Caf names Ghana among top seeds for 2013 AFCON, Black Stars to avoid Zambia & Ivory Coast

Ghana will avoid the big guns in the group stage of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in January after Caf seeded the Black Stars for the tournament in South Africa.

Ghana will avoid Zambia, Ivory Coast and South Africa in AFCON group stage

Ghana will avoid the big guns in the group stage of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in January after Caf seeded the Black Stars for the tournament in South Africa.

The Black Stars will not face Ivory Coast, hosts South Africa and champions Zambia in the group phase as the four countries were named as the top seeds for the competition.

But there is the potential of Ghana meeting arch rivals Nigeria, Morocco and DR Congo in the group stage as these footballing countries were seeded in different pots.

The draw for the tournament will be held on 24 October in Durban.

Teams in the same pot cannot be drawn against each other.

Seeding is based on results from the past three Cup of Nations tournaments in Ghana, Angola and Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, rather than Fifa rankings, and, theoretically, keeps the “big guns” apart.

Ivory Coast are among the top seeds, despite the abandonment of their second-leg tie with Senegal and no news of an official result from Caf.

The Ivorians were 6-2 up on aggregate when Saturday’s game in Dakar was called off because of crowd violence.

Tournament hosts South Africa are also among the top seeds, along with reigning champions Zambia and Ghana.

Cape Verde, who qualified for the first time in their history by pulling off a shock 3-2 aggregate victory over four-time champions Cameroon, are in the fourth pot.

Also among the lowest-ranked teams are 1962 champions Ethiopia, who have qualified for the first time since 1982.

The tournament takes place in South Africa between 19 January and 10 February 2013.


  • Pot one: South Africa, Zambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast
  • Pot two: Mali, Tunisia, Angola, Nigeria
  • Pot three: Algeria, Burkina Faso, Morocco, Niger
  • Pot four: Togo, Cape Verde, DR Congo, Ethiopia.





  1. Kay says:

    Bitter lesson learned at AFCON 2012 will help many teams: never underrate the minnows !!

  2. Solomon says:

    Good to be back where we belong.
    Time to spill some blood.
    This group is what i pray for.
    Up Nigeria.

  3. Solomon says:

    Good to be back where we belong.
    Time to spill some blood.
    We will never underrate any team,and we will take each game as it come.
    This group is what i pray for.
    Up Nigeria.

  4. compliments-China says:

    Who said Zambia is a big gun?my foot…Change the heading.Is Zambia a big gun?these Apes you mean?They should be in our group so that we eliminate them at the group stages.FOOLISH ZAMBIANS WITH DIRTY PLAYERS.

    • zed says:

      hey stupid punk zambia knocked u out wat crap are u talking foolish the dark of star of ghana afcon zambia 1 ghana 0 world cup zambia 1 ghana o to bad u want another one

    • Dojo Do says:

      I in all fairness we cant called other Africans or people for that matter as Apes…it is actually the Ghanaian team that thrushed the dressing rooms in Zambia after losing-not NEAT at all…but again its your opinion…

    • Papa says:

      Zambia is not “a” big gun. Zambia is “THE” big gun.The young and beautiful girl called the Afcon Trophy that every African guy wants is in the arms of a handsome dude called Zambia. Hahaha! The guy called Ghana will require a lot of plastic surgery to have any chance with her.

  5. compliments-China says:


  6. kuuku philly says:

    I don’t like it, I really wanted Zambia in the group stages but we shall still meet anyway…be warned ghostbursters..

  7. Solomon says:

    They may not be a african football giant,but they are african champions and you should respect them,afterall football moves in cycles.

  8. shinto says:

    ghana u ve bn saved by these seeding,unfortunately we’ll bash out in quarters chipolopolo

  9. black stars should be more focused and eleminate anythng that cross thm on the pitch.we need to show africa that we are pace setters and wll forever remain wth much optimist tht bstrs wll never go home wthout the trophy.there s one thng i know abt ghana we dont fail more than twice.go gh go!

  10. African Champion says:

    @ compliment-china
    Infact call us anything you’re pleased with. Those of you that wanted to meet us in the aerly stages of the championships, be carefull you might meet us imedialy after the group stages. And one other thing insults have never been a suitable language in talking football. Insults splits, but football brings us together.

  11. Nice one caf cant wait fo oct team wil b cheap in SA but da world class teams wil make their self known..


  13. compliments-China says:

    Dojo &African champions,
    l am saying and l repeat Zambians and Apes have no distinctions.Zambians are exactly Apes.They are ugly and Dirty looking people who themselves think never deserve anything so as soon as they were lucky to beat Ghana once they jumped to site to show their animal-like behaviours here.Since when did Zambia ever compared herself to Ghana?Since when?Dirty looking Apes.I have told you and l am saying it again…Zambians are Ugly looking people just as Apes.

