David Accam confident of coping with Ghana pressure

David Accam insists he can cope with Ghana pressure

David Accam insists he can cope with Ghana pressure

Ghana new boy David Accam says he has the temperament to cope with the pressure that comes with playing for the Black Stars.

The 22-year-old Helsingborg striker was a surprise inclusion in coach Kwesi Appiah 23-man squad for Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Sudan at the Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi.

The former Right to Dream Academy graduate is aware of the enormity of the task placed on his shoulders but confident he can deal with the pressure.

“I am really excited to be in Ghana and it’s every boy’s dream to play for his country. It’s always amazing to play for your country so I am really happy,” Accam told reporters

“Anytime you get into football it’s about pressure. I play in the Champions League, there is a massive pressure in Sweden for people to watch you play.

“Pressure on the pitch is the same everywhere, so I can cope with the pressure.

“I love to play football. Anytime I score, I am happy, my family are happy and my friends are happy.

“I would do my best and I would not do anything different. I would just do what I am used to like taking players on and scoring goals.”

Accam has been in fine scoring form in the Swedish top-flight where he has scored important goals for Helsingborg.


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