Kevin Prince Boateng suffers injury in Germany, doubtful for Ghana-Egypt clash

Ghana are sweating over the fitness of key midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng for next week's crucial World Cup qualifier against Egypt after he was forced off during a league match in Germany on Saturday.

Kevin Prince Boateng

Ghana are sweating over the fitness of key midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng for next week’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Egypt after he was forced off during a league match in Germany on Saturday because of injury.

The midfielder, who plays for Bundesliga side Schalke, suffered the injury just two days before he arrives in Accra to join the Black Stars to prepare for the first-leg of the clash against Egypt in Kumasi.

Boateng, who is expected to be one of Ghana’s key players in the match against Pharaohs scored in the 16th minute after converting a penalty.

It was his third goal in five Bundesliga appearance for Schalke since completing his shock move from AC Milan at the end of August.

But he was substituted in the 68th minute by youngster Meyer with what looked like a serious injury which could affect his chances of playing in the Ghana-Egypt match in Kumasi on ten days’ time.

The full extent of injury is not known however the decision to substitute him in the match has sparked fears for Ghana who are seeking an emphatic win in the first-leg to make the return match a formality.

The Black Stars squad has already been decimated by injuries to Rabiu Mohammed, John Boye and Jonathan Mensah and a serious injury to Boateng will further deplete the Ghana squad for the match.



  1. Bismark says:

    I have always been in support of this guy but not this time. I watched the game and he faked the injury. Nobody touched him, he did not even have the ball to claim any bad tackle on him.

  2. Solid snake says:

    Ghana 0vs2 egypt.

  3. jay jay says:

    oh my word???..from today i will be fearin ghanians…ur juju can work in seconds…someone in kumasi used juju on prince and instantly he got injured without touchin the ball..unbeleivable black magic

  4. askantwi says:

    This sonofabitch. He takes us for fools. They should scratch his name off the list. No world cup for him. If we qualify to the world cup without him, we don’t need him. Those who suffer and toil to bake the pie should be made to enjoy the fruit of their labor. This guy is a liar and FAKE.

  5. Ongun says:

    Dis guy always avoids the rock hard Baba Yara pitch….nice one kpb.

  6. Viper says:

    If he doesn’t play in one of the play offs he doesn’t go to the world cup if we qualify as simple as that…

  7. zambia waatete of[koftown] says:

    Stupid GFA officials,don’t you know this guy is using us, I watch this match he fake it.

  8. zambia waatete of[koftown] says:


  9. confusion says:

    He want someone to play the hard ones before taking on the easiest ones huh?NO way is not acceptable,they should call Frank Acheampong to replace him,after all he is not the one who won our matches, he can go to hell this time

  10. Ongun says:

    He hates yo pitch…it’s like playing on a cement slab.

  11. spellBOUND says:

    Damn kpb, is the baba yara pitch that bad that u fake an injury to avoid it???? hahahahaha. This is too funny. with or without you, ghana will not be denied brazil. gyan and muntari will be extra motivated. they have unfinished business with suarez.

  12. Ghanaman says:

    Look at the devilish useless Yoruba CHIMPS here. Filthy Yoruba dogs. The Hausa-Fulani will continue to rule you RATS

  13. spellBOUND says:

    I missed the 2nd half of that game. can those who saw it provide us with details. was the injury legitimate or fake???

  14. Ongun says:

    Hmmmmmm…let’s just say he planned ahead

  15. Blakroze GH says:

    Ok point made@ogun, now can you go to your more interesting sites than ours? PLEEASE????Ethiopians have soccer sites too u’know!!!and as for that fucken zambian dog called @solid snake, why are you so obsessed with Ghana? We have CLEARED your cheapolo’s so what do u want here? Go and express your smelly useless views in zambianfootball, like you always do….mcheew!!!

  16. DDJ says:

    Some of you people are funny. Do you always have to be kicked by somebody to aggravate an injury? You need to play football to understand what makes a player point to the bench and ask to be substituted. I just cannot understand your suspicion. Are you the one feeling the pain? All it takes is the Black Stars medical staff to contact his team Doctors for a briefing of the extent of the injury. All you doubting Thomases need to keep your thoughts to yourselves. I personally think it is useless comment. Football is big business. The coaching staff need to know early whether we need a replacement. But if it is confirmed i will say it is a very big loss considering the expected impact from his efforts if he does play. Was it Daren Anderton of Spurs who was called “sick note”. Then i remember Dyer. Some injuries just dont go away easily.

  17. jerry says:

    Am a big fan of Kevin prince but the way the situation is going is about time the GFA and management and coaching staff get ragged from Kevin and bring commitment players who re ready to served dis dear Nation becos is too much and Ghanaians ve had enough from him a word to a wise is enough the ball is in ur court GFA and his back room staff and the coaches too

  18. selfmade says:

    And when was the last time he featured for us? No big deal!!! He is scare of Ghanaian pitches and nothing can change his opinion about it!!!

  19. francis atta gyas(oxygen) says:

    we need frank achampong

  20. Bismark says:

    I watched it and he faked could u just fall without touching a ball? there was no tackle on him whatsoever

  21. selfmade says:

    Our pitches are awful and we need to do something about this CONCRETE JUNGLE PITCHES!!! Can’t we have a better playing pitches than this? Is a disgrace to us becasue with all our wealth,we can’t do simple and things but always talk BIG!!!

  22. Solid snake says:

    @blackroze. Yo fellow ghanains have infested the football association of zambia facebook page. Even after the kumasi game. They have continued to post provacative comments wen nothn is said abt yo team. Personally am here becoz of them.

  23. tony says:

    l watched the whole 90minutes of the game but there was no contact on him, he just fall down and got substituted, well anything happens in football but the way i’m seeing KPB it time Gh hv to 4get about him honesty speaking

  24. the truth says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this thug change. I hope Akwasi Appiah will at least have the diginity to not call this fool to the wc (if we manage to qualify). Those that still support this lying thug, shame on you all. For all the fools complaining of our pitches,Fuck you! our current squad play on worse pitches and never complains so what makes this KPB special??? inferiority complex is truly a disease. GFA fuck you all for even inviting this fool to only disgrace us.

    • Ghanaman says:

      Filthy NIGERIAN APE!! Useless YORUBA DOG!!!

