Black Stars management fingers Boateng, Muntari and Essien as World Cup trouble makers

Black Stars management committee member Yaw Boateng Gyan has fingered his nephew Kevin Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien as the masterminds of problems in Ghana's World Cup insisting that they should not be invited to the national team again.

Yaw Boateng Gyan says the three players should not be invited into the Black Stars again

Black Stars management committee member Yaw Boateng Gyan has fingered his nephew Kevin Prince Boateng, Sulley Muntari and Michael Essien as the masterminds of problems in Ghana’s World Cup insisting that they should not be invited to the national team again.

Gyan, who is the board chairman of Bofoakwa United and a member of the ruling NDC party, was in the Black Stars camp in Brazil as they failed to reach the knock-out phase of the World Cup.

But off the field problems conspired against the Black Stars in their quest to reach at least the semi-finals of the World Cup resulting in the dismissal Muntari and Kevin Boateng for various disciplinary problems.

Boateng Gyan says the three players were responsible for the agitation in the Black Stars camp when their bonuses failed to arrive as promised by government insisting they should not be handed national team invites in future.

“We considered Sulley, Kevin and Muntari as senior players and even invited them with Asamoah Gyan, the skipper of the team to some of our meetings to share ideas,” Boateng Gyan said.

“However they took advantage of that and exhibited high level of indiscipline, by bringing their wives to camp.

“Meanwhile we had stated categorically clear that no player was supposed to bring his wife or girlfriend to the Black Stars camp.

“It came to a point that their wives were struggling with us on the use of the official vehicle provided by FIFA and the Local Organizing Committee for our movement.

“I never knew there could be such level of insubordination in the Black stars camp until this tournament.”

The NDC party organizer, who is also a club owner of one of the traditional team in Ghana, says only disciplined players should be invited to play for the country.

“We should guard against selecting players who are disobedient. Even if the player is the Pele of the moment, we should ignore him and move on.

“I think the nation won’t forgive us, if we repeat the same mistake, as we move forward,“ Boateng added.


  1. Mike says:

    Liar liar liar liar!!!!.
    You don’t want them in camp again so you can take advantage of the weak once..
    Fire go burn you all one by one…

  2. Mike says:

    This NDC government will surely destroy every good thing we have in this country before leaving power…Continue with your evil works and selfishness God will crash you all with thunder very soon..Our precious country is now in the hands of hungry DOGS.

  3. kks says:

    This is a joke, were you in the same plane flying to Brazil ? Yes u were Mr Boateng. You were cooling off in business class with nyantekyi, his wife and 2 kids whiles the players were in Economy class. why wont they bring their wife’s to camp to enjoy themselves ? that’s just one of you short comings.

  4. lion-fire says:

    So you mean to say, you, nyantakyi and the other members of the FA are innocent in all of these and that all of You need to retain your positions? Is this a joke or something..Are you saying These 3 players you mentioned were part of the team just to cause trouble in camp.Wasn’t Muntari one of the best performers for ghan.Time for politricks is all old men deserve slap and sack ..This is how foolish our leaders see us. Come up with an excuse lime these to take the pressure off themselves…such a joke

    • wailer says:

      They think we are fools. When others are afraid to fight for their rights, those who are not will take up the fight and that was what the said players did. Stop your stealing and there will be no rebels in your camp. Criminals!!!

  5. wailer says:

    I think the problem with the Black Stars is because of people like you in charge. Why should it take the players to ask for their money, if the government had money to send all these ministers to Brazil? They have every right to ask for payment of their appearance fee and the only way to get results is for people like you step aside.

  6. shogologobangoshie says:

    Shut the hell up, U UGHLY CHIMP! Look at your pic and tell us if u deserve to be among humans!! Stupid old bloody man! God ll punish u as hell! U have the stupidity to point fingers at people but when u were building a notoriety for yourselve during the election time, maybe u didn’t think about the implications of your nefarious and notorious deeds!

