Christian Atsu's German wife Marie-Claire Rupio speaks about her husband

Christian Atsu's wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Christian Atsu’s wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Christian Atsu’s wife Marie-Claire Rupio says the 21-year-old Ghana whiz kid is passionate about humanitarian issues.

The 18-year-old met the Ghana international during his loan spell at Rio Ave last season and the two got married in 2012.

Christian Atsu's wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Christian Atsu’s wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Marie-Claire, a Hamburger, has replaced her German home with Vila Nova de Gaia because of her husband.

She tells the Portuguese media about her husband’s passion and where his interests lie.

“He is a strong person, does not cry easily, but he is very concerned about humanitarian issues,” she said.

Christian Atsu's wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Christian Atsu’s wife Maire-Claire Rupio.

Asked about her background and how she came to Portugal, she replied: “I’m living in Vila Nova de Gaia, but I’m a native of Hamburg, Germany but always loved Portugal.

{I was 14 when I came here the first time, specifically the Algarve, and was blown away.

“That was how I came to the Portugal. And Porto is, in my opinion, an extraordinary city with many beautiful buildings and bridges everywhere.

“I love the Atlantic, the Portuguese lifestyle and good food.”

Ghana international Christian Atsu.

Ghana international Christian Atsu.

She admits enjoying her stay in Portugal though he never gave the idea of staying away from a her native Hamburg a chance.

“Yeah, it’s true. I’ve never done anything like that but I like it a lot. Never thought it was a job so fun and funny to do. I love the experience! These are moments that will stay in my heart.”


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