Coach Sellas Tetteh confident of a 'refined' Ghana U20 team in African Cup qualifier against Gabon

Published on: 3 years ago
Coach Sellas Tetteh confident of a 'refined' Ghana U20 team in African Cup qualifier against Gabon
Ghana U20 coach Sellas Tetteh

Ghana U20 coach Sellas Tetteh believes he will have a ‘refined’ team by the time the Black Satellites take to the field against Gabon in the first leg of the ultimate qualifier for next year’s African Youth Championships.

The Black Satellites were held to a thrilling draw by a skillful Namibia U23 side on Sunday at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The Namibians emerged the toast of the few Ghanaian supporters who were present for the game.

Woody Jacobs’ side excited the fans with their skillful display – forcing the Ghanaian team at times to erratic play.

Some of the Ghanaian supporters left the stadium concerned over the performance of the Black Satellites’ performance against the Namibian U23 team.

But coach Sellas Tetteh is confident his team will be ready for the qualifier against Gabon having achieved the objectives set for the friendly draw against the Nambian U23 team on Sunday.

“We have our objective for this game and we have achieved this our objective,” he told

“This is a friendly game and even though the result for me is important, the performance is also very important.

“We have detected some of our mistakes and we will be working on it.

“Remember also that this is the U23 side of Namibia.”

“I can assure you that by August 17, we will have a refined side for the game against Gabon.”

Ghana will play host to Gabon in the first leg of the ultimate qualifier for the 2015 African Youth Championships on August 17.


  • salinsa
    says: 3 years ago
    & of course this is also a true ghana under 23
  • maubs
    says: 3 years ago
    is it only me who has detected this ? someone tell me, how come we read on gsn this and the other ghana youth born oversas is doing this or the other somewhere from appiah to tetteh the mantra seems to be only local players? our league loses its best every year but it seems the local recruits then get better goes foriegn and the new local ones get better than them. what is going on?If Nigeria uses its foriegn born boys at youth tournaments why dont we use the youth set up to broaden our search for talent wherever they are born if they are ghanaians? tetteh has won the world u21, has brooded a lot of our best players but in the last u21 we could have won the tourney. trust me. and go watch some of the games again. may be if we can become addicted to winnig and not just doing well then whatever we do we will not rest on past but try to go next level.may be win unbeaten?, win with a particular style? but i dont see that about bobo. so if he is reading people are touting him for bs job so prove to us you can do so and we will forever back you.
  • eyison
    says: 3 years ago
    I think I agree with what the coach is saying. to succeed, you must first fail. what if we win all our preparatory games and perform abysmal at the tournament proper. patience should be our virtue