    • Papa says:

      @Compliments-China, You’re an intellectually challenged fool who can’t argue rationally and that’s why you resort to insults. You belong to the age of Neanderthals and Homo Habilis. You’re not even fit to be in the same category as Homo Erectus. You Zinjanthropus!

    • GhBlackStars says:

      This monkey Zambians making noise.. Lets wait n see. How will you compare carpenter Chris Katongo to Rock John Mensah…Hahahaha…Urgly APE Katongo with the 1880 colonial haircut of a carpenter..Hahahahaha.

  14. compliments-China says:

    The arrogance of Zambians is a joke.They are extravagant in violence.Their behaviour and apearance are completely as Apes and they live as such.Do you know?My white friend who married a ZAMBIAN girl later thought was living with an Ape and Divorced her.The girl has since left for Zambia.

  15. compliments-China says:

    How many times has Ghana played both African cup and World cup as compared to the country full of Apes Zambia?We kept this cup 4 times and you being lucky to have it once ,the numerous pleasentaries?hohoho,you guys are really egocentric.Apelike people are always like this.What you have is the first and last for you.It remains your highest.Oh,why am exchanging words with Apes? Anyway Apes are entertaining so we shall continue to attract them on our site for entertainment .Come on give us more fun….The Apes are coming…All Ghanaians,remember not to touch them for they damn smell….ha shit….

  16. compliments-China says:

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  17. Ghanaians are Zambia's best friends says:

    Apes play and speak with apes. They eat together and drinks together. For the game of football, it’s nice to watch apes vs apes again. But one ape seemed dominating the other ape. Hence the other ape who is always being wired by his colleague, seemed to be so bitter and frustrated when seeing the other ape succeeding that he resorts to insults. We are yet to see more drama in 2013 AFCON SA as the jealous ape would to have a feel of a modernised AFCON fruit.
    Hahahahaha, lets wait and see. But that fruit seemed to be taken by elephant and an eagle. Then the two apes will remain quarreling and entertaining africa.

  18. swag says:

    It seems the rivary has shifted from Nigeria to Zambia. Only time will tell come JAN2013.

  19. African Champion says:

    @ Compliments-china
    Football is not a beauty contest,see again you’ve missed the whole point we’re talking football. Do you ever learn? you’ve already been told apes cant play football with humans. even if our katongo be as urgly as the urgliest imaginable he does football handsomely. Only people who feel inadequate resort to insults in order to compliment there inadequacy. You’re dangerously dull.

    • BoscoGh says:

      This whole insult about being ugly was started by Zambians on this site.

      I remember how you guys seize the least opportunity to insult Ghanaians on how “charcoal black” and “juju black” and “ugly black” Ghanaians are.Instead of talking football, Zambians invaded this site and showed gross disrespect to the ‘hosts’ of the site and insulted the generality of ghanaians from head to toe. Its such a pity.I found it unfortunate because zambians describe themselves and their country as achristian nation. Is this the best that can come from a so called christian nation?

      Zambians forgot that there is a limit to the level of abuse anybody can tolerate.Now that the scales have turned on you, unfortunately though, you are now saying that football is not a beauty contest.

      Please advise your countrymen to be civil and to show respect especially where this platform is GHANAIAN.That way you will also get some respect back.

      Good day

  20. zambia will always hammer Ghana says:

    ghana the fomar stars

  21. zambians are pigs says:


  22. Africa Soccer says:

    Ghana beats malawi and ethiopia(after switching off the lights) and they are “big guns”. They struggled at the AFCON and cudnt even come out 3rd place.

    Zambia beat Ivory Coast, Ghana X2, Senegal, Hosts Equitorial Guinea and never lost a single match at the AFCON, had more goals than Ghana and the team won the golden boot and other awards at the AFCON.

    The average IQ of people in this forum is about 60-90, i dont think any normal person whould compare Zambia and Ghana right now.

    Ghana is a good team and has a history but thats all it is, history.

    Look at head-head statistics from a non zambian site and non ghanian site and see which team is better.

  23. Africa Soccer says:

    And you people named:

    zambians are pigs says
    zambia is a shit hole

    Please stop insulting your country Ghana. Zambia ejacualated you out of the AFCON, resigned Gyan, and gave AA his first defeat.

    If your team can lose to pigs and apes twice in 3months, that really the Ghana team is the most useless in the world.

