Demoralised Ghana seek strength to face Mali in AFCON playoff

Ghana, down and out after their shock semi-final loss to Burkina Faso here Wednesday, will pick thermselves up to face Mali in the third-place play-off, assistant coach Maxwell Konadu said.

Mubarak Wakaso scores from the spot for Ghana against Burkina Faso - 2013

Ghana, down and out after their shock semi-final loss to Burkina Faso here Wednesday, will pick thermselves up to face Mali in the third-place play-off, assistant coach Maxwell Konadu said. 

Despair was etched all over captain Asamoah Gyan’s face at the post-match  press conference following the 3-2 penalty shootout loss to a team ranked 66  rungs below them in FIFA’s world table.
The defeat leaves them heading down to Port Elizabeth for the bronze-medal  tie on Saturday rather than lining up in Soweto’s Soccer City 24 hours later  against Nigeria in the final.
Ghana arrived at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations with high hopes of securing  their first title for 31 years, but instead face a repeat of last year when  they finished fourth after losing 2-0 to Mali in a play-off.
Konadu said it was up to him, head coach Kwesi Appiah and the rest of the  technical staff to lift the players’ morale.
“It’s our responsibility to motivate the team, to encourage them. We’ll do  our best.”
Konadu, standing in for Appiah, who was not up to attending the press  conference, added: “Everyone back home was expecting us to win the Cup, but it  didn’t happen.
“But all is not lost. We will go out and fight against Mali for third  place, and then reorganise ourselves for the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.”
He praised Gyan and the rest of the team for their performance despite the  painful outcome.
“The boys did their best but we lost, we will take it as men, and good luck  to Burkina Faso.”
Appiah, a member of the last Ghana side to win the title in 1982, later  felt up to giving his reaction on domestic television.
“Burkina are a very, very good team. It was a very competitive game but we  were just unlucky. We had some chances before full-time, but we did not take  them,” he said.
“When it comes to penalties, anything can happen. Unfortunately, we did not  make it.
“I think the ambition of every coach is to try and win it, and it was my  ambition to try and win it.
“I’m building the team now and looking at the performances of the players  who did well. There are some young players and the future looks bright.”
Gyan refused to apportion blame to the Mbombela Stadium pitch, which has  come in for heavy criticism after a fungal infection killed swathes of grass  before the tournament began, leaving it resembling a sandpit.
“We cannot find excuses with the pitch we only saw for the first time  before the game. We came here to win but, unfortunately for us, the better side  won on penalties.”
The former Sunderland striker added: “I’m proud of the team, we came here  to win this game and go to the final — we’re all really sad at the moment but  that’s only normal.
“We’ll be down, but we have to psyche ourselves up again for the third  place game. We’ll try our best.”

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  1. Ansong says:


    • Ghanaman says:

      You are a DEVil and ALlah will strike you down!!

      • Modine says:

        I agree with you Ansong, that we need smart and educated people from Cape Coast to run the Black Stars or the GFA. The dumb and the dumber, as well as the stupid have taken over the GFA. Akwesi Appiah does not have the smarts, he is useless, less intelligent and lacks mental fortitude to lead the Black Stars. Asamoah Gyan, another idiot who wasted two clear chances to score with his uncreativeness shoul follow. Both have to go. We do not need Asamoah Gyan anymore in the Black Stars. His lack of intellect for that position means we need to find someone else to do the job.

        Why is Sillas Tetteh or Kuuku Dadzie not coaching the Black Stars? Its all politics. The stupid Asantes have dirtied the GFA. For us to qualify for the World Cup, we will need a competent coach like Sillas Tetteh or Kuuku Dadzie to take over.

        I am even more pissed off to see this idiotic coach let Vorsah kick a penalty. Unbelievable


    Even reaching that semi final was a fluke!!

    • Ghanaman says:

      Devilish Zambian Allah will strike you down!!

      • Gerabo Unit says:

        We dont deal with Allah down here ! (He is apparently outside coverage area in Zambia !)

      • Luapula Fish says:

        @Ghanaman ..When did you repent ? Your insults will forever be remebered ,at times even your own Ghanians were insulted to the extreams . Being moslem should not make you a bad person instead,and i wish you can go for a retreat where you can learn the basics of life . I have seen Zambians and some Ghanians trying to make peace and debate reasonably ,but you have always been the worst blogger under the sun.