      • GHANAarmedROBBER says:

        Comment constructively and stop this your un-educated behaviour…..I have noticed most of your abusive posts refers to the Nigerians…..when they start responding this site becomes very unreadable….even comments posted by fellow Ghanaians you use Nigerian adjectives to insult them….Please grow up and stop this hatred….we were not trained like them and should not behave like them

  25. Kaylee says:

    With or without injury, u must be deluded to xpect kpb to play in baba yara stadium. He doznt play in hard pitches. Ghana no doubt, has talents but ur coaching crew and GFA will neither have faith on nor appreciate ur home grown talents who are proud of ghana and are hungry for success. Take 9ja for instance. We suffered same faith in d past but today, those nonsense are history bkus Keshi came in and provided a leveld playin ground for home and foreign proffesionals, and it has been fruitful. It was a home boy dat scored d two important goals that won us AFCON, and today somebody like Shola Ameobi of New Castle, who was taking us 4 a ride, now hides his injuries jst to ensure he gets invited to eagles. No player in eagles is indispensible.

  26. tony says:

    @ Kaylee well said,B4 I used to stand at the back of KPB against anybody who speaks against him but not this time anymore.

  27. Kaylee says:

    Av come to realise that there are some mature heads in this site. Thank u Jerry. U jst took the words from my mind.

  28. Pevnorbemol says:

    It’s about 11 players not just one player. Wakaso,dede,kwadwo,essien,badu,gyan,waris e.t.c are capable of doing the job. I regret frank acheampong exclusion.

  29. Kaylee says:

    To those ghanaians who sees truths and embraces it not minding whether it was coming from a rival team or not, those who faces d truth doin away with sentiments, may God bless u guys. Up 9ja

  30. Hahaahahahaha. Hello guys!!! Its been a while mehn. Who missed me? Well am here to pass a message across from to you guys from KPB. He called me about 20 minutes ago. He said he faked his injury and wouldn’t wanna partake from the disgrace that awaits the gay nation in KUMASI. He said he made up his mind before now never to play for Ghana again but your bleached faced president came begging. He said there is this strong feeling inside of him that keeps telling him that Ghana will miss Brazil 2014.

  31. selfmade says:

    As much as u hate Kevin for his antics,we also have to recognized that our pitches are awful!!! How can a football nation like Ghana have such a terrible pitches?? How come? We always blame people when they speak their mind but we as Ghanaians don’t sit down to analyze what’s wrong with us as a nation!! We have one international airport in 21st century and instead of building more in other parts,it has turn into a nasty tribal politics!!! We are lacking behind and is about time we the youth stand up to our elders!!!

  32. selfmade says:

    People are quick to jumped into conclusions like oh the local boys can do it but the question is,ll the local boys always be local? Every player seeks for an improvement in his career and wouldn’t love play in DEATH TRAPS CALLED PITCHES IN AFRICA!! Most our pitches are career ending traps and we need to rise above mediocrity!!! We are fucking behind as Africans!!

  33. kuukuphilly says:

    kwasi appiah if we quaify without this guy I don’t want to see him in brazil.this injury na lie lie.

  34. spellBOUND says:

    If we lose or draw with egypt without kpb, i will never forgive him. those clamoring for other players must truly sit down and analyze the potency that kpb brings to this squad. egypt will have to game plan for him, freeing up gyan and others to shine. if anyone think someone can just step in and provide what kpb would if he was playing is lying to themselves. sure we can win, but it will just be a bit harder. the pressure for egypt to account for him will be nonexistant.

  35. Troy says:

    Guys eazy on the guy. Can someone check KPB injury history? His knees are frail and needs to heal properly. He didn’t get a smooth career at AC Milan and could be a reason why he conveniently was allowed to leave. So even on european pitches he gets injured day in day out. Let’s pray for him. It is a genuine fear and concern of him pls. Our authorities shd be facing our wrath and anger not KPB. A modern Olympic stadium is not beyond Gh.

  36. anokwale says:

    It could likely be a non issue. Put Warris back in his position or put Waksso up front with Gyan. I am assuming Muntari will be on the left wing. This actually allows Appiah to start who he wants to start. This elimnates many of the complications.

  37. Troy says:

    Who is this New +Troy+ Posting in my Name? dude seriously? good comments tho.

  38. Ghanaman says:

    Our football pitches are awful,one 5-star hotel in our second biggest city and no international airort is modern Ghana for you.

  39. selfmade says:

    @ troy… Thank u troy!! The guy is not fully fit and people wants him to come and play in this KALADAN PITCH!! We all been unreasonable here!! If Kevin is the breadwinner in your family,would u let him sacrifice his career for bs all because of a bad pitch!!! Even the green grass tech people knows that the pitches are awful and that’s why they said that this time it ll be different!!

  40. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… The players are playing not brcssue they love the pitch but becasue they are typical Ghanaians who fears that voicing out his concerns ll led to victimatisation!!! I know most our pro players hate these death trap pitches!!

    • bossman k says:

      you must be kidding me right? so should we invite this guy for the wc (if we overcome egypt)? You do know that it is those “typical Ghanaians” who are tirelessly working on those “death trap pitches” to get us to the wc?
      Buddy, you are a JOKE. “Typical Ghanaians” like you is the reason Ghana remains behind in everything. Even a blind man can see KPB is faking his injury and using us to get to the wc. I suggest you read the comments from Kaylee maybe you can learn some sense.

      • Ghanaman says:

        Kaylee is a filthy NIgerian APE!! A typical Yoruba ANIMAL who only wants bad things for Ghana. A dirty son of a bitch and whore is what he is. Nigeria has not won a world cup game for a decade and a half. Not exactly the apes to be be asking for advice. They are animals!

        • spellBOUND says:

          lol. ghanaman, u like insults paa oo. anyway, is that stat true about naija not winning a world cup game in a decade and half???? if this is true, then no naija should ever visit this site again. aaaaaah, the should be ashamed of themselves.

          • spellBOUND says:

            i just check the stats. ghanaman, u r right. lol. from their recent failures at the mundial, they should be rooting for ghana to make it and deliver mother africa from grief, yet here they are, raining down insults. JELOUSY paa ni…

  41. A concerned citizen says:

    I wish you a speedy recovery

  42. Kaylee says:

    Face d truth or die in ignorance. Ghanaman, i dnt reason the way u do, bkus it’s obvious u r way behind my standard. U can beef/troll me with stats, am ok with dat, but calling me names jst shows u r stl a kid who lacks parental home training. I know the mature minds from ghana dat i beef,troll and discus football issues with, definitly not ur kinds. When u grow up, try to engage me in. I hate being a racist but it’s laughable when a typical african man calls a mulato an ape. I stopd insulting d black races bkus i undstud, dat whenever i did that, my dad always gets sad bkus he’s black though i have my mum’s race(whyt race). That’s by the way, let us all respect our honourable selves. God bless africa.

