Cristiano Ronaldo says he slept through World Cup draw

2014 FIFA World Cup Group G with Portugal drawing Germany, USA and Ghana.

2014 FIFA World Cup Group G with Portugal drawing Germany, USA and Ghana.

While the eyes of the football world were focused on Brazil for the World Cup draw, Cristiano Ronaldo caught up on his beauty sleep. 

Ronaldo didn’t watch Friday’s draw, when his native Portugal was placed alongside Germany, Ghana, and the United States in Group G, because he was “sleeping,” he told a news conference on Sunday.

When he did awake to see his country’s positioning, he felt confident about their chances.

“It’s a very difficult group. Germany is always a candidate to win it, Ghana and the United States are great teams, so it’s difficult,” Ronaldo said.

“But from my point of view, we can get through. It depends on how confident the team is. The team’s training camp will be very important.”


  1. TC the zambian patriot says:

    Well go and sleep again Ronaldo & I assure you that when you wake up at the end of June 2014, Ghana and Germany will have qualified. You are dreaming that Germany tops & then Portugal comes 2nd. Unfortunately, for portugal even the permutations won’t be like that becuase (1) Ghana (2) Germany (3) USA (4) Portugal. I am African without anything against Portugal but I know what these African boys are capable doing as well as some heartache they capable of inflicting

  2. fred says:

    well said TC. We are capable of anything as world cup is concern.guys we have Soccernet watsup page if u are interested just hit this digits 0543698566

  3. Boro says:

    Finally, the ball is in our court and I think, I agree with AA when he said it all boils down to preparation. What I will like to add though is commitment, stamina, prevention of naivety (concentration at all time) and our technical bench.
    I think we need to prepare well physically to give us the stamina we need. The members of the BS team should on individual basis begin to work on their stamina so that they can go all out during the tournament should they be selected. The Ghanaian players to avoid any lackadaisical attitudes in each of the 90 minutes they will play.
    Players of the BS team should begin to put it in their minds that they are going out there to win each and every match no matter the pedigree of the opposing teams. I mean “the can do spirit”. The Ghanaian psychologist needs to begin working on the team right now!!!
    Possible Oppositions
    First of all, with the draws out I think the video analyst should begin to look out for the shortfalls of all the teams we have been paired with and AA work out good strategies to map out these teams like he did to Egypt. He must choose teams with similar strategies for our international friendly games and try these strategies base on the strong and weaknesses of these teams to see how those strategies will work. Going forwards AA should know that there is possibility that the teams we are going to meet might be able to either passes the ball than us or try to catch us on swift counter attacks or surprise us with long passes. There can also be a situation where opposing teams might try to get set pieces in dangerous positions or even cause numerical disadvantage. In the mist of all these in AA’s mind how is he going to map out a strategy to avoid all these problems? For instance, in the return match against Egypt his strategy of swift counter attack did not work well. Although we got a consolation goal through that in the dying minute of the match, I think that strategy was well executed. How is he going to correct that?
    If I am to remind AA of the 2006 world cup in Germany, we lost to Brazil by three goals. In that match we had more possession of the ball than the Brazilians however; it only took two piercing passes from Ronaldinho which caught our defense flat and sleeping. In fact, such passes threatened our defense throughout that game. How is AA going to prevent such technical disability from happening to this team?
    Lessons learned?
    In our match against Egypt in Kumasi although we won that match 6-1 against Egypt, AA made a basic mistake which when made in the world cup could cause us a red card and therefore numerical disadvantage. This is the foul committed by Rashid Sumaila which caused us the penalty. In the first place I think it was a red card offense and when he escaped what AA should have done was to substitute him. In the big stage like the world cup what the opposing team will do is always try to attack through him to commit another bookable offence. Had RS attracted the red card could BS have won by that margin?
    I must also state that the continuing turning of one of the most skillful players in the team into a defender in the person of Kwadwo Asamoah is not helping the team. He should rather find a player who can do his work at the left back position well to free KA rather than the current approach.
    Ghana’s Group
    With our group for this coming 2014 world cup, I think it is a good group for us, if we really want to go farther than the previous world cups. Unless, we are just there to add to the numbers because it is the toughest of all the groups and if we are able to sail through in this group “Isha Allah” we can be sure of reaching the semis and then to the final. After all, as the saying goes “one need to be better than good in order to compete with the best of the world”
    Wish you well AA.

  4. Crusader7 says:

    Let’s make the best goalkeeping choices. Look again at Sammy Adjei and Amoako!! Nobody should tell me they have lost form. take them through fitness training, and see the magic

  5. spellBOUND says:

    HAHAHAH, on the field, i like ronaldo, but off the field its another matter. it seems hes still as cocky and overconfident as ever. the idea that he didnt even care enough about the draw to be curious about it speaks to this fact.

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