  3. yopoo says:

    You can’t go to heaven with a stolen bible this coach was trying to run away from d fact that Dede Ayew is better than Abelt adomah,Jordan Ayew is beter than Boakye and Daviid Nii Addy is beter than Akaminko even Daniel Nii Adjei is bettr than solomon asante who couldn’t have jst one cross into the box.I know we are not going anywhere with this confuse politician who is still mourning NPP defeat to d NDC who want to expose than akan guys only.shame on you and nyantekyi if we talk of good local coach then where Sellas Tetteh? Is high time we stop this morons and Ape from leading us to the bush.


    The boys shud have taken more time practicing penalties than on ugly hair cuts. Now tell me if Nigeria or BF Wins the cup will it be a fluke?? A ten man BF tore Ghana apart. And am happy justice prevailed. Ghana failed to win a game which was already fixed. Ghana was lucky to even go pass cape verde!!

  5. chicco says:

    Ghana do not know how to shoot penalties,chipolopolo is better than them.

  6. yopoo says:

    Referees always favour us with doggy penalties and from all the games we played we only had 8 shots at which tells you how poor the team is we must start building by chasing the coach.Nigeria didn’t qualify for the previous afcon they are here this time and see where they are in the final is not too late to learn.


    It was CAF vs Burkina Faso and Burkina Faso won! Phwaaaa hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha ahahha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahah hahaha ahhaa hahaha hahaha hahahha hahh hahha hahaha hahahh hahaha hhaha kekeke kekeke kekeke ekeke kekee kiki kiki kiki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. gentle john says:

    I said it but people did not listen to me,they think since we are wining by the help of referees the team is good,i said it from day 1 that this coach is the worst Black Stars coach i have ever seen in many years,CAF wanted Ghana to go to finals at all so they started stealing for us from our second match,i was very sad yesterday not because we did not go to the finals but i was sad because Black Stars were playing primary school team,he must sack now before he totally destroy the Black Stars.

  9. Djeniko says:

    To save face Ghana government and d FA should have a joint statement that they condemn d ref’s decisions that looks like help to ghana. Ghana has lost face worldwide.

  10. gentle john says:

    I said it but people did not listen to me,they think since we are wining by the help of referees the team is good,i said it from day 1 that this coach is the worst Black Stars coach i have ever seen in many years,CAF wanted Ghana to go to finals at all so they started stealing for us from our second match,i was very sad yesterday not because we did not go to the finals but i was sad because Black Stars were playing like primary school team,he must sack now before he totally destroy the Black Stars.

  11. Ghanaman says:

    And Allah will strike down all the enemies of Coach Appiah!!!

    We did well at this cup but, it was not meant to be!!

    • bola coach says:

      Did i read that AA said we were unluck? After giving us a soft penalty, denying Burkina a penalty and a goal and and even sacking their best player, what luck did AA want again. May be he wanted the referee to kick the ball into the net for us. I am annoyed we did not win but i am ashamed the referee’s conduct could not help the inept AA to win this match.

    • zambian says:

      your allah must be bitter? all he knows is striking people? he must be a useless one.

      • Musah sulaiman says:

        Are really from Zambia? fool don’t you look at your face? you are the son of Devil and you will end with him in hell fire, and am telling you now that if you play with the name of Allah you will see your end,


    You should at least be ashamed of CAF for playing against BFaso but still lost. Allah is Great. Justice still prevailed at the of the day!!

  13. Chanda says:

    Ghanian you cry babies, justice has prevailed, embrace yourselves we coming to wire you pants down. Chipolopolo is the team. You shud come and camp in zambia to play divison 3 league. thats where you belong.

  14. Asempa says:

    I said, that gay vice president at the team’s camp will bring bad luck on the team. Nw you see hw luckless we were yesterday. May the power of Almighty God reign in GHANA.

  15. yopoo says:

    @Asampa How can call our vice president a gay? I’m ashamed of you dirty minded politician fool mind you the hand of God is on Ghana that’s why NDC won the election.

  16. irhivboje uduehi says:

    ghanians again..u cudnt win a fixed match..shame on u

  17. kwa george says:



    Before the tournament ivory coast and Ghana were in the final. Kuju Kuju Kuju. Football is never played on paper!!

  19. Modern Guy says:

    Ghana deserved to lose the game. They have been so poor throughout the tournament with no striker. Until Ghana reverse to our traditional 4-4-2, Ghana will never again win the Nation’s Cup. The coach is poor and the team he took to the AFCON was not the best Ghana could offer. Personal egoism of the coach and the GFA robbed Ghana the opportunity of playing in the finals. Wait, it is even a face saving situation for Ghana by God as Nigeria would have completely disgraced Ghana in the finals.
    Sack Appiah as you sacked “Plavi” when he failed to win the Cup. We are waiting. GFA, we are waiting unless you want to be hypocritical here.