    Maybe this old man doesn’t have a pillow to sleep on or he is as usual stealing ghanas money to satisfy his numerous concubines so he can’t think or he is simply dumb!

    Your recalcitrant behavior has been copied by these three players and more is on the way! Old wretched bitch with UP AND DOWN outfit!

    Allah is watching u all and a time ll come, u ll not be a mgt member anymore but u ll account for every deeds u have done!!

    Your portruding big lips like a dirty swine in your village, u stupid , small dick, ass eating son of a bitch!

    • Rasheed says:

      You have made my day. shogologobangoshie. May God forgive me ,but I may mistake that man for a baboon. Even ugly Nyantakyie was allowed to bring his wife and kids and why not the players.US allowed their players to bring their families to camp.

  7. kwame says:

    Now the cat is let out of the bag.Guys we should not blame AA alone, these 3 players are useless, if really the float the order and bring their wives

    • Abrantie- In Da House says:

      Kwame, did read the article before posting that nonsense?
      If yes, did you understand the english language used there?….Can you also use your God given mind a little to think for yourself in such cases? If yes, then please tell me who is important to the Blackstars camp…This old man or the players he is pointing fingers at? What was the duty of this man in the camp, if he was not there only for the per diem?
      The man himself said, the 3 players are considered senior players in camp…so in your own opinion (as I am now thinking you have the ability to think for your ownself, if you have answered all my previous questions well ) who is supposed to talk to the officials about the grievances of the players and make sure the younger ones get what is due them, apart from the captain whom we have also all learnt was in bed with the GFA and was even dictating to the coach who should play and and not play?

  8. texas says:

    No way….we blame GFA, Black Stars management committee, and the ministry of youth and sports. There should be no more black stars management committee. The next coach should set up his own team. We do not need all the useless and good for nothing management committee members around any of our national teams. What were Alhaji Hearts, Moses Armah Park and the rest doing in black stars camp? Sulley Muntari should have slapped him three times.

  9. jb says:

    Listen to them, you guys went to camp with your wives, girlfriends and children, why don’t you say that as well. .fools

  10. NII-BI says:

    Some of the leaders we are having in Africa are the root cause of our problems! The are smart to do evil but they behaves as if they are infance! If we are having people like Yaw Boateng Gyan, how on earth will the nation succeed in anything!
    I think all of them should be clare of including that so called Nyatakyie man!
    May God deliver Ghana from the hands of this vampires!!!

  11. Fibre says:

    I blv all these stories is to make us move our focus from the FA boss match fixing issues. Smart move from him n his team but we are no fools.

  12. Kasahari says:

    Look at this

    Nr. 1) What is an owner of a club doing as a member of the blackstars committe. Where is the objectivity. It seems every club owner in Ghana has something to do with the blackstars. Its like Abrahamovic being a member of the british FA. Disgrace!!!!!

    Nr. 2) What is a member of the commiteee doing at the camp.Only the technical team/Support and players should be there,

    Nr. 3) If you want respect from players, give them a reason to respect you. They dont respect you because all you are about is lies, fraud en corruption. Selling our matches, spending 9 million dollars on so called 2 matches.

    Nr 4). I have seen the GFA president and members in the dressing room of the players before and after matches. What is this!!!

    Nr 5). The dutch national team took 23 people along side the 23 players. No commitee member or FA president noting. These 23 people were supporting staf (3 physiotherapist / 1 exercise physiologist / 1 Orthopedic Surgeon / 1 general physician / 2 masseuse / 2 chef cooks /1 guy security / 1 data analist / 1 video analist / 1 cameraman / 3 equipment guys / 1 team manager / 1 communication guy)

    That is what we call preparation!!!!!