  24. Bullman says:

    This time around we will send gyan into permanent retirement.When Zambia put ghana to shame at the afcon they said Zambia was lucky and they vowed to come and discipline Zambia in a world cup qualifier,the day came Zambia outplayed ghana and luckily ghana only lost 1-0,truth be told they only had 1 tame shot on goal,excuse why they lost,the police attacked us after the game,after not during but truth be told it was boateng,badu,jordan who attacked the ref and no one touched any ghana player excuse after excuse——rest in peace ghana we will come to ghana just fix the flood lights we do not want the lights to go off when the ghana players get tired so that they can have a 2 hour rest in order for them to play the last 10 minutes.

  25. TROKOSI says:

    The sooner the Ghanaians accept the facts on the ground and wake up to reality the better. There are no more small teams. Your west African counterparts,Cameroun will be watching the AFCON from the television for a second time in a row and so will be Egypt. Being a top seed means nothing. We all have to prove ourselves on the pitch. I will say this again pride comes before the fall. The greatest weakness of the Ghanaians is pride and arrogance. You will be humbled and made to kiss the dust again. This time perhaps not even by Zambia but by maybe say Cape Verde. Watch this space. Be forewarned!!!

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  29. kuukus says:

    Ghana’s group will be 1.Ghana 2 Angola 3Morocco 4.Ethiopia

  30. zambian says:

    @Selfmade Oh self made u miss me i thot so dummy welcome

  31. compliments-China says:

    Papa is the most foolish animal in the whole world.Zambian bulls have no website till they run on ours.Any zambian who continue to comment on this web is an idiot.Evil doers are zambians.The will always work in darkness because they only want to struggle with Ghana but this time around,God is going to uncover you.Apes in Apes.PAPA big mouth with the most ugly face than katango learn to be sensible.Ghana will show you the door in South Africa period.

  32. zambian says:

    @Selfmade i come here jst to be ur tormenter.i dnt give a penny for ur insults.u know there was a guy named zambains are pigs the dude is now history u get the picture?????

  33. zambian says:

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  34. KOFI says:


  35. Nwankwo says:

    these Ghanians are not different from embeciles, no wonder they are busy sweeping the streets of lagos. look at how ugly and dirt Accra is.

  36. Master Dribber says:

    Stop insulting. Lets debate football

  37. Chi-nedu says:

    Why is Ghana bitter about Zambia’s success????? God will still punish Ghana at Afcon 2013 for their arrogance!!!!!! You wont smell the trophy 2013 is for Nigeria we are back, Ghana be warned..oooo!!

  38. selfmade says:

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  39. compliments-China says:

    Master Dribber AND papa,You are both equaly fools to the last points.I repeat that Zambians are all Apes since all of you smell so much as rotten pigs.How many times do you guys take showers per year? the most should be once.l remember when our players complained about how smelly the Zambian Ape players were that they could hardly breath.Foolish ASS.

  40. Amonike says:

    I have been reading all these arguments between Ghanaians and Zambians on this noble site and planned not to take sides.However,though we Nigerians have a strong rivary situation with Ghana,it will be stupid to say Zambia is better than Ghana.Zambia were only lucky to have beaten Ghana but that doesnt make them grow wings and get to the Ghanaian website with insults.My dear brothers from Zambia,what you are doing here is not good.This is bad because if someone enters your home to slap your grandmum,you will never sit down unconcerned.Zambian brothers here should not be too arrogant because even Nigeria knows that Ghana is a better side so how about my brothers from Zambia?Lets be pragmatic then.The truth is Zambia should stop they way they are commenting rampantly on this site.The fact that you were able to beat Ghana doesn’t mean you are a better side because almighty Brazil is beatable too.My brothers from Zambia,Just understand that your team is a young one with no experience so if God showed mercy on never let that be a weakness on the part of the Ghanaians.Respect is reciprocal as we all know.Zambians,respect our brothers from Ghana because Ghana has always been the country that can always stand for Africa on international levels and world competitions.They have been most of the time been the hope of Africa and that is the strength we are talking about and not only wining against them once or twice while your country has never been able to represent Africa in an International level.Even the bigest African Champions Egypt have lots of respect for Ghana.Look at the the just ended Women under 17 world cup ,,,Ghana .The under 20 world cup 2009 Ghana,World cup Germany and South Africa still Ghana the hope of Africa so l think all countries should not dispute the fact that Ghana is a very Big team in Africa.Zambia pls respect Ghana because they are the best.Nigeria is my homeland and we are great but we dont insult Ghana.

  41. zambia 4eva says:

    @Amonike u re so stupid we no u are not a nigeria u are jus clamin 2 be a nigerian u re a full black juju star ghana monkey.we zambiaz noz dat nigeriaz we neva eva support ghanaians.

