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Berekum Chelsea General Manager urges Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah not to resign

Published on: 01 July 2014
Kwesi Appiah

By Rahman Osman

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Berekum Chelsea General Manager Nana Oduro Sarfo has advised Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah to hold on to his job as pressure mounts on him to quit.

Appiah, ex-Ghana captain, became the first indigenous coach to lead the Black Stars to the World Cup.

But was unable to lead them from the Group stage- the first time in the country’s World Cup history, after suffering defeats to USA and Portugal and drawing with Germany.

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi resigning despite leading the Super Eagles to the round 16 where they lost 1-0 to France.

Five other coaches have left their national teams after failing to meet their targets at the tournament in Brazil.

But Oduro Sarfo believes Appiah must stay on for the next two years.

“Kwesi Appiah has a two year contract and I believe we should allow him to finish it,” Oduro Sarfo told

“Keshi has problems with NFA but the Ghana FA I believe is satisfied with the work of Kwesi Appiah so far.

“Let’s not compare the two situations but Appiah has shown promise from the performance and I believe another crack at the AFCON with either deny or affirm.”

Appiah is yet to sign a two-year contract extension after the Ghana FA announced they have reached agreement with the trainer.


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  • afrikaba1 says:
    July 02, 2014 12:28 am
    these brekum chelsea. nketia and forsyth have been caught trying to sell ghana's game by British tv channel 4 and he has the audacity to ask akwasi appiah to stay so they can continue their corruption. akromfuor
  • Tanko says:
    July 01, 2014 10:21 am
    Another moron of a manager. Why should he hold on to the managerial duties if the national team when there is every reason that the has woefully failed.... Appiah is no exception and the national men's team is not his property. We are still not at par with the European coaches. If an European coach had a team like Ghana's, he ll perform wonders with the material at hand during the 2014 tournament. Appiah must resign to go with the dictates of decency. It would be suicidal if Appiah stays on as the national coach and so is Nyantakyi with the FA.
  • jb says:
    July 01, 2014 10:35 am
    Listen to this good 4 nothing fool, go back and look at our nation cup performance and disgraceful show black stars put up at the world cup.fool
  • b4world says:
    July 01, 2014 10:37 am
    Akwesi Appiah must go,point blank,if he don't have the ability 2 control trouble makers n 2 pick good player from bad players,then he must go,he has done a terrible job,letting players dictate 2 him,begging shit stupid players 2 play,the list goes on n on,he isn't the only coach in ghana,LETS GIVE SELLAS TETTAH THE COACHING JOB OR EVEN GIVE THE JOB 2 STEPHEN KESHI,they will do a better job than this fake doctor
  • kojo says:
    July 01, 2014 10:39 am
  • Sami says:
    July 01, 2014 10:54 am
    Having a 2 year contract is not a reason to hold on his job. this man is not made for this job. some people should compare their god given skills to to demanded skills in jobs. as it already said , he is not strong enough and has got a weak personality. AA,i even can't imagine you worked as a security man in london.
  • A concerned citizen says:
    July 01, 2014 11:04 am
    Where is sulley to slap again??? you want Akwasi Appiah to remain for your diabolical plans to milk the nation?? He has to resign now or fans will kick his ass very hard to get out
  • Ikemens says:
    July 01, 2014 11:14 am
    Appiah has failed miserably. He need not stay. Appiah would save his honor if he resigns. He must go now!
  • alaji one says:
    July 01, 2014 11:27 am
    god will punish mr oduro whatever u call your self u enemy of progress
  • chicken says:
    July 01, 2014 11:34 am
    why are wwe waiting too long to sack this coach He no shit
  • Coach says:
    July 01, 2014 11:34 am
    May God punish this idiot and his entire generation for blasphemy and spewing out garbage against Ghana. These anti Ghana people must suffer for ever and ever Mr Sarfo you are a fool, unless you retract and refrain for issuing irresponsible statement like the one above you will be under the wrath of God
  • pkyg says:
    July 01, 2014 11:49 am
    We are planning on peaceful demonstartion against kwesi nyantekyi Gfa and AA if you wanna join call
  • texas says:
    July 01, 2014 12:06 pm
    What the hell is Oduro Sarto talking about? He is also part of the reason our football is going down. Who told Oduro Sarto that GFA is satisfied with AA, and who told him Ghanaians are satisfied with GFA? We want all the old wine in the ministry of sports, the GFA, coach AA, and those useless management committee teams of all national teams to be flushed out period. Am coming down to Ghana to organize a demonstration for this purpose. Nonsense.
  • Nana Yaw says:
    July 01, 2014 12:15 pm
