CAF sends Egyptian referee home after dubious penalty call

CAF has axed Egyptian Egyptian referee Ghead Grisha from Nations Cup

Egyptian referee Ghead Grisha who awarded a dubious penalty for Zambia against Nigeria has been sent packing.

Grisha hogged the headlines when he awarded a highly controversial penalty against the Super Eagles late in a Group C match on Friday to allow champions Zambia to draw level at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

A top official of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) confirmed on Sunday that the 36-year old Grisha, who became an international referee in 2008, will take no further part in the on-going championship in South Africa.

β€œHe has been sent home. He will have no further action at this Nations Cup. His decisions did not tally with best practices of the refereeing profession and we would not allow anyone to start re-writing the rules of the game here,” said the official.


  1. Phemostiga says:

    9ice one 4rm caf

  2. Headman Uzo -Chief Tembwe says:

    Its very sad that Referees are spoiling the game. There were many controversial decisions made by the referee in that game.
    He should have given another penalty to Nigeria because Mikel failed to score a clear penalty. Kennedy Mweene should have been given a red card for seemingly saving a penalty.
    Today is the big one. Ghana the Black stars have no option but to win so that they can meet either Nigeria or Zambia or even Bakina Faso or miraculously Ethiopia

    • Headman Uzo -Chief Tembwe says:

      Group C will meet group A. Dont get excited with the Nigeria and Zambia. This will be Ghana’s time. Group C will meet group D. Sparks continues.
      This has been one of the most mouth watering AFCON. No easy passage except for the Elephants

  3. GH FUO, THINK BIG!!! says:


  4. Makaveli says:

    Group A will rather meet Group B. so Ghana is likely 2 face cape verde or S.A.

  5. Pito says:

    Finally CAF is sitting up. That penalty was …. The last time it was a referee who forgot to bring his yellow cards to the pitch allowing players to go on butchering rampage.

  6. Joojo says:

    The referee for the Ghana vrs. Mali game should also be sent packing! His mistakes were even more fatal!!!

  7. Headman Uzo -Chief Tembwe says:

    The Zambian team did what they could but the decision was made by the Referee It could have been a repayment for DILAMBA

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