Bruised Ayews unable to rescue Marseille in Toulouse loss

Bruised Ayew brothers unable to rescue Marseille in Toulouse loss

Ayew brother fail to rescue Marseille against Toulouse

Olympique Marseille slumped to their second consecutive defeat in the French Ligue 1 to Toulouse despite the involvement of the Ayew brothers.

Andre and Jordan Ayew who were unavailable for international duty for Ghana in the friendly against Chile on Tuesday started the game from the onset but were later substituted.

Marseille’s hopes of winning the Championaire were virtually dashed when Tunisian Aymen Abdennour scored the only goal of the game in the 66th minute.

The OM bench was rendered desperate early in the first half with Andre Ayew needing the medics to push back into position his chronic shoulder dislocation.

The 22-year-old has put an operation to permanently fix the problem on hold to help his club secure Champions League football next season.

His younger brother, Jordan was also a pale shadow of himself haven been rushed from a muscle injury sustianed during last weekend’s loss to Brest.

Marseille after the shocking home defeat drop to eight, four points adrift a Champions League place though with a game in hand.


  1. boss says:

    Jordan can be very shitty sometimes..jheeze..He needs to improve

  2. Dry says:

    @ boss did u watch the game before saying what u said about jordan

  3. Quincy says:

    Over rated players.

  4. massawudu says:

    I thought they were injured thats why they couldnt honour the blackstars game,hmm.asem beba debi.

  5. Kubu says:

    Marseille needs to back up to secure a CL slot

  6. askantwi says:

    Marseille is not good enough for Champions League for now.

  7. King Wise Don Fuzzy says:

    God is no fool……………………………

  8. benyvv says:

    Injured to play for GHANA,FIT FOR O.M courtesy of NYANTAKYI and his cohorts taking bribes.
    l feel gutted when players fake injuries when it comes to national duties.
    Meanwhile 99% of the BLACK STARS SQUARD would be no where without the black stars.
    A whole stand in captain is a bench warmer in a championship team.
    l will be surprised if we QUALIFY for the WC.

    • jb says:

      we got it man.. too much politics… the players in the BS roster are not the best ghana can present.. if you cannot make it to the first team in your team you need to be very exceptional to be invited like Boye…even then they shd look hard at the local league and beyond the European league.. the scouting is poor because this Serbian Coach is duping Ghana…it look the GFA is filled with incompetent guys… the embarrassing situation at half time in Philiy is the latest example….. How could this Serbian blame the performance of the BS on juju and embarrass is in the World press and let him keep his job..

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