  43. egyptian says:

    your player doesn’t love to come to ghana because he hates the pitch and the city … and you insult others when they say ghana hasn’t hotels , stadiums etc and you start talking about other countries !

    LOL just LOL !

    • Ghanaman says:

      Filthy Egyptian son of a WHORE.. USELESS DONKEY of the Middle East and North Africa. Filthy RAT!!! Dirty Son of a Hedgehog and SNAKE! Useless smelly Orangutan!!! Balding Baboon!!

      Egypt is a shit country which has been taken over by foreign powers.

      Currently the rulers of Egypt are those in the west along with the Saudi’s who you keep begging for loans, the Qataris who control your foreign policy among other things.

      Even the Ethiopians are bossing you around today as they build a huge dam which will render you thirsty. When you see an Egyptian give the Nile based pig water!!

  44. spellBOUND says:

    As much as i hate to, i have to agree with those criticizing the pitch. for a country that always boats as being the pace setters in africa, it baffles me as to why we lack some basic infrastructure. i.e.: a world class stadium, hotels, only 1 international airport, etc, etc.

  45. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… Who the fuck is Kaylee!!! Kaylee is a stupid son of a bitch who is confused and u want me to read this stupid Nigerian comments for what!! Dude,if u have nothing to say,better shut it!!

  46. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… How is he using us to get to the WC? How fool? Did he invited himself to the bs camp or the gfa inviter him? Are u a doctor? Where is your fucking evidence that he faked his injury? Haven’t u ever see a player died on the pitch without any contact? Open your fucking eyes dude!!! The player is already injury prone!!

    • bossman k says:

      my friend, look at his record with us, since the wc he retired, now that we are close to the wc and have a few games left he is sick, as soon as we make it to the wc, i guanrantee u he will be 100% healthy to play any game in the wc. I can even bet you that if the wc was today and was held in Ghana he will declare himself fit. cmon bro, think! the dude is a conman, the WC is the stage every footballer want to market for big contracts and make a name for themselves. That is the only reason he is playing for Ghana only at the WC. This fool don’t give a shit about the national team, he only cares about his career and his name. I know u like the guy and the truth is hard to swallow sometimes but that is just the reality of things right now. KVP is a PIMP and his hoe is Ghana. The sooner GFA stop being his bitches, the better.

  47. selfmade says:

    This fucking dirty son of a bitch called Kaylee comes over here and calls us apes and u,a smart royal Ghanaian wants me,INFAMOUS M.A.D.E TO READ THIS NASTY SHITTY IGBO bastard comments for what!!! U fucking shitting dude

    • bossman k says:

      HAHAHA all this insults without plausible reason will get you nowhere bro. In fact it is an embarrassment to all of Ghanaians. There is a lot of sense in what Kaylee have stated. If you would put your prejudice aside and read his comment you will understand the reason in it. If his comment was negative, I will probably be the first to insult him. Just give him credit when his is right. Anyways, to Mr. Ghanaman, please cool down your insults on nigerians who haven’t insulted us. I do commend you for insulting the idiotic egyptian who came here to talk shit.

  48. selfmade says:

    U want me to read the comments of this caricaturised decorated IGBO MONKEY FOR WHAT??!!! This Ghana guy paaaa!!!

  49. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… What’s has keshi gotta to do with this issue? Does amoebi always play for them? Where is the level playing ground for naija players? And besides what sense can a fucking guy who called me ape make when he turns around to discuss football with me what sense?

    • bossman k says:

      If he insulted you, then i don’t blame you for insulting him. However, that doesnt mean you have to ignore the truth. He was basically saying that Keshi brought discpline to the Nigerian squad. All the players that took the national team hostage were kicked out. It was this descipline and trust that Keshi had in the committed players (local or foreign) that made the nigerian squad successful. I believe that unless we forget this KPB guy, we will be heading to a path not so bright. soon every player will retire, fake an injury, and would want to reap from the labor of others.

  50. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… So u expect to play when he is injured? Tell me dude!!!

  51. selfmade says:

    Can u work when u don’t feel well? What sense is this!!! Again u know our pitches are awful right or wrong!!

  52. selfmade says:

    Again how can the guy plays for us when he was on official retirement!!! How tell me mister!!!

    • bossman k says:

      that’s my point! He intentionally retired so he doesn’t represent us in any match other than the WC. Have you forgotten that GFA even begged him to come out of retirement to help us in the AFCON but he consistently refused. Why then that now that we are close to the wc he now out of retirement? Cmon man, this dude just want to play at the wc and thats it! I just believe wholeheartedly that we should reward those individuals that played for that nation and helped us get this far. If KPB didnt help us in any way or shape in our journey and thus he shouldn’t be invited again.

  53. selfmade says:

    Besides it was Ghanaian officials who beg him to come out of retirement so is not like he is dying to play in the WC!!! Get your FACTS right!!!

  54. selfmade says:

    @ bossman.. Which discipline dude! Is because he won the afcon?

  55. selfmade says:

    Besides what has kpb injury has to do with discipline in the bs? Has any bs player complained about his behavior!! Infact the players were happy for his return!!

    • bossman k says:

      stop looking at things through one lens!!!! gosh. So the players have to protest in order for you to acknowledge the indiscipline KBP actions could bring to the team? hahaha cmon man smh

  56. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… U know nothing about football!!! A player doesn’t always has to be on the pitch to CONTRIBUTE but a great player like kpb presence in the dressing room even INSPIRE CONFIDENCE IN THE TEAM DUDE!!!

  57. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… U see u were just speculating which is not fair!!! Sometimes we have to sympatised with people because this guy comes to Ghana with his doctor which tells u the problems he is going thru at this moment!!! He came during the Zambia match and that was even enough commitment!!

  58. selfmade says:

    @ bossman.. Stop your speculations and face facts dude!! What kind of argument is this!! He retired but we talked him out of retirement nt and u said he wants to play in the wc? The guy stuck to his guns and u say what!!