    • Kofi(Atlanta) says:

      Kasha air, I beg to defy, every, I mean every country that came to Brazil was with their FA members. You might not now composition of any country that came to Brazil. Even the critise of FA which I somehow belong to agree that there should be management members in Brazil but it should be sizable.
      I will urge everybody to cool down and wait a little bit because you ppl don’t know the whole story. From what I saw personally at the camp Essien was ok, KB had problem with selection and for Muntari, I beg everyone to hold his taught. Muntari problem started from Rotterdam. I am telling you he did something that only me Cochroch saw( I mean nobody including players and coaches saw) if I tell you, you ppl will be taking back your insults.
      Will be back at the right time.

  13. NII-BI says:

    Any nation that have its leaders like you and the rest will never move forward! You people are only wise to do evil but amateour to do the right things! I dont know why you even first of all come out to exposed your ignorant here! God is watching all of you!

  14. lion-fire says:

    The players brought their wives because they know you ball are weak and can’t do jack foko…lazy greedy bastards

  15. b4world says:

    no one told u guys 2 include kevin boateng or essien 4 that matter,infact ghanians said no 2 boateng but u guys said yes,it is 2 late 2 complain now,AKWESI APPIAH N THE FA MUST BE DELETED 4 THIS DISRESPECT that they have let one person called boateng caused in the team,IT IS TIME 4 SELLAS TETTAH 2 HANDLE THE BLACK STARS

  16. Abena says:

    The Ghanian players should boycot the Blackstars until the mangagement and coach will be restructured and replaced by honest, non corrupt and competent people! They need a major wake up call and they need to understand that without the players they are nowhere! The amount of shame that the gfa brought us Ghanaians and themselves is unbearable! Scandal after Scandal smh! I am not surprised that Yaw Boateng Gyan is calling kpb, muntari & Essien troublemakers, because they are telling the truth! Even Kwarasey stated that there were too many issues. These events are unthinkable for the Western countries, but for an African team this behaviour is no surprise which is really really sad. We do have the potential of accomplishing great things, but its ruined by poor mentality. I hope more players will speak up on this issue and hopefully change will come.

  17. selfmade says:

    This man is a notorious criminal and a FONKING GANSTER! If this criminal man is a member of fa, then this country has indeed gone to the dogs and we have no FEAR OF GOD!

  18. Tanko says:

    I never supported
    Any form, shape or what have you of I decsipline however, the matter in Ghana soccer is not about decsipline! For sure it about the playing body’s appearing fees…. Why do people want to complicate issues and even try to call other insubordinate a when there is no case of it. Once you tried to connive with others in order to get your way through, that’s what you get….. Essien, Muntari and Boateng are professional footballers and that’s what they do living. They answered the call to come play for the national team but you turned aroun and tried treating them like school children. They are not! Their wives have the right to be there and you Boateng Gyan has no business calling them insurbodinates cos they are not. Pay them their money and stop balberdashing. They wouldn’t be there for the next World Cup anyway as players but they’ll be there playing meaningful roles than what you did in brazil period

  19. nana poku says:

    Just don’t get this, how do u blame a man u get into a payment agreement with and u fail to keep your side of the bargain and when i ask question about the agreement you have the nerve to blame me.Is he telling us to blame the players who stood up for themselves and not blame the FA. Can someone just sack all this lot and form a fresh FA team with competence so we can stop listening to more of this bullshit please.

  20. Thegreatest says:

    Ugly face. This man is extremely ugly.

  21. Benny says:

    If it is ok for Nyantakyi to take his wife and kids along,why not the players.Can imagine this happening in Europe?lord have mercy on my beloved ancestral land Ghana.
    The question is what do this politicians do in their actual role as politicians.Nothing,that is why they all jump to the opportunity to go to Brazil.
    It is clear why AA never played Essien,make KPB a sub against USA.
    Well done to Essien, Muntari and KPB for standing for themselves .Two faced idiots like Dauda,Agyeman Badu and John Boye will be bench warmers forever in their teams.

    • Ghanas son says:

      the main 2 faced idiot is Asamoah Gyan. Because he was made the captain by the incompetent coach, he had the nerves to tell the coach to change Dauda.
      And he is quite on all that is happening too.