  20. Musonda says:

    So ba Ghana ati shani ?!!!
    U guys thought/think too highly of yourselves. Hope this teaches u humbleness. Zambia has always been among the best but lowly in heart i think.

  21. African says:

    Ghana are just a finished team, the last time they won AFCON I wasnt even born but they want to claim to be a BIG TEAM. And even went ahead to buy the ref, how much was that Tunisia ref paid? Ghana lost the game in regulation time. Disallowed goal by BF, denied penalties and a WRONG sending off… and a dubios penalty for the black stars. Get it into your heads, you are not as good as you want us to believe.

  22. Bro G the Zambian says:

    The worst game to play at such tournaments as AFCON and the World Cup is the 3rd and 4th playoff. Overated Black Stars doing it for the second time in a row must very painful. At least Zambia came back with no loss. And who knows, the second loss might just be coming your way this weekend. Serves you right for being too loud. And tell you what, you were very lucky not to have been humiliated in regulation time by BF. Playing with the ref on your side will never ever take you anywhere. Shame on you black stars and go! go! go! the stallions.

  23. African Consciousness says:

    I do not want Coach Appiah to be sacked I would prefer if he hands in his resignation. He should have gone to meet the media and not send his assistant Konadu. When Ghana won he was not shy about facing the media so why does he shy away when Ghana loses? That was a cowardly act. Appiah should resign and not be sacked. He should resign and let the players and the Ghana FA decide if they still want him in charge.

  24. kalonji says:

    As a nation we should wiseup, we need creative players in our national team and clinical finishers not Asmoah Gyan because if he was a good striker we shouldn’t have gone to the penalty shootout at all.I am praying that any time we have a major tournament he should get injured so that we can give different person a chance. GFA is a failure, we pay huge bonuses to the players yet they can’t win trophy’s why should it happen so FUCK GFA MEMBERS!!!!!

  25. sim2 says:

    Ghana played like school boys! BF washed the black star to clean white! No defender could tame the mighty bance! I wish he was Zambian. Now u small boys what u say? Are you again going to blame black magic for your humiliation? Heve Rena was right some pipo always reach quarter finals but never get the cup! At least we got it last year! In this world only champions r remembered not pipo who claim to be the best and yet no issue-no cup. Ghana Pwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can’t laugh enough. My ribs are in pain! Hahahaaha! Some body help me my ribs r breaking!

  26. sana says:

    So you havent featured at a final for 30 years and you have not even won any important tittle yet you were busy being hurtful and bitter with us? Shame on you and saves you right! phwahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahah

  27. sana says:

    Phwaaaaaahahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhaha, iyee i cnzt stop laughing you will be just escorting everyone to the top hahahahhahahahahahahhahaha, sory am still laughing, no tittle for you always escorts, always being used hahahhahahahahahha, hehehehehehhhehehhehe!

  28. adwoa says:

    The players did their best…akwasi appiah let us down…his substitutions were appalling..where was jonathan mensah? Anthony annan? Derrick boateng just spoilt the play…wakaso shouldn’t have been replaced….we lost the game the moment asante was introduced into the game

    • zambian says:

      its bitter sweetness…. always finding a reason for excuse. even with the help of the twelveth player(referee) and a dubious penalty, a disallowed clear goal and a wrong send off. you could not win.

  29. Dr Who says:

    Look at this shameless fools who couldnt even qualify from their group.You are here again rattling nonsense.Instead of finding solutions to your problem of scoring goals,you are here fooling.

  30. sofoko says:

    I don’t know why Ghanians think their team is quality. STUPID GHANAIANS apart from a few like GH FUO, THINK BIG who are objective and want their team to progress.Look at how they were outplayed by Cape verde. Had it not been for that penalty, one wonders what would have happened. Ghana was also in the easiest of groups which also meant easy passage to the knockout phase.You did not only lose but were outplayed by a 10 man BF despite the ref being on your side. Do you know the FIFA ranking of BF? That team which played in the last afcon was better. Your coach is an idiot. He substitutes a best penalty taker in extra time. What an overrated team

  31. Saidi says:

    Ghana used to be a power house in african they re now lossing that respect we usd to give them, why playing with refferees favour??????? Caf wanted u to go throuhg but God dnyd it. Now wait for zambia to come and finish u khoumas.

  32. Congoman says:

    You losers, escortees as the brothers from Chipolopolo say!!.
    The question is very simple; Where is the CUP, what happen to the CUP?..
    Talk is cheap cheap people. You won’t see Brasil with Blah blah blah, or Lalaland!.

