black stars team with our local players

  16. stilo says:

    GSN, are selectiv, use no harsh words nd they wont post ya coments if yu don belong tu their group,,, i credit zamfoot for this, moderation is quick as posting of comments, GSN is boring!!!!!

  17. Stop criticizing them and question the 17 non playing staffs who took the same money as the real 23 playing staff, if its acceptable for a person to be given $100 000 for being with the team by virtue of his ministerial or public post , the boys even deserves more. Who were the 17 let’s face fact.NDC learn from this stupidity

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