  22. kwakpi says:

    And wen did Kevin becom a senior player? Just shakin my head 4 diz fools

  23. voice in the wilderness says:

    There is no “moving forward” for you. Ghanaians haven’t said they have forgiven you now. Get outta here, nation wreckers!

  24. Hushai Baffoe Banson says:

    There are a lot of players out there who can play Better than Boateng and co.

  25. Abrantie- In Da House says:

    Typical Ghanaian!!! He will never ever blame himself for any wrong done. Talking about players should be banned from the national duties, Why didn’t he talk about the unnecessary 70 -100 officials in the camp as well? What was the duty of Yaw Boateng Gyan in the Blackstars camp if I may ask??!! All these folks have the audacity to complain about the players (who were there to do their job) instead of seeing themselves as the cause.

    What Essien, Sulley and Boateng did is right in my opinion, since Yaw Boateng Gyan claimed, they are the senior players in camp. If the seniors do not take this up for the players, who should?

    We are all fed up with these unnecessary per diem beneficiaries who do nothing for the team and still have big mouths to talk by heart out there. Word

  26. Yaw says:

    “I think the nation won’t forgive us, if we repeat the same mistake, as we move forward,“
    Idiot!! who told him we will forgive them for this one?

  27. proud Ghanaian says:

    This is the tym dat we should b serious on dis greedy FA… we shd attack them personally…beat dem severely to show others dat our heart ffs our national teams..dey fear de truth…

  28. calif boy says:

    I wanted to know what its he doing in the camp? what was his job, why its he there? because this guys are anti corrupt players huh? stupid corrupt officials who would like to use the players as their cash cows to milk the nation. get real job Yaw Boateng Gyan,, these guys caught you corrupt officials red handed so you guys don’t want them in the team… stupid monkeys

  29. Charles Abubakari says:

    See me this good-for-nothing old and corrupt liar.Oluu you cannot brainwash us.Yes, don’t invite them and abuse the weak and innocent ones who still must endure the corrupt practices of GFA to grow.Nonsense. May God twist your mouths with stokes.

  30. Nii from Mamprobi says:

    Klinsman allowed the USA team to bring their wives, I guess that affected their play and discipline. USA is in knockout stage, but Ghana go home!!!!

    • Kofi(Atlanta) says:

      USA agreed to allowed that while Ghana agreed otherwise.

      • Nii from Mamprobi says:

        Yeah that is my point. Ghana Blackstars Management is stupid. The best approach is to let the players bring their wives. Would you rather them be with their wives or hanging out at Brazilian brothels.

        but – we can bring 70+ hanger ons doing what?? and GFA bosses bring whole families? And if the players wives came on their own dime so what?

        All world class level players know that there should be no sex on day prior to matches.
        They should be able to bring their families and still abstain from sex when required. It all about how the management team communicates with them. These are not little boys. They are grown men.

        Here are some notable world cup team policies:


        Not only does coach Louis van Gaal allow his players to have relations with their wives, but he believes it helps keep them in good spirits for their matches. Van Gaal was quoted as saying by the Daily Mirror,

        My principle is the overall picture. The total person. The player. His brain and his psyche plays a part. And the psyche is influenced by his environment. So on Thursday and this morning I gave permission for the wives to visit the hotel and so the players could be happy.


        According to The Telegraph, native head coach Stephen Keshi has employed old fashioned values to his team’s sexual policy during the World Cup.

        Married players are permitted to bring along their wives to the tournament and, apparently, do as they please, but other players are not allowed to bring their girlfriends.

        United States

        The US has employed a laissez-faire policy when it comes to relations in Brazil. Here’s Jurgen Klinsmann on the subject, with quotes coming from the Washington Post:

        I think we are very casual in the way we approach things. Their families can come pretty much anytime. They will be at the games, they can come by at the hotel, we will have barbecues together.

        Every nation is different. I’ve played in different countries where, you know, you didn’t see your girlfriend or your wife for two months. Every team and every country handles that differently, based on their culture.