  33. Congoman says:

    So Will CAF give you the same Refferee when you play Zambia?.
    You Ref’bribers!!. Shaaaame on the Black Stars. We African have lost
    Respect on you because of you Love to bribe refs!. It’s a pity thing to see
    You reduced to this just because you so desperate to smell the glory like Zambia and Burkina very soon.lool.


    Mixed emotions for Burkina boss
    07 Feb 2013 10:45:31

    There were conflicting feelings going through the mind of Burkina Faso coach Paul Put after his team advanced to the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) final.

    The Stallions triumphed in a drama-filled west African clash against Ghana at the Mbombela Stadium on Wednesday night, winning the penalty shoot-out 3-2. The match ended 1-1 after 120 minutes.

    After the underdogs made it out of a tough Group C, Put and his men had good reason to celebrate.

    “In the beginning we should not have qualified, but now we are in the final. I’m very happy with this victory and very happy that we made it to the final,” Put said on Wednesday.

    In their seven other appearances at the finals, Burkinabé have been eliminated in the first round on each occasion and have won very few matches. They finished fourth in 1998 when hosting the competition.

    But there was a damper on the historic occasion, as the tournament came to an end for the Stallions’ star player, Jonathan Pitroipa.

    Having already lost their top scorer, Alain Traore to injury, Burkina will also be without Pitroipa for Sunday’s final against Nigeria.

    One of the best players of the tournament, the skilful winger received a second yellow card for an alleged dive just inside the Ghana box, minutes before the final whistle.

    Tunisian referee Slim Jedidi had made several controversial calls, with most of them appearing to go against Burkina Faso.

    These included a soft penalty for Ghana, the rejection of a penalty claim by the Stallions, a disallowed Stallions goal, and Pitroipa’s dismissal.

    “I think the best player of the day was the referee,” said an emotional and sarcastic Put.

    “He was at a very great level. I was feeling ashamed; it was very clear that Burkina Faso would not be allowed to reach the final. The second yellow card of Pitroipa was ridiculous.

    “I told the players at halftime that we didn’t need the referee to win and pass to the final.”


    If there is a great example of a star that does not shine then its a black star. Coach A.A. Phwahahahahahaha phwahahahaha phwahahahaha kekeke kekeke kekke kekeke hehhe hehe kke pwi pwi pwi pwi pwi pwi kwe kwe kwe kwe bwi bwi nyo nyo nyo nyo pwa haha hahahah hahaha haha!!!!!

  36. josimar kwesi says:

    Overated,overhyped,overfed bunch of mediocre players dat Ghana paraded,even wit the wit match fixed,we cud’nt still beat bf,shame on Ghana football, Issa hayatou Led corrupt Caf need to be dissolved,dozed off like mr Hayatou dozz occationally during matches cud nt afford to watch ds boring bunch of morons making Ghana the Laffing ind international media,no team respect or fear Ghana or even ivory coast any more,the we go bak to the drawing board using Nigerian example the better for us.

  37. PITO says:

    Well done A.A but you need to see what I PITO is seeing because they say the one cutting out a path may not realise when the path is bending.

    We lost this game from the midfield. DEREK BOATENG. Akwasi Appiah, your friend. Most of us supported you to win the cup because we had no option. We all know DEREK is only good at fouling the opposition and giving passes which get intercepted by the opponent and brings pressure on the defence but NO, A.A likes Derek Boateng.
    We had a fit Annan on the bench, we could have taken Promising Frimpong but NO, A.A you are a good friend of Derek Boateng who happens to be an oldhorse.

    By the way, if I may ask, why is the CAPTAIN of A soccer nation like Ghana plying his trade in THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES? despicable! whose idea was that? this is sickening and a LIE

    Can a team in ARAB emirates beat Italian seria B side sassuolo or French Ligue one side Marseille.?

    Pitriopa and Dieumerci Mbokani of Burkina and DRC respectively play in the french Ligue 1. Look how sharp they were. IMAGINE IF ANYONE OF THOSE WERE OUR STRIKEMAN UPFRONT. Wait here comes the bitter truth bit… WE HAVE PLAYERS IN FRENCH LEAGUE 1 WHOSE CLUB DOMINATES THE CLUB OF THESE PLAYERS.
    ASAMOAH GYAN will not get any sharper,
    His sharpness has come and gone because he sold it at its prime to the highest bidder instead of maintaining it.
    After all the years of exposure we have given him by taking him to 2 world cups and many Afcons. Remember he used to play upfront with Mathew Amoah until amoah dissapeared. We need to sacrifice that same time we gave him to the promising strikers in RBY and Jordan and hope they do not betray us like Gyan has done when they finally get to their top prime by selling out.