  59. selfmade says:

    @ bossman. And what’s the big deal if he plays for his club after the egyptian match afterall he is not going to stay injured forever right? U don’t make sense dude

  60. selfmade says:

    @ bossman… I don’t know what your problem is mister!! Listen, FIFA rule is clear on a player health!! If the national team doubt’s the club report on a particular player,the national team can invite the palyr to camp to be examine by the team doctors so what is your pronbem son!!

  61. Kaylee says:

    Face the truth or die in ignorance. To those i once refferd to as apes. I must say am sorry. I know it hurts and am very sorry, u guys are my fellow humans, none of u was/is an ape. I wudnt abuse anybody racialy again jst bkus am white skind, besides, my dad is black. It was jst a privilege dat was born with my mum’s race. In england here i dnt c myself as an english man though am white skind like my english mum and holdin dual citizenshp of england nd nigeria. We are all africans. ONE LOVE!

  62. selfmade says:

    @ bossman.. Stop your speculation and stop building castles in the air!!! U don’t make no sense with your blind argument!!!

  63. selfmade says:

    @ kaylee.. Fuck u and your filthy skin,do u think we give a fuck about your fucking skin color motherfucker!!!

  64. Kaylee says:

    Hahahahahaha selfmade u sound like an ugly guy. It seems u truly look like an ape. Lol!! Am imaginin how wide ur nose is. And how big our lips are with ur rusty black skin. Hahahahahaha sori bou dat anyways but u cald 4 it.

    • Ghanaman says:

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  65. selfmade says:

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  66. Kaylee says:

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    • Ghanaman says:

      A dirty Yoruba fool making such jokes is the joke of the century. You ignorant Yoruba PIG! Useless Yoruba DOG! Filthy nasty ugly useless smelly Yoruba son of a lizard.

      Your mother is WHORe and your father is a DOG!! :)

  67. selfmade says:

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  68. selfmade says:

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  69. egyptian says:

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  70. selfmade says:

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  71. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief… Kwasia, do u know who your fucking wee smoking father is? Hell no!! Your ashawo mother was bleeping nasty junkies and one of them whores and jailbirds father u motherfucker!! Ahahahaha

  72. Kaylee says:


    if u have been followin dis comments 4rm d onset, u’d av seen dat i never used any racist remarks on them, bkus i knw how blacks feel when they are abused racialy here in london. I undstud and rspctd dat. But 4 a typical african, ape-like man to reffer to me as an ape, is totaly stupid. Dnt blame me 4 insultin ur race, rather blame them for makin me do it, bkus they pushd me to d wall. U tink i dnt have pure heart or mayb beauty of d soul?

    • Ghanaman says:

      Dirty Yoruba CHIMP!You are a delusional APE!!!Filthy son of a monkey and Orangutan. Useless son of a whore and slut. Ignorant CHIMP!

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  73. selfmade says:

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  74. Kaylee says:

    I cnt remember d last time i went to d zoo to gv bananas to d monkeys but happily am in a zoo(GSN) ryt about now, givin bananas to d available mönkies and apes(Ghanaman and selfmad).

    • Ghanaman says:

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  75. selfmade says:

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  76. egyptian says:

    @ kaylee i will be proud if im black but im not ! you are ugly man to even mention that insults .. you have a lot of problems , man

    you said that you have the race of your mother which is genetically very rare ! i think you have to do a DNA test !

  77. selfmade says:

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  78. spellBOUND says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, man, the conversation above is INTENSE. its starts off calm and civilized between selfmade and bossman, then comes in kaylee, who just seems to frustrate selfmade. as soon bossman gives up on selfmade, he starts raining down insults on kaylee, who originally called a truce, but as a result of selfmades insults, punched back. insult laden ghanaman as usual comes in to join selfmade in destroying kaylee before egyptian finally finishes him off.

    bravo mates. you’re a true testiment of the imperfect world we live in.

  79. Kaylee says:

    Helo monkeys i bought u lots of bananas today. Hahahahahaha ugly guys with big lips.

    • Ghanaman says:

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  80. selfmade says:

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  81. Ghanaman says:

    I was with Ms. Kaylee Last night…..Anal!!

  82. Ghanaman says:

    Kaylee is a major troll. A typical Nigerian dog. Simply ignore him. Egyptian is also Nigerian. These people are obsessed with us.

    Trust me when I say they all fear us. When you are a Black Star you get a lot of groupies!!

  83. egyptian says:

    @ghanaman i swear on god .. im not a nigerian ! im half egyptian and half american ! how can i prove that ? :(

  84. Kaylee says:

    Egyptian u jst showd me how poor u r academicaly, or worse yet, in genetics. How could u say i must b black bkus my dad is black? Geneticaly d father only determines the sex of d offsprings not their colours bkus d father produces d X-Y chrosomes while d mum produces only X-X. Skin colour is only but a discountinous variation and can change at any time though d allele remains inprint in d gene. My dear try something else. Stop showin us how much of a fool u r.

    • Ghanaman says:

      A Baboon who knows a thing or two about genetics is still a baboon!!!!!!! You show yourself to be a moron though. GO learn about Autosomal DNA you filthy chimp!!

      How can an IGBO try to discuss genetics without talking about the CRIME gene or the 419 gene!! hahhahahahahahhaha

      It is carried on the Y chromosome so just by having an Igbo father you got it you filthy rat!!!

  85. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief.. No nice white guy wanted your frustrated,FATTY slut mother and your fucking Igbo arms robber marry her for papers ahahahahhaha!!! Who is surprise that your KING KONG father from the ife was the only guy who wanted your fucking,dick sucking white slut mother ahahahhahaa

  86. selfmade says:

    Kay thief white mother rides his Nigerian APE,and when he is about to come,he scream in English accent mixed with horrendous Igbo language…am coming YELLOW MAMA ahahahaaaaa!!!! His face like Mr.IBU AHAHAHHAHAHAH

  87. bossman k says:

    damn, everybody seems to have gone wacko all the sudden.

  88. selfmade says:

    Kay Lee is a serial bastard who is a hybrid between a Nigerian scammer and a dirty,nasty loss white shitty slut who fuckes any black man because she love black big DICK ahahahaaa!!!

  89. Kaylee says:

    Ghanaman and selfMAD, it’s about time u illitrates kept quiet to allow egyptian bkus u guys aint gat notin to contribute intelectualy. I dnt haggle with apes.

