Court asks ex-Black Stars striker Arthur Moses to give divorced wife three more houses

Arthur Moses

Arthur Moses

The Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that ex-Ghana striker Arthur Moses give his divorced wife three more houses as part of the divorce settlement.

The former Marseille striker confirmed last month his ex-wife was in court asking for more despite building two houses for her and another her mother.

“The court has ruled in our favour, it was a unanimous victory, 7-0,” Counsel for the ex-wife told

His divorced wife claimed she deserved the compensation package because Moses prevented him from working during his playing time.

Moses, team manager of Ghana Premier League side Berekum Chelsea, has not seen his kids for the past five years and intends to carry out a DNA test as soon as he sets eyes on them.

He is the third ex-Ghana international to have divorced his wife after Nii Odartey Lamptey’s revelation he did not father all his three kids with his wife Gloria.

Former Black Stars captain John Mensah recently separately with his wife after 15 years ago.

These recent cases are to warn current Ghanaian players to be careful of the women they marry.


  1. Collinso papa says:

    He should forget about everything and hand everything to God in prayers.
    Is only in Ghana that this will happen.
    No wonder we are not moving ahead as a nation. How can you give three houses to one person. Where can she sleep a day. And what does she want in this world.
    The Supreme Court has always fail. They have nothing good to offer Ghanaians. Stomach leaders.

  2. Thegreatest says:

    Atuguba and Baffoe-Bonnie slept with her

  3. Assisi says:

    If you go for gold-diggers, that’s what you are going to get. Prostitutes are all over the place who take advantage of men with money. I feel sorry for Arthur Moses. He should employ a top lawyer to help him in court and he’ll end up paying almost nothing to that bitch.

  4. naanbaat Ina says:

    Well! demanding compensation isn’t bad. But 3 houses b too much. Why 3 houses? Dat’s just unfaire.

  5. dream says:

    Hope these players marry hardworking women with education. It serves them right.

  6. DOGO says:

    What!! Ghana supreme court gave that stupid ruling? What a stupid country we have. The guy built a house for her and her mother for crying out loud. Ok I can understand one additional house or one and half but 3? those gay judges must have been influenced by money or something. what a shame

  7. kofi says:

    He should give more in addition to the 3 house

  8. tymer says:

    Massa get informed about the issues before insulting the court. Go and check how much Abramovich was ordered to pay his wife when they divorced. It’s called alimony…Guess that’s quite a big word for dimwits like you. Ghana is not a stupid country, you and your useless family are.

  9. Queen says:

    It is called the Jurisprudence of Equality. She gets half of the marital property. Besides, were you in court ? Did you hear her testimony? The judges did. So shut your trap if you do not have any cogent arguments. Until you do please refrain from calling women prostitutes! #getsomeeducation.

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