    Reconstruct the teams mentality and formation. We cannot stick to one formation for an entire tournament against different teams. GET OVER YOUR EGO and be a MANAGER.
    We should adopt 4-4-2 as our prime FIRST formation with RBY and JORDAN.

    The 4-5-1 formation can be used only when we are okay with a draw, though we may get a win.
    A.A we like you but pleas
    ee Do something now or step aside for someone else more competent. Thank you.

    Nyantakyi of GFA either you sit up or you LEAVEEEE

  38. Blakroze GH says:

    Hmmm, thank you zambians especially for laughing at us, erm I think you guys won it last year with the current crop of players and to prove to the world that you are a power house and not FLUKE CHAMPIONS, you have made it to the finals of AFCON 2013, congratulations one more time cos even though you did not meet Ghana this time you managed to advance to the FINALS and are going to play against NIGERIA, we the foolish people of Ghana has done nothing for 31 years but always gone to the 3rd and 4th place all the time so I guess we are consistent bronze battlers, even a zambian said it,@SANA that Ghana has never been to the finals before for 31 yrs after winning the cup, so in order for what he said to remain true CAF has decided to strike out our 1992 finals with CIV(where they won by a penalty shootout), and 2010 finals with Egypt ,Ghana has always been as far as the 3rd ,d 4th position(official from today to only zambians)….we wish your great chipolopolo boys all the best in sundays finals against Nigeria, and I hope you do the same as we shamefully meet mali for the second time within 2 years to battle out the 3rd and 4th positions, pls win the trophy back to back again, and we will call you the best in Africa……..if half of what I’m sayin is TRUE then you guys can run your stinking mouths on our blog accompanied by your smelling, kekeke’s and phwahaha’s but if you honestly know that you didn’t MAKE IT OUT OF YOUR GROUP as defending champions and as such won’t be playin any match on saturday or sunday, leave us the west africans to decide who is fit to be seen as the BEST TOP 4 in Africa for the year 2013…..meanwhile I’d suggest you quickly go back to the Chickens you’ve been raping and continue with your beastly acts, fools who couldn’t win a single match in the year 2013, and have the nerve to disrespect us on our site….not even the best 8 in africa but are the 1st to laugh at us, look here you fools, we will always be your boss in soccer cos it is no secret that we are disappointed with our habitual 3rd and 4th but you guys will have been proud to achieve such a feat this year, so please stop this pwahaha’s and kekeke’s like you are some jackals and think of nxt months WC qualifiers…..FOOLS

    • joe zambian says:

      Blakroze GH,zambia won the 2012 afcon because of hard work and not by guys talked a lot about our win as if we tied your legs not to over rate your players and yourselves thinking that ghana is the best in real and get a leaf from what greece did in europe.prepare well and talk less.

    • Gerabo Unit says:

      Blakroze GH Dont waste our time waffling over spilt milk and playing around with figures you cant convert on the field. To be honest with you, our Zambian Netball team would have done better at penalty taking than those stuffed penguins puppies you call players. Swallow your pride my broda and rest assured that Ghana’s days on the field are officially over !

    • Ghanaman says:

      Dirty ugly ape! Allah will punish you!!!


    A.A. Phwahahaha ekekekeke kikikiki hehehe hehehe ehehe kwe kwe kwe pwi pwi pwi phwahahahaha !!!!!

    • peace says:

      stupid Zambian,fake champion,you’re not ashamed of yourself anyway in Africa everybody hates your team nobody wanted to see you win again and our prayer have been granted after winning the cup you haven’t been able to qualify for this year and you dare laugh at Ghana shameless fool,you have no pride,if i where you i will keep my mouth shut.

  40. josimar kwesi says:

    I am Baaaaance! the Ghanaian Nigthmare!am gonna wipe the sorry arse of Ghana sorry the blak stars of Ghana, we deal wit yu sorry arse anytime anyday,buhahaha hehehehehe kikikikiki

  41. Blakroze GH says:

    @ stupid ghanaian, your actions says it all, no wonder you are a respectable man in zambia, zambia’s prolific and most intelligent but you are seen as a STUPID GHANAIAN here in our site…by you, so I won’t waste anytime reading any shit you’ve got so……cat9h a chicken and as usual, infect it with hiv like you’d normally do, it’s alright by your low standards……pwhaha…kekek…fuck it I’ll setle for the normal lol…


    Phwahaha!! Leave them you fool. Talk to A.A. Shame also on CAF who tried to fix results only to Ghana’s embarrassment!

