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Coup in Nigeria fails as Aminu Maigari is set to be returned as NFF President

Published on: 12 August 2014
Aminu Maigari is set to be returned as NFF President

Aminu Maigari is set to be re-instated as Nigeria Football Federation President after the Executive Committee were forced to climb down by what a top official called 'majority congress position'.

Maigari was removed from office by a vote of 8 out of 13 members of his executive committee.

That number skirted the borderline of legality, as the NFF statutes stipulate that an executive committee member can only be removed by a two-thirds majority.

In this case, 8.7 constitutes two-thirds of 13.

However controversy over the numbers was removed when one of those members, Ahmed Kawu, claimed that his signature was forged in the impeachment document, bringing the number to 7, and less than the required two-thirds.

The decision was expected to be ratified at an Extraordinary Congress on July 31.

However, that Congress was postponed a day before it was to hold for what the NFF Exco described as 'unforeseen circumstances'.

A day later, 30 out of the 46 voting members of Congress met and resolved that Maigari be returned to office.

They argued that the dismissal of Maigari did not follow laid down legal procedures "as provided in Articles 35(3) of the NFF Statutes – Agenda for meetings and Article 37 of the NFF Statutes – Dismissal of a person or body."

Furthermore, they reiterated Ahmed Kawu's position that his signature on the impeachment document was falsified.

On Monday in Abuja, the members prevailed on the executive committee members to reverse the removal of Maigari.

The decision was resisted by some members of the Exco, who have threatened to resign in protest.

That is however, not expected to affect the decision, which could be announced as early as Tuesday.

This came after he successfully fought off a government-backed campaign to remove him from office last month after the country participated at the World Cup.


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