Black Maidens miss flight to US for training tour ahead of World Cup

Ghana's Black Maidens

Ghana’s Black Maidens

Ghana’s U17 women’s team failed to travel for their training tour of the USA on Tuesday after reporting late to the airport.

The Black Maidens who will be featuring in next month’s World Cup in Costa Rica were expected to report to the Kotoka International Airport by 7pm to complete pre-departure formalities with a Delta Airline flight to the US.

The team however reported to the airport two hours late – at which time passengers had already boarded the flight.

Several pleas by officials to have the 32-man travel party board the flight were turned down by the airline.

The Black Maidens consequently failed to make the trip as originally scheduled.

The team’s planned tour of the US gas been fraught with problems after an initial denial of visas to 13 players and officials.

The team is however likely to make the trip to the US on Wednesday.


  1. Rass says:

    Hmm that’s ghana for u, how can this happen are we really seriouse

  2. Benito says:

    That’s Ghana for you…this ridiculous,this is just unacceptable and the leadership of the team must be queried.

  3. COCONUTHEAD says:

    The reporting time said: 7 PM. How on earth would you show up two hours later? The blame should go the handlers of these young women.

    If you have such little regard for punctuality, how can anyone take you serious?

    In their first match at the world cup, let them come two hours late and see what happens to them.

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