  43. Gerabo Unit says:

    As a Zambian, I am so happy that Ghana has been shown why a snake has got no buttocks by ‘under dogs’ Bukina Faso ! PRIDE COME BEFORE A FALL !!!!
    *Showing you my black Zambian bums, in our face* <3

  44. josimar kwesi says:

    I Am Baaaanc!the Ghanaian Nightmare,which Ghana player gat the Liver to look at my horror face and stand on his feet?the ansa is Non,Zambia gonna grab the World cup ticket at the expense of Ghana and we gonna give Nigeria a huge scare and. A run for the their money,even if we loose on sunday,beating Ghana is like d icing ond cake,d next fifa ranking wud be quite intresting.Naija 1st,bf 2nd and Mali 3rd Ghana 4th ivory coast 5th etc.hehehehe kikikiki sipping ma coffee in ma room and waiting for naija cum name is Baaaaance d Ghanaian Nightmare!

  45. Ghanaman says:

    Allah will strike down all the enemies of the Black Stars and DEATH will be their reward! Leave or else!!

  46. Gerabo Unit says:

    Ghana how dare you waste the referee’s effort like that ?!!!

  47. Zambia Reigns says:

    Sorry but there is nothing that will erase the fact that we won last year and you missed penalties last year !

  48. Zambia Reigns says:

    Ass***le web admin. Why are you deleting my posts ?!

  49. kantoose says:

    You loosers laughing at one who progresses farther than you. lol
    trying so hard to be our playmates. mediocre.
    Ghana BLACKSTARS going to compete for 3rd place again is not a disaster but rather a dissapointment to us.

    GBSTAR always above the rest.
    Afcon 2008- kicked asses to 3rd place
    Afcon 2010- kicked assess to 2nd place
    Afcon 2012- kicked assess to 3rd place play off
    Afcon 2013- kicked assess to 3rd /4th place play off

    who is more consistent this aint no fluke

  50. steve says:

    I can predict here that the African Barcelona – The Super Eagles will beat B/Faso 4-1!!! in the final.These boys are the ultimate killing machine, no body can stop them , not even the Real Barcelona!!.The Ghanian team need some drugs to recover from the mess up handed to them by B/Faso,even with the referees help, they were swisted beyond doubt and therefore dont know what hit them.If Drogba, Yaya and Keita , Africa greatest players can predict an Afcon win for Utra Super Eagles, then who is large lips Wakaso?


    There was mass hysteria in Burkina Faso on Wednesday night after the national team defeated Ghana to reach their first Africa Cup of Nations final.

    Uncountable numbers of Burkinabe – men, women and children – trooped out of their homes to celebrate the Stallions’ historic victory. Some broke down in tears by street corners, kneeling and thanking heaven for the triumph, while others, mostly youths, rode motorcycles in hundreds across the capital Ouagadougou honking their horns, screaming and singing. It was a night to remember.

    “Today is my greatest day so far in this country. We have never seen such fervour and cause for national get-together before. You can see for yourself, even the trees, the birds and goats are celebrating alongside (21) million Burkinabe,” Ismael Ouedreago, a 54-year-old stylist told

    Most restaurants and beer parlours served food and drinks gratis to passersby, who were really not in the mood to eat or drink but to dance, jump, run and scream. Policemen abandoned their checkpoints to join the horde of jubilant fans.

    “This is our first time to reach an Afcon final, and beating Ghana convincingly is worth celebrating even by taking off my duty uniform,” Ahmed Sawadogo, a 37-year-old police officer said


    Put pays tribute to Traore
    07 Feb 2013 04:30:38

    Coach Paul Put has paid tribute to injured striker Alain Traore for his role in Burkina Faso’s push to the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations final.

    Traore, 24, scored three goals in the group stage to help Burkina Faso win Group C on five points and book their first quarterfinal place since 1998.

    However, the striker from French club Lorient sustained a thigh injury in Burkina Faso’s final Group C game against Zambia on January 29 that ended scoreless, and was ruled out of action for the next three weeks.

    “This victory is for Alain because Alain is also an important player,” Put said.

    “For us we were very happy with his goal scoring performance because without his goals I think we wouldn’t be here.”

    Traore scored the equaliser against Nigeria in their opening Group C match on January 21 that ended 1-1 at Mbombela Stadium.

    He later scored a brace in Burkina Faso’s 4-0 win over Ethiopia in their penultimate Group C match on January 25.

    And Burkina Faso captain Charles Kabore also saluted his absent teammate who left camp on February 2 to return to French club Lorient to seek treatment.

    “We really missed Alain tonight (Thursday),” Kabore said.

    Burkina Faso face two-time champions Nigeria in Sunday final at Soccer City in Soweto.

    This will be The Stallions’ debut final appearance since finishing four as hosts in 1998.t the time for that.”