        The French squad is allowed to engage in sexual relations, but it’s clear that head coach Didier Deschamps would prefer for them to not go overboard. He said,

        It all depends on when, how and how much… I’m not a doctor. I don’t know if it is good or not. The wives of the French players will certainly come to Brazil. If they have children they have the right to see their father.

        Costa Rica

        Costa Rica has been only partially banned from having relations in Brazil. Head coach Jose Luis Pinto has prohibited his players from having sex until the knockout stages. “I can assure, with no doubts, they will be able to ‘enjoy themselves’ just as soon as they qualify for the next round,” Pinto said.

        That bit of extra incentive seems to have worked its magic, too. Costa Rica has managed to achieve two incredible upsets, taking down former champions Uruguay and Italy to advance with a match to spare.

  31. Nii from Mamprobi says:

    This guy makes no mention of match fixing allegations, Why is the match fixing issue swept under rug???

  32. Ikemens says:

    Sulley should have hit this MAN’s head with a club. What does NDC organizer got to do with this tournament? National looters!

  33. Rocky says:

    This is NKWASIASEM 3 million$.So call GFA thay want to chop the players cash and bye Big cars, to Pay their local Clubs players and girlfriens bills.We should think( twoies ) kevin and essien never fight in their Club side Or with their Team coaches.We all know that some of the FA members have their players in the national team and thay can talk b, cus thay will lose their place in the team.But this boy use to cry at home or after a Tournament and is very bad.let stop this criminal things in Ghana FA.our old players are leaven like Cheken and dieing like cheken, if this boy did not fight for their live thay also going to recieve 1.5million Gh cedis.l hope Mahamma should reword essien, Kevin and co.Cus thay are fighting against corruption.Am done with Nkwasiaasem 3 million $.From Germeny.

  34. Boro says:

    Deuteronomy 32:28-29 ‘ They are a nation without sense, there is no discerment in them. If only they were wise and would understand this and discern what their end will be!’ now Ghana seems to be making all the wrong decisions being it our economic policies, political leadership, instutional policies, roles of chiefs etc. How on earth can any nation with sense have his president transfer 3m dollars only to be taxed in that country. How can an electorate from a nation with sense allow itself to be bribed with only string for votes. How can a nation with sense destroy her railway line and begin to transports its bauxite by road for that distance. How can a nation with sense still depend on the proceeds of raw mineral exports but not add value to it endowed minrals. As if that is not enough our policies are such that we only receive 10% royalties from our mineral exploitation as a country. All the mining companies import whatever materials or equipments needed from their countries as well. Chiefs are now involve in galamsey to destroy our environment. Now all institutional procedures favours bribery. The receipt for land registry for instance amounts to only 200 ghana cedis but one has to pay btween 1000 -2000 ghana cedis depending on the region. If you need electicity you have to buy the pole yourself etc. In Ghana madmen can get drivers license. GHANA IS INDEED A COUNTRY WITH NO SENSE!

  35. soccer brain says:

    this boateng man should resign , what is good for the gander is also good for the goose , your boss carried his wife and kid and you expert the people who made it possible for you to have a job where you use the tax payers money for your own good . you should be hiding in shame for betraying the nation ghana and giving us out for ridicule of the world and giving hollywood a good story to make money shame on you

  36. soccer brain says:

    when gyan missed the penalty just doing his job we did not forgive him but went and attack him , his house family and his sweet late mother , i expect better treatment for the FA president and his corrupt group each of them must face the slaps the beating the home attacks and many more till they live the FA office and return our money , if it does not happen i will never trust ghana against and no family member will play for black stars because there is no justice , i am waiting for action!

  37. Chris Opoku says:

    No wonder ghana didn’t progress all this weaked faces follows BS

  38. Kidcarson says:

    U think Essien,muntari &Kevin are like your local hungry footballers u always take them for granted?come here and see how wise people on this forum are insulting u left and right…a revolution it’s on the way coming and people like u and nyantakyi will all be wiped out from Ghana trust me.