    That man be foolish waakye if AA was coaching nd he perform like will hv allow him to go with da job sia kesh we won da Africa has a player nd a coach took Nigeria to da round 16 has step down truth to be told we hv more quality player more than Nigeria u call ur self nd come out to tell da world u wanted da usa to get tired b4 u bring ur experience players... I hvn't seen a coach is block headed hw many has been an assistant coach 4 senior team sia kwa
  • TrueGhanaian says:
    July 01, 2014 12:30 pm
    that is absolutely rubbish to support this coach who has no tactics to stay think Ghanaians are fools.huh?he failed miserably in Afcon,and then again in world cup.what else.?A coach who cannot even control his players,and all the time creating confusion in camp.some of the players even dictate to him who should play and who should not.he must resign or else we the fans will force him out.period... including the so called corrupt and dictator kwesi Nyantakyi.we need a capable coach who can win us trophies.Akwasi Appiah;with all respect,please leave for the sake of my dear country Ghana,otherwise we the fans will force you out.You went to world cup with all these talented players Ghana have;and yet you failed and could not win even a single know you are incapable of handling mighty black stars.please leave;because we are not going to support you again.I rest my case
  • kobina says:
    July 01, 2014 12:47 pm
    Coach Appiah is stinking in the bottle already so he must go, Appiah must leave the stars in order to save this team from falling. He is out of control so he must leave, i was ance a great fun and supportive to his leadership but he has mess everything up with his power so he must go. Black Star is not an individual thing that he take bribes and disrespect the players that he suppose to love. causing division to this great team that motherland Ghana have, he must go and wise Ghanians should stand up against this greedy man out. FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER. APPIAH MUST GO, appiah goooooo!!!!!!
  • AkosuaGhana says:
    July 01, 2014 01:30 pm
    Oh h*ll double h*ll NO! AA and the rest of the shifty, corrupt GFA officials need to go.
  • chicken says:
    July 01, 2014 01:34 pm
    look at a fool also fire burn you all especial Kwesi Nyantakyi and the coach foolish people
  • Fiscko says:
    July 01, 2014 01:51 pm
    Mr Nana Oduro Sarfo, i thought u are sensible man. How could you plead for AA to hold on to a job that he cant control. AA dont have any sense for this job. I warned him and the GFA soo many times not to set their foot on the U.S soil before the world cup. but due to bribery issues, they did not listen Let them keep what they got and leave our Black Stars for us, we will find a way to better it up. By the way, what are we waiting for to sack AA and dissolve the corrupt and uneducated GFA? AA cant even win outside matches. His record sucks, we cant continue like this.
  • Ogyam says:
    July 01, 2014 01:54 pm
    Stupid BA coach with foolish GFA boss and useless Sports minister must disappear. Ghana is not for one person. If '3namtachie is a lawyer, he must open his chamber and practise but not to waste our time with corruption. As for this so-called NAna Sarfo,we don't know what his problem is. He can employ AA as a coach to improve his team. Useless BA staff of nonsensical behaviour renewing contracts before the real job. Ghanaians are not stupid at all. If it was in South America or South AFrica, you would have been dead by now. Bastards!
  • PITO says:
    July 01, 2014 02:05 pm
    HERE ARE THE PLAYERS THOUGHT PROCESS WITH A.A IN CHARGE: 1) Kwadwo Asamoah: (thinking) why am I playing Left Back. The whole nation does'nt have a LB? David Addy, Baba Rahman, jeffrey schlup, harrison Afful, Opare. Why or why? Kwasi Appiah says: oh just shutup and obey me. KPB: (thinking) why am i on this bench this is our must win game. I'm I that bad? i am the most highly rated player on this team. or i'm i deceiving myself. They even begged me to come play for them. oh man, i am itching to play. Kwasi Appiah: oh just shutup and sit ur ass on that bench. highly rated my foot. obey me! Essien: (Thinking) ah why i'm i on the bench. I still got quality in me yet. With my seniority and experience I can change this game. or i'm i really that expired? Akwasi Appiah: You are too known essien. Just shut up and sit on the bench boy.Obey me. Kwarasey: (thinking)I am the best goalkeeper in norway. Why i'm i on the bench. Was those two goals really my fault? ei. I'm not even sure anymore. damn i must suck. Someone tell me I dont suck. oh my confidence. i am not comfy anymore. Akwasi Appiah: you don't suck. But I need someone more rugged. unlike fatau, You dont jump around like a goat on heat in the post. Your goalkeeping style is too relaxed for my liking. sit your ass down! Obey me. Andre Ayew: Damn I am sweating on the pitch too much. Why is all my best colleagues on the bench. some of These guys I am with on the pitch are still learning. They are too wasteful! je me discouragion. Akwasi Appiah: You are lucky to be starting. If you don't shutup you will join them on the bench bia. huh. i am not joking! hmm. Ok. substitution. Come sit your ass down. Wakaso dress up and go in. Nonsense! next time obey me. Mr. Safo have you not seen enough? you want the testicles of the team to be STOMPED on three times before you take action but by the time there will be no Black Stars. Hoe many of us did not complain about taking Adomah, solomon asante and kissi boateng to afcon. How many of us did not complain about not calling in formidable defenders to world cup after Akaminko was injured. Akwasi Appiah is not a coach. He is a mallam. He plays inferiority complex tactics. He himself is confused and right now the players in camp hate each other because of Akwasi Appiah stupidly twisting their mind all the time which has zero benefits. If he odesnt resign sooner or later Ghana b3 fono no. SACK HIMMMMMM!!!!!!!