  53. Saidi says:

    Im glady that essien is not part of the shamless team like Ghana. Ghanaians juju never worked and now they tried to buy the whole caf. Sham to issa ayatou the most corrupt president caf has never had.


    Ref banned after Afcon semis
    07 Feb 2013 05:38:01

    Tunisian referee Slim Jdidi has been banned by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) after his controversial performance in Wednesday’s African Nations Cup semifinal between Burkina Faso and Ghana.

    “CAF was not happy with the standard of refereeing in the match,” general secretary Hicham El Amrani told a media briefing on Thursday.

    “We know they can make mistakes but we expected a better level of refereeing. They are graded on each performance and based on his marks the referee from Tunisia is now suspended for a period of time still to be determined.”

    Among the contentious issues during Wednesday’s match in Nelspruit was the red card given to Burkina Faso forward Jonathan Pitroipa that could mean he will miss Sunday’s final against Nigeria.

    Pitroipa received his second booking of the game, for simulation, in extra time after going down in the penalty area.

    The organising committee will decide on Friday whether the player can take part in the final.

    Burkina Faso have launched an appeal but El Amrani said the only way Pitroipa could avoid an automatic one-match ban will be if Jdidi acknowledges he made a mistake in his referee’s report.

    “The organising committee does not have the power to change a referee’s decision,” El Amrani explained.

    “If the referee has admitted a mistake in his report the committee will consider it and make any decision if necessary. But that report … is final.”

    Jdidi also awarded a soft spot kick to Ghana in a display which threatened to overshadow an exciting encounter that Burkina Faso eventually won 3-2 on penalties


    Good move CAF though ashamed. Maybe because your fixing has been exposed!!

  56. Newyork4ever24 says:

    I’ve said it b4 and I’ll say it again…the only way Ghana can win anything is when they find a hungry striker and not that fat booty Lazy Gyan…gyan is not a hungry striker or lethal as some people may say…all he want is to score 1 and he’s ok cause he think he’s done his part…who leave English premiership to play in emirates?…like how can we depend on this garbage?…

  57. Ty says:

    Nigeria : Gold. Bubrkind faso : Silver. Mali : Bronze. Ghana : Charcoal.

  58. IDROUSA says:

    Burkina faso = GOLD. Nigeria =SILVER, MALI =BRONZE and somebody is gona be security!!!

  59. hershey says:

    U guys should google “the fix ghana vs brazil” . it talks about match fixing. very good read.

  60. Yaw says:

    The GFA should bow down their head in shame. Marcel Desaily was squeezed out of the coaching job only for AA to bring us this shame.

  61. Denizz says:

    If there is one thing we learnt from the Zambians, it is bribing referees. After all the they bribed the referee for that dubious penalty against Nigeria.

  62. Denizz says:

    Defending champions who cannot even progress from the group stage. And they wanted to represent the continent in brazil. I bet they would have broken zaire’s(DR Congo) record of conceding 9 goals. Thank you CAF for having that foresight and saving Africa from a gigantun disgrace. You think FIFA competition are a joke!

  63. bawah says:


  64. African Consciousness says:

    The Ghana FA President is always a step or two ahead in these tournaments but this time Ghana got the short end of the stick not Burkina Faso. While the Black Stars were comfortably lounging on the beach at Port Elizabeth CAF was grooming Burkina Faso for the upset. If you are a gambler you know the long shot and the underdog pays better odds that the favorites. So Ghana comes to Mbombela stadium and is completely unprepared for the awful pitch. They did not even get to practice once on this pitch but Burkina Faso is ready and waiting. If I was going to rig a game against Ghana this is exactly how I would do it. You take away their beautiful passing game and you match them against a very physical defensive team and you are almost guaranteed victory.

    Despite the disadvantage caused by not having even one practice on the Mbombela pitch Coach Appiah could still have won the game but he did not make the necessary adjustments to match Burkina Faso. Coach Put revealed he knocked out Zambia by flooding the midfield. Ghana’s midfield should have included Annan instead of Badu. He should have rested K Asamoah and brought in Mohammed Awal. Atsu and Wakaso had some rest because they did not play every minute of every game since the tournament started.

    One thing AA should have learned from the Serbians is how to protect a 1-0 lead. This was something that Milo excelled at and if AA has proven that he did not do a good job as an under study then what are we doing employing him as an experienced Coach because he was an assistant for 6 years? Is it time to look at some other options? Former Ghanaians who played at the highest levels? Marcel Desailly? He was a better defender than AA, he played in some of the biggest clubs in Europe and he won the World Cup with France. Abedi Pele is good but his record does not match that of Marcel. For a quick fix without missing a beat I say hire Marcel and bring on Tornado as his assistant, he will be great in the locker room motivating the players. I supported Coach Appiah 100% when he was in charge but some of his decisions during AFCON 2013 make me seriously questions his ability to take Ghana to the World Cup and give it a good shot.