    Helo pharoah’s dirty son where are u? Remember ur land is cursed by God

  90. spellBOUND says:

    hahaha, oh mine, when will this end? lol

  91. selfmade says:

    Kay thief white shitty slut cum cocaine snipping dirty mother is the known ESCORT IN WEST LONDON as she has fucked all the nasty,dirty Nigerian criminal illegal IMMIGRANTS in London ahahahhahaha!!! Her cheap white hairy pussy has been bleep by all the immigrants and the end product is the unfinished son of a white dirty London whore called KAY THIEF ahahahahaha

  92. Ghanaman says:

    This should show the dirty trolls that nobody is free of insults. You come here and you will be massacred.

  93. Ghanaman says:

    WOW!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    This is next level insults. hahahahahahahaha

    The joke will always be on you if you come here talking shit.

  94. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief… Ahahahaaa!!! Kwasia,fucking WELFARE SON!!! Ahahhaha!! Your sluty mother raised on WELFARE MONIES after your fucking Nigerian bokom father has run away and abandon your shitty, cocaine snipping white slut bitchyyyy mother ahahahhahaaa

  95. egyptian says:

    @ kaylee dude , black skin is a dominant gene .. i know the skin color is controlled by many genes but pure dark skin with white skin .. 90 % the kid will be lighter than the dark skin and darker than the white skin which is brown ! 7 % the kid will be very dark ! 3% the kid will be white !

    you can’t control it and you can’t say if the parent is dark , the kid will absolutely dark ! the life in the earth began in africa so it is possible so i said it is very rare :)

  96. Kaylee says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha guy seriosly am enjoyin this. Av realy laughed to the fullest.

    Now, selfMAD out!! Ghanaman in!! bkus u seem to av somethin up ur sleeves. U seem to b more inteligent than other apes. D battle could av bn between you, egyptian and myself, but as we all know, i dnt battle with apes 4 me not to get staind, else i’d av taken it up with u, al dsame i gv u credits 4…

    Pharoah’s useless son come out here. Am waiting 4u. Selfmad plz kp quiet u r a dullard

  97. selfmade says:

    Tell us when u ever saw your fucking NA CONNECTION NAIJA FATHER!! Kwaisa, u were raised by the VARIOUS STEPFATHERS OF mother motherfucker!!! Y

  98. Kaylee says:

    …Hahahahahahahahaha guy seriosly am enjoyin this. Av realy laughed to the fullest.

    Now, selfMAD out!! Ghanaman in!! bkus u seem to av somethin up ur sleeves. U seem to b more inteligent than other apes. D battle could av bn between you, egyptian and myself, but as we all know, i dnt battle with apes 4 me not to get staind, else i’d av taken it up with u, al dsame i gv u credits 4…

    Pharoah’s useless son come out here. Am waiting 4u. Selfmad plz kp quiet u r a dullard

    • Ghanaman says:

      Ghanaman rules this site for a reason. I pity you chimp. Now go support your useless Green Eagles team or the Three Pussies of England football team. Both are sh!t and will never be half as good as the Black Stars.

      The Black Stars what a wonderful team. The Sword of Africa.

      How dare you come here taking shit you rabies infested animal. You useless APE! you ignorant CHIMP! Smelly Orangutan. Filthy Gorilla.

  99. GHANSON says:

    Awesome Energy above.

  100. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief… Kwasia, next time don’t come here and show us your small dysfunctional Igbo dick because we have strong phat royal dick that can make your alcoholic mother horny motherfuckerrrrrrr ahahhahaahaaa

  101. Kaylee says:

    @egyptian it can be rare but not impossible, so dnt doubt my colour

    @selfMAD d only big words u can say are pussy, dick, whore, filthy, yoruba, ibo, hausa and fulani. I know evryoda tin we r sayin here, sounds strange to u, it’s bou tym u slept. U nitwit

  102. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief.. Kwasiaaaaaaaaa, fucking face like OVERCOOK PORK FEET AHAHAAAAAAA

  103. selfmade says:

    @ Kay thief…. Now u want me to keep quiet motherfucker!! U see the difference,fucking first son of dick riding white SLUT!!

  104. selfmade says:

    Your white,dirty slut mother is a dullard and that’s why she is the ONLY WHITE IGNORANT WOMAN who ll open her stinking,stretchy mark pussy for a NIGERIAN MAN TO BLEEPPPPPPP ahahahaahha!!!! Omg!!

  105. egyptian says:

    @kaylee it is very rare that’s why i said go have a DNA test , idiot cunt 😀

  106. Kaylee says:

    Hahahaha Ghanaman when next i come to Accra to see my paternal cousins, seriosly, bkus u trld me t9t, i wl definitly gv u some bananas to share amongst ur fellow hunger ravagd apes.

    Selfmad learn from ur fellow animal(ghanaman), stop repeatin words and sentences. U primitive man, plz who gave u access to d internet?

    Egyptian av u ran away? U aint ashamed to say u came from a cursed nation like egypt. Ur country wl soon get wiped out by flood from d red sea jst as it once happend in d bible. U dirty lame man with leprosy

    • Ghanaman says:

      You mean Lagos you filthy Nigerian dog. Why are you scared to go to IFE IFE your native land. Or are you a Kano based Orangutan? How can a CHIMP talk about Egypt. Egypt is MUCH better than Nigeria. They say Egypt is in Chaos but Nigeria is always in Chaos! Even in Chaos Nigeria will still be hell compared to Egypt. Egyptian(even if a troll) has been allowed on this side of the fence but as a dirty Nigerian Gorilla you have no chance.

  107. Kaylee says:

    Keep it burnin guys i wana slip. Tmrw wl b sunday.

  108. Ghanaman says:

    I am done also.

    1) We learned a bit of genetics
    2) We concluded the Nigerian team will lose
    3) Selfmade is still the king of insults and jokes
    4) Kaylee is a drunkard and a gorilla
    5) Egyptian is a troll but can also be relatively intelligent
    6) Ghanaman is still the king of Ghanasoccernet

  109. Kaylee says:

    Ghanaman i owe u and ur kinds a banana each.

    SelfMAD i askd u to go bkus u neva stopd gvn childish imature trolls unlike ur fellow apes.

    Cursed egyptian av u gone dumb all of a sudden?

  110. selfmade says:

    Kay thief… Kwasia dirty Nigeria serial bastard!!! Ahahhahaha!!! What I say hurt u and u can’t do nothing about it ahahhaha!!!!