  • sticky straw says:
    July 01, 2014 02:22 pm
    Mr oduro sarfo,kwasi nyantekyi ,kwasia kwesi appiah momaame tweh raise to the power thousand.
  • papa says:
    July 01, 2014 02:48 pm
    fire this idiot
  • ganja says:
    July 01, 2014 03:56 pm
    Kwasia nsem... You nana odoru sarfo also they get some money from kwasi appiah so you wan make he saty... You people all they call yourselves managers...
  • Anane Appiah says:
    July 01, 2014 04:21 pm
    From the look of things, Oduro might be as incompetent as the the coach. What sort of coach is AA to hold on to his position? Let me cite a few instances: What was Adomah doing in the final 23? More so, substituting Atsu with Adomah when we were down against the USA. What has this young man to offer in such circumstances - is Adomah a game-changer? For God's sake, no. Jeffry Schlupp was dropped while Adomah, "a versatile" player was Brazil bound. Game with USA was a disaster. Reserving our best players till the Americans got tired. What a 14th century thinking. My old mum in her grave will not take such a decision. Stephen Adams, a local player, was never used in the trials to the mundial against Holland and Korea. At least a 20-minute substitution could have shown the strengths of this fine goal keeper. Really, no comment on Kwarassey vs Dauda. Which goal keeper would be utterly happy with the gods and himself openly because he has stopped a shot from the almighty Ronaldo? Nobody other than Dauda. Such an uncouthed behaviour tells you why Dauda wanted to be in Brazil. Earlier on, he had said "I CAN STOP RONALDO' when he could not even stop ordinary players in South Africa. This boy should never be in the BS.
  • Simpo says:
    July 01, 2014 05:25 pm
    Look at this idiot ,stupid comments. No wonder BS did well with all this people running Ghana soccer.No wonder ivorycoast has to sell us electricity to watch WC they just came out of war,No good roads yet the ministers fly when traveling to regional capitals don't care about poor citizens.Black man with black ideas **** we need military ruling still recovering from this disgraceful BS campaign and this Oduro guy saying clueless AA should stay.I feel ashame I'm from BA due to AA and this Oduro' comments.AA said I was resting my good players and when USA get tired after 75 min I bring them.i will put my playemaker on LB wow what a coach and Oduro said Gfa is ok with AA performance at Afcon WC using ff words with his players who will will question his tactical decisions.I rest my case here fellow Ghanaian.
  • Jah guide says:
    July 01, 2014 05:36 pm
    look at this irritating miniature beast of burden. instead of you to go and question your Ceo who found himself in this match fixing scandal ,you are here opening your mouth widely to spew such senseless talk? IDIOT
  • Anane Appiah says:
    July 01, 2014 05:57 pm
    Fire Adomah's coach. We needed stalwart defenders like Jeffery Schlupp. What did we get? The game changer like Adomah who came in for Atsu when we were down against the USA. The worst decision by an incompetent coach. He is out.
  • Mellon says:
    July 01, 2014 07:12 pm
    This Nana Oduro Safo guy is a moron, he must be part of the GFA looting brigade. How come we fell behind in all our three games but surprisingly continue to play the same way for the rest of the game? THAT WAS CRIMINAL!!! Not to talk about his selection and player placements. AA is incompetent and he failed woefully, that's why he lost the authority of the dressing room. None of these players left would ever trust his judgement going forward! He must just resign! We've had enough of his ineptitude. Keshi did the honorable thing!! Only a coach who has no shame will continue to be at post after this abysmal performance being supported by a disgraced and corrupt FA.
  • nesta says:
    July 01, 2014 07:58 pm
    Nana oduru or what u call your self if you get any advice go give it to your confuse brekum chelsea. For your selfish interest you advicing AA to keep a job that his not on top of.shame on to you oduro sarfo
  • Don says:
    July 01, 2014 08:27 pm
    This guy is talking too much crap and that is why we don't progress in anything, the black stars job is too big for Akwesi Appiah because tactically he is bankrupt, he is the most useless coach to have coached the Stars. upon being with the stars for almost 4year and all the training and work shop that the state have provided for him to improved himself, he has proved that he is dumb to learn anything from it so the sooner he is sacked the better.