Dr KK Sarpong resigns as Kotoko Executive Chairman

Dr KK Sarpong has resigned as Dr KK Sarpong

Dr KK Sarpong has resigned as Dr KK Sarpong

Asante Kotoko’s Executive Chairman Dr Kofi Kodua Sarpong has resigned to prematurely end his three years of service, GHANASoccernet.com can confirm.

The chartered accountant is said to have tendered in his resignation on Friday and the club’s administrative manager Ben Nti has confirmed receipt of the letter.

But the club’s owner and Life Patron Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is yet to comment on it.

GHANASoccernet.com understands the 59-year-old is incensed with the hails of insults from fans and the constant allegations of financial misappropriation.

Dr Sarpong has helped to re-brand Kotoko by securing multiple sponsorship deals locally and the famous partnership agreement with English side Sunderland.

He has begun work on the Kotoko Adako Jachie Project which involves a befitting training ground and office complex.

The former Tema Oil Refinery boss has made attempts to revive the club’s academy.

Dr Sarpong won two back-to-back Ghana Premier League titles.



  1. bosommuro says:

    If a monkey runs diarrhoea who cares!



  2. Nana Kwadwo, U.S.A says:

    You can go go but, please account for every money. Thanks. No more T.T.T.T

  3. Big Boss says:

    GSN, you got it right this time because this is real breaking news!!! I believe his decision is informed by Otumfuo’s directive to stop selling players like goats! Wish you all the best, Dr. Buy & Sell!

  4. Osei Akoto Konadu says:

    Oh what a sad news to hear.No wonder the kotokos are just a bunch of illiterates and concert party people. Bye bye Ttl dr.

  5. Thank you Dr KK Sarpong for his better job
    for kotoko and he accounts well

  6. THE BOSS says:

    Stupid people like ghanasoccernet.com. now u people are happy? ‘nkwasiafour’. Dr Sarpong is the best to have happened to kotoko in recent times. I hope and pray he don’t change his decision so dat people like u guys will b happy and turned in your CVs for the job. idiots. and to our fans now go and take the club and make it like real Madrid hypocrites.

    • Eric, Toronto. says:

      I totally agree with you. He wouldn’t give monies to the so called sports journalists for them to sing his music hence the hatred on him. You are 100% right he’s the best that has happened to KOTOKO in the past 20yrs. He helped re-brand KOTOKO but most those stomach journalists will not allow KOTOKO to progress. Today is one of my saddest days as a KOTOKO fan. Now you will see how people will enrich themselves, they will man gates at the stadium and start pocketing gate proceeds for the Club this they couldn’t do when K.K took over.

  7. gas says:

    thank u,u have done ur part. wo kum apem a apem b3ba

  8. foolish1kalaba says:

    all lie be lie,he is at post.if he resigns he doesnt have to write to ben nti,otumfour gave him the team and therefore he is answerable to him not ben nti.gsn is a sore website

  9. bawua says:

    oh,poor Kotoko is to suffer one more season again, I think the team has to taste relegation before the supporters can learn.now I understand why they don’t have stadium after 100 yrs.If you don’t sell,how can you get money for developemental project,to move the club forward.

  10. Nana says:

    To the fans, those who were hidden behind and been used constantly by some past Board members should now come and run the club. Some of us are going to match u boot for boot. I swear, this time no one except Otumfuo himself will be allowed to run the club. Fire on the mountain!!

  11. Sage says:

    Eiii Gsn,Dr.Sarpong resigns as Dr.Sarpong?

  12. jones says:

    The illiterate and stomach presenters have got what they want.kotoko supporters don’t learn you will see how the club will go fools .

  13. musah fifa says:

    Now Dr KK Sarpong can see the difference between him and Alhaji Karim Guruzah, Alhaji Guruzah is the owner and you Resigner, hahahahahahahaha, the supporters of Asanti Kotoko will teach you lesson, they said that you are not going free,that you are going to make account for them, they will show you why they call you Dr.

  14. KT says:

    Its very amazing that with all the money raked in through corporate attachment, I wonder why the season ended with players and coach unpaid. Where did the sponsorship go? Or he was just throwing dust into our eyes. I think these are the things he has to explain. Also, he sold some players who are now suffering. Of what use was the transfer then? In spite of these shortcomings, I believe he is dealing with a club with more ordinary than elite fans. He should have toned down on the application of strict business principles. I think this has been his nemesis. Nevertheless, I think he has done well.

    • Eric, Toronto. says:

      Brother its better to check your facts right..Who told you Kotoko owes’s anyone in Kotoko be it a player or technical staff member? I can put my chest out and tell you point blank that Team Kotoko doesn’t owe anyone a pesewa. I hope you did not get your info from those stomach SSS journalists? Tell me any player in the team right now that will say we owe him money either bonus, monthly salary, or Contractual monies.

  15. Ru says:

    Dr.Sarpong forever be the best CEO ever in the history of my darling club Kotoko and in Ghana football.

  16. Franklyn says:

    all those thinkin n hapi dat Dr kk sarpong has resigned,is a lie.Ben nti jux confirmed on asante kotoko official website dat,he has taken no resignation letter from Dr as speculated by GSN.We ghanaians esp e media shd try n chastise constructively.n he Dr shd also learn how to talk as a leader,if any he shd find himself a PA.@toy journalism,stop this tribalism thin u duin on this website.football is meant to promote peace not to destroy us.long live asanteman.

  17. donking says:

    dis unbelievable, now dat the bush is on fire, d carmelion learns how to run faster, if truely Doc has resigned, then what wll happen to those his so called followers lyk nana kwame, ben nti nd co? asem beba dabi

  18. Agyawusu says:

    Upon all dis glory has chop 4u insult is her bless’n,kotoko supporters u’re ungratefull.

  19. Agyawusu says:

    Upon all dis glory dr k.k has chop 4u insult is her bless’n,kotoko supporters u’re ungratefull.

  20. Tetteyfio says:

    This is FALSE. Dr KK Sarpong has NOT resigned

  21. Big joe USA says:

    This is not true because I spoke to Ben Nti and he has not recieved any letter from Dr K K

  22. booo says:

    What is wrong with the enemies of progress in kotoko and called themselves kotoko supporters?where were u people when past managements only creating serious debts for kotoko without any project and title?Either u people like it or not Dr.is the most hard working chairman kotoko has ever had.Bravo

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