  111. selfmade says:

    Kay thief… Your white mother is a fucking dullard that’s why she allowed a Nigerian man precisely an IGBO MAN who dresses like,a CCAVEMAN WITH WALKING STICK AND BAREFOOT to fuck her and produced a fucking, dirty and monstrous monster like u ahahahhahahhaaaa!!

  112. selfmade says:

    My dog named KAY LEE after u ll never ever fucked your white shitty slut mother who is still fucking all the illegal BABAS AND ABOKIS IN WEST LONDON ahahhhhahahaaaaa!!

  113. GHANSON says:

    wow so this is what I`ve been missing all day huh… I never knew the 9ja baboons were on board

  114. GHANSON says:

    true warrios!!! KUM AP3EM AP3M B3BA!!…Ibi now ma day break now let me check out who`s been naughty

  115. GHANSON says:

    Fact…@kaylee is a MOLATO..ofri djato…dont let him fool u talkn abt his mom is white… he wish!
    @kaylee reveal ur true identity and u shall be free..i mean we know MOLATOS can only see better at night thats y ur so active rite now…cover BLOWN

  116. selfmade says:

    @ GHANSON… Welcome hommy and u also a true warrior!!! Now gsn is full of hardcore royal Ghanaian warriors and soldiers!!! We ll massacare fucking fake beings or foreigners!!

  117. selfmade says:

    Now is not only me and ghanaman,we have GHANSON,GHANABOY AND GURDLE!!! TEXAS ETC!!! True hommies and soldiers!!! Real royal Ghanaian bloodline!!! These half baked caricaturised decorated monkeys from other animal habitats ll all be hunted down!!

  118. GHANSON says:

    @ egyptian @kaythief… thats a good alliance considering the fact that ya both from lawless nations… (nigeria,egypt,somalia,yemen).. the most dangerous places on earth as at now..but yet ya come to gsn to call ppl apes whereby u guys r the real APES!..soooooorrrrrrrrmi

  119. selfmade says:

    @ ghanaarmedrobber… Can u explain yourself dude!! Come again cuz I want to understand u properly

  120. GHANSON says:

    Yooooo @ selfmade.. u are too much!! CARICATURISED!!!! lmfao! dude the last time i heard that word was in Ahisco Arts class…
    Anyway the real massacre is only 9 days the best for that day after we don demolish them,enjoy our fufu with roasted superchickens then we hop on gsn ….. 4 NIL!! Nah so e go be on that day

  121. selfmade says:

    @ ghanson.. Ahaaaaaaaa!! I love u my hommy!!! We are royalty!!

  122. GHANSON says:

    @selfmade much love my Brother…long live Mother Ghana!!!… we dont fear hu! the Pharaohs can even hire Messi and CR7 we shall still beat them…NOBODY will deny us this WC….they r just daydreaming the impossible so they come here and call ppl names to make themselves feel better..9JA FOOLS!!!

  123. egyptian says:

    lawless nations ? you know what ? only free nations struggle for their freedom .. only free nations challenge the bad rules and the disgusting system to improve their future .. only free nations make revolutions !

    we make a revolution to improve our future and guess what ? before the revolution we was 1000 times better than any african country !

    and in all political shit we are in .. we still better than any african country :)

    at least when your team come to egypt to play .. they will not have to bring their foods and drinks .. they will not have to stay in 3 stars hotel .. they will play in a great stadium :)

    millions of people in your country and other african countries are dreaming to leave and go to Europe or US and lots of them die in illegal migrate journeys .. guess what ?
    although i’m american and my mother lives in US , i choose to stay in egypt !

    at least we try to change our country .. not sleep like you in a country ( animals can’t bear living in it ) and start insulting other countries .. hopeless cases !

    • Ghanaman says:

      Filthy donkey.

      How are you free when you are surviving on aid and thus the servant of so many aid givers. Egypt gets more aid than all of African combined. FACT!!!

      Ghana is better than Egypt right now in the indexes that really matter. Check the Failed states index.

      You are living off the Qatari’s, Saudi’s and others welfare while talking sh!t on here. hahah
      You remind me of the moronic Zambian who was arguing that shopping malls were the measure of development.

      We are a peaceful but fierce group of men.

      Look up the global peace index

      Once again you fail.

      Egypt is a non peaceful failed state that would collapse if you removed all the aid.

      It is not different from any African country ahahahahahha

      On top of that it may be finished when the Ethiopians finally divert the Nile and eliminate your last source of water. So as you dodge bullets remember that there are peaceful people in the great land of Ghana! A country growing at a faster rate than finished Egypt

    • ghanaman says:

      How are you free when you are surviving on aid and thus the servant of so many aid givers. Egypt gets more aid than all of African combined. FACT!!!

      Ghana is better than Egypt right now in the indexes that really matter. Check the Failed states index.

      You are living off the Qatari’s, Saudi’s and others welfare while talking sh!t on here. hahah
      You remind me of the moronic Zambian who was arguing that shopping malls were the measure of development.

      We are a peaceful but fierce group of men.

      Look up the global peace index

      Once again you fail.

      Egypt is a non peaceful failed state that would collapse if you removed all the aid.

      It is not different from any African country ahahahahahha

      On top of that it may be finished when the Ethiopians finally divert the Nile and eliminate your last source of water. So as you dodge bullets remember that there are peaceful people in the great land of Ghana! A country growing at a faster rate than finished Egypt

    • ghanaman says:

      Look up the failed states index and global peace index and get back at me.

    • ghanaman says:

      Filthy donkey.

      How are you free when you are surviving on aid and thus the servant of so many aid givers. Egypt gets more aid than all of African combined. FACT!!!

      Ghana is better than Egypt right now in the indexes that really matter. Check the Failed states index.

      You are living off the Qatari’s, Saudi’s and others welfare while talking sh!t on here. hahah
      You remind me of the moronic Zambian who was arguing that shopping malls were the measure of development.

      We are a peaceful but fierce group of men.

      Look up the global peace index

      Once again you fail.

      Egypt is a non peaceful failed state that would collapse if you removed all the aid.