  39. Gloria says:

    U n ur corrupt management should give us a break.they did nothing wrong.

  40. Coach says:

    Please guys, let’s join hands to fight GFA and our sports authorities from all angle, let us demand accountabilities, let us fight for our nation, mediocrity and incompetence must be rejected with contempt it deserves,Brazil fiasco and disaster must not happen again. Let fight these guys by forming this pressure group to challenge them to do the right thing. Just contact 0244525861
    Join sports pressure group GH

    • Rastaman says:

      That is true. Ghanaians must fight back and put some fear in the GFA in the way they handle the national teams. Right now, they behave like they are untouchable. Maybe, they are misusing FIFA protection to embezzle money. If a player complains, they throw him out and silence the rest of the players. Maybe, if we can support all the players to refuse Black Star invitations until something is done within the GFA. I sincerely think the GFA must be handled by Ghanaian players who have played at the topmost levels of football, because they can understand the needs of the players better, than people like Nyantakyi and others, who may not have even played for Asante Kotoko, or Hearts. What are our top professional players doing? How have Nyantakyi and others managed to seize control of Ghana soccer to this extent? It is so strange that in Ghana, people who have no respected careers in soccer are the ones controlling the football association. How did that happen?

  41. Tetteyfio says:

    Why didn’t you guys pay the players the compulsory $100,000 appearance fee? Why were you guys keeping the money when you knew that FIFA has stipulated that the appearance money should be paid?

    if you had paid them their money, the insubordination would not have reared its head. They were angry because you and the Gov’t were keeping their money, If they had waited till after the game against Portugal, what was the guarantee that they will get their money? They did not trust you guys.

    You old men sometimes piss me off. Yes, they should respect you because you are elders. However, when you try to take a dog’s bone away it will bite you.

  42. Spino says:

    why is it always about money and superiority amongst these players ,coaches and management – remember regardless of what the situation was-we flat out lost and so did so many other teams .First of all “do you know who I am altitude” and the bickering amongst players and coach need to be addressed .So be it is if a player challenges a coach ,it does not mean he has to suspend them – to show his respectful power he has to make them miserable. All in all one person cannot win the world cups but a team does, which include the guys that even make sure all the footballers jerseys are washed. I was a proud Ghanaian to see that the black stars has a Ghana coach and there is some learning to do ,so we all need to go back to the drawing board and fix out mistake and go at it again.

  43. maubs says:

    am so heartened by the postings on this subject of ghana 2014. yes the blame lies with the corrupted FA stooge parading as bs manager. the overhaul of gfa is long overdue. for too long we have allowed mediocrity but now we see the high price you pay for that. Appaih, Nyantakyi, rank and file corrupted FA please go. As for trying to fool us with lies, welcome to 2014. If they would not give us an enquiry, as Kwarasey has urged, we would have one on the wortld wide web-watch this space and check out Abeng and look out for petition for overhaul of gfa. peace brothers and sisters. God bless our homeland ghana and punish the bad mind always.

  44. African Consciousness says:

    The Black Stars had too much excess bagage, next time the GFA should bring only the players, coaching and technical staff. If players want to bring their wives then they must pay for their wive’s transportation and food. Since the players are entitled to accommodation having their wives stay with them is not a problem.

    Muntari, Essien and KPB are not the problem, they are the whistle blowers. There should be an independent board of inquiry to investigate all the allegations from both sides of the issue and make recommendations. The government cannot interfere in the GFA so the proper channels must be followed in order not to incur FIFA sanctions.

  45. Abeiku Aidoo says:

    Yaw Boateng Gyan and his football people are a disgrace to Ghana football, u people do not have any better plans for Ghana football, u are always telling us stories which does not make sence. How kan u tell us u told the players not to bring their wives but they did and u went ahead to entertain the ladies.this is total mismanagement. Mr. Boateng Gyan u and your people should sack your self. Fire burn u.

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