  42. Amonike says:

    zambia 4eva,you are idiot .Are you my dad or mum to determine my nationality?lf l am not from Nigeria then where am l from?Am l from Zambia? Guy know that We nigerians are more closer to Ghanaians ok?From when did Zambia become a football nation?ln Nigeria ,we shall only be against Ghana when we are playing them but will support them if they are to play with Zambia because Zambia has no recognition as far as football is concerned.Kanu,siasia and those old players of our super eagle team all have great friends in Ghana and not Zambia.We Nigerians think Zambians are too arrogant.Afterall what has Zambia Achieved for Africa?Can Zambia compare her success to that of Ghana?Call a spade a spade it doesn’t matter whether you think l am from Nigeria or Ghana these are two best countries in Africa but l would rather perish if you said l was from Zambia.Your insults to me even make the comments of some Ghanaians make a lot more sense to me.From what you have said,Zambia will really be eliminated at the group stages of the competition and should they proceed,Ghana will rather not play you guys but Mighty nigeria will destroy you once.You will never see a world cup appearance. Foolish uneducated crook like your type.No Zambia in any world cup the best will be Africa cup period.Foolish Zambians.

    • BoscoGh says:

      Thank you again my brother.
      Historically, Ghanainas have had more friends with Nigerians than Zambians.

      I know for sure that in games that Nigeria had represented Africa,They had the support of Ghana.
      Ghana will only oppose Nigeria only where the two will meet in a competitive match.
      Nigeria has won olympic gold medal in soccer and had won many other laurels to make africa proud at the world stage. Has zambia ever done the african continent any proud?All that you do is to sit back and with the aid of luck win a few games over your opponents and then you start bluffing.

      We will see if zambia can come out from the group level in south africa

  43. selfmade says:

    Sepp blatter recently said that is about time the world world find a better solotion to the lottery of penalty because the better team always loses and he made apparent references to Chelsea winning the champions league over bayern though bayern dominated the entire match and also Zambia just like chelsea could only win the afcon through the lottery of penalties! So why is it that,eversince Zambia became afcon champions,everybody calling them lucky champions why?? If i was a zambian,these questions will bother me a alot!! Viva the revolutioncioonzc

  44. zambia 4eva says:

    Amonike u are a stupor u are a full blooded ghanaian we all noz dat.go n hug transforma

  45. African says:

    You fools are stereotyping and thinking those on this site represent the views of their countries.

    Far from it. In fact, most would be ashamed to see how trivialities lead to insults.

    Ghanaians and Zambians are both very humble and honourable people.

    Of course, there are anomalies. That is where those of you hailing insults come in.

    Firstly, ONE or TWO Zambians are out of order. They are are disgrace to themselves, NOT their country. They have issues, and will eargely await to provoke.

    STOP it please. Sometimes getting to the top is a lot easier than staying there. There is no evidence that you will remain there. In fact, so far it looks that you will struggle. Your football players have done their country proud, with humility and dignity. Take a leaf from them. If you come on this site, have respect and manners that I know Zambians have.

    To Ghana, of course you want revenge over your southern brothers. They surprised you twice. That is life. Do not be consumed by bitterness as your overall goals will be diverted. Your place in the history of African football is cemented. You are not guaranteed success – ask Egypt, but I think your team needs to improve playing as a team and not individuals.

    My Nigerian brother, do not lower yourself to throwing back insults….unless that is what you intended. Nigeria have under achieved lately, but they have a chance to redeem themselves.

    I think the team to beat in RSA will be Ivory Coast. They dispatched Senegal too easily. The North Africans will also hold their own. This tournament will not only be about black stars vs Chipolopolo – thank God for that.

    God bless you my African brothers…..and clean your mouths with soap and strong bleach.

    No insults. Lets see who the first certified fool that insults after my message

    • John John says:

      My brother you are full of wisdom. May God Bless you abundantly. I am a Zambian and I say may The almighty God gave you more years. Football is supposed to forster friendship, not insulting each other. Let us enjoy the beautiful game. As Zambians, we still have a lot of respect and admiration for great players of yester years- the Abedi Peles. I think if they read what people are writing they can be embarrassed.

  46. Amonike says:

    Zambia 4eva,Thank God people accept you to talk with people .Donkey as you are .Come to Nigeria and you will meet me in person.l am always excited refering to me as a Ghanaian because Ghana is a place to visit not you bushy Zambia.I can only hug a transformaer if you refer to me as a Zambian.Bull who fucks his blood sister.

  47. John John says:

    These insults are neuseating. Is there no way of editing them please? Football is played on the pitch, not in the press through insults. What has happened to the Nkrumah and Kaunda friendship? We have Kwame Nkrumah University in Zambia and this should show the friendship which exists between us. Why insult each other like this brothers? Football is just a game. Let us use it to make freinds, not war.

  48. Amonike says:


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