      It is not different from any African country ahahahahahha

      On top of that it may be finished when the Ethiopians finally divert the Nile and eliminate your last source of water. So as you dodge bullets remember that there are peaceful people in the great land of Ghana! A country growing at a faster rate than finished Egypt

  124. GHANSON says:

    @egyptian..let me explain to u in plain terms what I mean by “Lawless Nations”
    Lawless when hosni mubarak (dictator) ruled for 40 yrs.
    Lawless when a president who was elected by majority is overthrown just because bunch of apes left their caves to occupy the city.
    Egypt was never a free nation.
    See in Ghana recently, the opposition disagreed on the election results… do u have any idea how it was resolved????
    In the court of law! And the whole Ghana respected and agreed with the courts decision…. See that’s only I Ghana… never in Egypt cuz apes a red nose monkeys are always ready to leave their caves to occupy tahir sq

  125. GHANSON says:

    That is why I put Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia Yemen in a set… they’re just plain foolish and still live in the medieval times…smfh they want to bring their own even prez Obama didn’t have to bring his own food n water… so we don’t give a fuck if a bunch of useless baboons want to bring their own shit. Smft

  126. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian… Are there no Egyptians in europe and america? Egypt has one of the highest expatriates in Europe and america seeking for greener pastures just like any black African country so what is so special about Egypt after all!!

  127. selfmade says:

    If Ghanaians are sleeping in a country in which animals cannot bear to live in it,then I think Egyptian Arabs are cowards who has sat down for more than 2 DECADES for one old man to dictate to them for more than a decade and half,enriching himself and cronies whiles the rest of the population lives from the scraps from his table!!! Egypt is no in more precarious position because the white supremacist has taken over the country and only ALLAH CAN HELP NOW!!

  128. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian… Egypt is also a third world country just like any other African country!!! We don’t envy Egypt one bit and no Ghana ll exchange ROYAL GHANA FOR EGYPT!!! GOD FORBID!!!

  129. selfmade says:

    Been half american and staying in Egypt doesn’t make Egypt any special place because there are thousands of ghanians who are also half Americans and wouldn’t bother going back to america when they visit Ghana!!! There are thousands of ghanaia Americans also studying and living in ghana so your lame argument doesn’t make any SENSE!!

  130. GHANSON says:

    @selfmade..ask him again.. plus Egypt has been receiving AID from Yankee since 1979… $2billion a year!! to be exact..
    So it makes no difference if Rwanda or Sudan also gets Aid.. As long as u receive Aid from another country, u are not all that capable after all…I don’t think Japan or Germany receives any aid from any country so talk sense here

  131. selfmade says:

    Any who the heck said that Egyptians cannot find food in Ghana!!! Egypt chose to bring their own food to Ghana and we don’t give a flying fuck about it afteall we ll also bring our own food and bottle water to Ghana when we coming to Egypt because comparatively ghanaian team has stars who are more rich and recognized than the Egyptian players on world stage and if any of the team should be treated superbly, it should be the ghanaian players!! Again,who the heck said that Egyptians couldn’t have a better hotel!! So What hotel did the pharoahs used during CAN 2008? Asked aboutrika how he liked and enjoyed Kumasi and its electrifying atmosphere!!! Lastly with respect to the pitch,I know we have bad pitches in Kumasi but according to one of your players,the military stadium in Cairo which ll host the second leg is as bad as the Kumasi pitch,so what is so special about Egyptian turfs!!! Absolutely NOTHING!!

  132. ghanaman says:

    Egypt receives more Aid than all of Africa combined. That is a fact fact fact.

    The average Egyptian is not much richer than the average Ghanaian another FACT!!

    Politically we are WAY ahead of Egypt. We have had a democracy for over 20 years! Egyptian ANIMALS had a democracy for a few months and threw it out of power and are now back in chaos. Every day hundreds die in the as the military battles Islamist in the Sinai, rioters, and other criminal entities.

    Egypt is a failed state. Go look up what the term failed state means.

    now due to it being a tourist destination and its location and significance in the middle east it has received a lot of investment especially from the Americans and Europeans. Thus on the surface it may look sexy but remove all that superficial beauty and you see a sick nation of the verge of civil war. A nation which will never achieve the level of civility we have now. A nation not capable of having a democracy. When in the 3 star hotel ponder on that. Kumasi will have a 1000 five star hotel when the demand is such that it needs one. The international airport will be there when the demand for it comes.

    It is called basic economics.

    The real question is, will there ever be peace is Egypt? The answer is no. Not with the amount of people in your internal affairs and your general demographics. You will always be in crisis and we look down on you barbarian!

  133. selfmade says:

    Again most Egyptians and Arabs are in america simply because of disturbances in their country!!! Americans bring them to america and give them REFUGEE STATUS and you WANNA SAY WHAT!! Ghanaians are BIG BALLERS AS WE TRAVEL WITH OUR OWN MONEY AND NOT SOME REFUGEE SHIT!!!

  134. selfmade says:

    Of course Ghana is the most matured democracy on africa !!! When it comes to real democracy, the rest of Africa are century behind ROYAL GHANA!!! We are the beacon of democracy in Africa and there is no challenger!!!

  135. GHANSON says:

    @Ghanaman . Well said Bro.
    Now he is silent cuz the truth hurts.. He thinks we’re a bunch of morons who doesn’t know wuz really good. @egyptian. Sorry Bro but ur f****ng w the the Africans.

  136. selfmade says:

    Niggas don’t know who they are fucking with!!! Y’all fucking with royal Ghanaians with 6th sense!!!

  137. egyptian says:

    im silent cause your comments makes me laugh :) continue guys , the most important thing is you believe yourself .. i’m happy that you are under anaesthesia and that makes you survive in your shit country :)

    pathetic , hopeless cases ! 😀

  138. Kwame Adu-Gyamfi says:

    Call up Frank Acheampomg as a replacement!!!

  139. selfmade says:

    Ghana is not war torn and Egypt which is war torn,which one of them is hopeless?? U confused stubborn arabian man who thinks we are reciting BABA ALI ADVENTURES HERE Aahahahhaha

  140. GHANSON says:

    And Egyptians r under influence of Hashish to think they can beat the Mighty Black Stars… keep smoking those weird stuff. I like ur dilutional way of thinking. I can’t believe Egyptians actually think they r actually going to Brazil at the expense of Ghana…hmm Smh wonders shall never end

  141. selfmade says:

    Or its BABA ALI AND THE 40 ARABIAN THIEFS ahahhaaa!!! Arab man,better go and tell your sell out Arabian night tales to rural Egyptian arabian dwellers and they ll give u a sword as your reward as we are not interested in your Egyptian folktales here ahahahhahaaa!!!

