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Blatter: African players don't trust FAs

Published on: 11 August 2014
FIFA boss Sepp Blatter

Fifa President Sepp Blatter says bonus disputes arise because African players do not trust their federations.

Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria were involved in bonus disputes which distracted them at the World Cup, and Blatter says that is why Fifa decided to step in.

Ghana's government failed to provide the money for the players to be paid in time which resulted in rows.

"Players don't trust their federations and that is why they are fighting. They are professionals they want to play for money," he said.

In line with a decision taken after Nigeria's training boycott, Blatter stressed that Fifa would ask for guarantees before any of its tournaments.

"How can we help them? It is by saying to these federations they must arrange at the beginning of the competition what will happen with the money."


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  • fish says:
    August 12, 2014 03:08 am
    @afrikaba 1,Askantwi claims you are ignorant and sinner.Period.
  • OGYA says:
    August 12, 2014 04:37 am
    You idiot Blatter the only way to help African countries is to allow them to throw those FA criminals out of office when they become corrupt, instead of interfering.
  • Askantwi says:
    August 11, 2014 11:58 pm
    The FA members do not steal anybody's money. It is the government who failed to make the players money available on time. Try to open your mind a little bit. Ignorance is a SIN.
  • Peter says:
    August 11, 2014 11:57 pm
    Blatter and his federation should then release all the money instead of wanting the government use the nations money to pay the players and later on pay the government back . Europe and the other nations doesn't have that problem bcos the national teams are cooperations sponsored
  • afrikaba1 says:
    August 11, 2014 08:38 pm
    Blatter is wrong. Majority of them are not playing in their National teams for money BUT that does not mean they should allow the people in the FA to steal money meant for them. We all saw how Togo FA tried to keep money meant for flights and put them on a bus resulting in the players being attack by rebels on the Angolan border.