  142. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian…. Dude go and find some HALA FOOD and eat and find some secured place to his your Arabian hairy muscles because tomorrow Egypt is unpredictable now ahahahaha

  143. selfmade says:

    I mean go find some HALAL food with GYERO OR LAME,eat and then find some secured place to hid because Egypt is highly unpredictable now because I dont any BOMB TO FIND U AND YOUR MOTHER ahahhahahhaaa

  144. kojo says:

    @ selfmade… Ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa!! Ali baba and the 40 Arabian thiefs!!!! Ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Heeeeeheeeeee!!

  145. GHANSON says:

    @selfmade.. wurd..real talk Bro..egypt is unpredictable now… u never know whe the apes and red nose Arab monkeys Will resume swinging wildly

  146. kojo says:

    U cracking me ahahahahaaaaaaaa!!! @ selfmade

  147. egyptian says:

    in egypt , there are about 20 universities and they all in the top 100 in africa :)

    egypt in 2010 was in the top 10 tourist destination in the world and we will be again after elections :)

    egypt army rank is the 14 in the most power armies in the world

    egypt has 3 nopel prizes : ahmed zewiel , el bardaie , elsadat

    egypt organized a youth world cup in 2009 which means that the infrastructure are excellent :)

    there are in egypt 15 city at least are better than your shitty accrraa :)

    these are the facts .. keep talking and i promise i will read .. i understand your inferiority complex 😀

    • ghanaman says:

      1) Ghana also has numerous good universities.

      2) Top tourist destination so what? hahahahahaha

      3) Egyptian Army is a product of 30 years of aid by the Americans. Put 40 billion dollars in the Ghanaian military and it would be better than Egypt. In reality the only thing your Military is good for is killing civilians and performing virginity tests on young women.

      4) Ghana has a Nobel prize winner: Kofi Annan considering our population is 1/4th that of Egypt the fact that we have 1 and you have 3 shows we are doing better.

      5) Ghana won that 2009 Under 20 world cup the only African country to win it. We could host a pathetic youth tournament if we wanted to.

      6) Egypt is a failed state and not better than Ghana. Maybe we need to work on making our country look more sexy on the outside but the actual measures of progress show we are in the same category as you except we have a democracy and are more civilized.

  148. selfmade says:

    @ Egyptian…. Are those flashy infrastructure there?? I was thinking the bombs has bring them all down during the Arabian spring ahahahhaaaaaa

  149. selfmade says:

    Inferiority complex? Dude u don’t understand what inferiority complex is because u came here and started telling every tom,dick and harry that,u are half american and I gusessed is only an inferior filled non entity who ll go to a place to show off his race!!! Only a coward do that and we all know that cowards are racist!! All your comments over here are racial and racist are cowards and complex filled!!

  150. ghanaman says:

    I don’t think this Egyptian donkey knows who he is dealing with. We are the race of men that liberated a continent from Barbarian COLONIAL rule!!! Egypt was handed its freedom from colonialism and used it to try to colonize Sudan!! It’s a group of barbarians!!! They could only manage a democracy for a few months until they regressed back to the old barbarian ways…

    Barbar! That is the word for Barbarian in Arabic I believe.

    Once a Barbar always a Barbar!!

  151. GHANSON says:

    20 universities,nobel prizes 15 cities, best army… dude all that doesn’t count if there’s no peace/freedom/justice!
    Arab spring Wtf is that? Smh these arsbos and Nigeria are making it look like we are living in the 12th century

  152. ghanaman says:

    The good news is when Egypt disgraces Africa by being a violent hard headed barbarian the news usually gets affiliated with the Middle East. Imagine if Egyptian news was considered solely African along with the bad news form Nigga-Area(Nigeria)hahahahahahahha I would have to refer to myself SOLELY as a GHANAIAN and NOT an African!! Bad news Egyptscum along with Bad News Nigga-Area would be too much be bear!!

  153. egyptian says:

    continue guys , im reading your pathetic comments and laughing but i have an advice to you , guys

    1- bring a piece of paper
    2- write all these comments on it
    3- twirl the paper
    4- put it in your ass

    thanks for co-operation

  154. Kaylee says:

    Hahahahahaha so u idiets didnt sleep in d 9t? Hahahahaha diz guys are useless

  155. futr says:

    lol gayna beta dan Egypt?

  156. Olu of 9ja says:

    LOL, my Ghanaians brothers, just because you do not have terrorist or revolution unrest, does not make your country, the best country in the world.
    This is life and the battle is not finish,even there are attack in the western world and great countries go through this.
    u do not even have the army to defend you,if that happens but in life you can never be too confident!.

    • ghanaman says:

      we have the money to buy any great weapon if it starts. We are a fierce powerful race of men and if it started we would KILL everyone of the terrorist and kill everyone in their family line until they did not exist as a distinct genetic entity on this planet.

  157. Collynzo says:

    hmmm what went on here? I love the bway the battle went from one end to the other, first Nigeria + Egypts vs Gayna, then Gayna +Egypt vs Nigeria, then Egypt vs Gayna.

  158. Collynzo says:

    But Gaynaians are a differents set of animals, imagine someone attacking Egypt for receiving foreign aid whereas Gayna depends on foreing aid for 50% of its budget. The foreign donors are indirectly in control of Gayna, neo-colonialism in place. When their white masters (donord) sneeze, the government and people of Gayna catch cold.

    • ghanaman says:

      That article is propaganda and false you dumb ape. Ghana has the highest pe capita inclome in West Africa. FACT. Do you honestly think we would get more aid than all the countries that are poorer> That is why Nigeria has a weak educational system. You are monkeys!

  159. Kaylee says:

    Hahahahaha collynzo i missed u guys last 9t, but al dsame i dealt with them. D war continues on d heading, “kelvin boateng ruled outta ghana’s crucial clash wt egypt”

    we gona destroy dis apes t9t!!!!

  160. samash says:

    hahahahahahahaha! you pple are really funny oo!lol…..i just don’t know the day Ghana and Nigayria will argue peacefully without insults

  161. selfmade says:

    If a war starts in Ghana,Ghanaians ll not fight but we ll invite 9robbers to fight for us after all what’s the importance of a dirty looking Fulani man who kills for fun or a cola chewing CAVEMAN called Igbo who has no identity and ready to kill for some naira or a dog eating Yoruba man who stinks and has nothing doing than stealing from government coffins ahahahahahahhahaa

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