    On defense he should have started Akaminko instead of Paintsil who up to the semi final had played every second of every game since the tournament started and last I checked he was not Superman. Akaminko had the size and could have matched the stallions physique instead on comes Asante. On the left AA should have started Kissi Boateng but instead opted for the safe choice of Afful. Kissi stands at 6 feet and could matched the physique of the Stallions and he also had the skills to do so. Jonathan Mensah would have brought the necessary impetus to the central defense since Boye had played every minute of every game since the tournament started, why not rest him for the finals?

    The formation and positioning should have been tightened to take away the space available to the Stallions. Instead the Coach left huge gaps for the Stallions to operate in and almost scored on several attempts.

    Finally, it beats me why Wakaso did not take a penalty, was he out of the game before the final whistle for the overtime play? This guy proved himself by scoring on every PK he had taken so why use a full back Vorsah instead of Wakaso? Why have Vorsah lead the penalty takers? Full backs are known for their wild and high kicks, because they are used to the long ball and also for clearing the ball from the defensive third.

    If offered a second chance will Coach Appiah correct these errors? If Coach Plavi was let go for not winning AFCON 2012 would it not be a double standard or smart of reverse racism if Coach Appiah is kept on?

    • Ghanaman says:

      Plavi is a Serbian. IN his country they consider blacks like you to be dogs!! you are acting like Plavi is Ghanaian…

      Either way if Desailly is so good he should join coach Appiah’s team… In his best days he chose to represent France because, according to him, Ghana was not fashionable…

      Let him join coach Appiah’s team if he really has anything to offer!!

  65. African Consciousness says:

    For the Zambians gloating over Ghana’s exit let me remind you that Ghana is always made it past the group stages come close enough to win the trophy even if it has not happened yet in over 30 years.

    Look forward to the return match for World Cup qualifying. Hope you can repeat your good run of form against the Black Stars in Ghana. May the best team qualify for the World Cup from group D!

  66. African Consciousness says:

    Desailly made the right decision to play for France I do not hold that against him, if he had chosen to play for Ghana he would not have made it to the World Cup with France and won it. Now he is bringing all that knowledge and money and is investing in Ghana so I say he made the right decision to play for France. As for Plavi I am saying he made it to the semis and got fired so why should Appiah be spared?

    For those who are calling AA a Kumasi Coach I say if you have something specific about what he did wrong come out and post it but where he comes from in Ghana has nothing to do with anything. We must not allow tribalism to rear its ugly head in Ghana. Ghanaians have done well and prospered because we have always considered ourselves Ghanaians first and our tribal ties second. We must maintain this level of consciousness otherwise we will be ripped apart by evil forces and the people making these divisive comments will be sleeping in bombed out shelters and bullet holed holes instead of their beautiful homes in mother Ghana. This is why Akuffo Addo must not be allowed to tear the Ghana apart. He must concede defeat and come back again for the next election cycle and get more votes, maybe get 70% of the votes.

  67. BLACKSTARIAN says:

    I support Kwesi Appiah must go and the entire GFA must be reshuffled. Nyantakyi must himself admit and resign his position, ever since he took over the black stars always triumph but we don’t bring the cup. As Ghanaians we eat, drink and sleep football. Yes we suggested a local coach but hey see what happened, the coach was tactically poor. The same reason why we wanted MARCEL desailly and now there we go……………………… How can a coach leave out players who play 70/90 mn every week for their team? how, why? There is a problem and if the COACH must stay, then NYANTAKYI must go.

  68. Secretrival says:

    @ African Consciousness Ghana has also faltered at some point just like Zambia. You have just risen to the occassion recently and you want cheat us. Ghana has always been beaten by Zambia at the AFCON tournaments. In 1996 Joel Bwalya scored the only Goal of the match to give Zambia the deserved victory and it happened last year 1-0 to Zambia again via an Emmanuel Mayuka goal.

    Ghana in 2006 failed to progress to the knockout stage what can you tell us. Thats why you will keep reaching semi finals till you learn to humble yourselves. How does it feel to see biginers coming on the stage to lift the trophy, yet the so called giants (Ghana)keep on faltering and escorting other teams to the trophy.Time to humble yourselves guys. This serves as a warning to my fellow Zambians, we need to calm down and go back to our old ways of being respectful and humble….

    Nigeria the Super Eagles have learnt to be humble and Burkina Faso has always been humble and here we see them in the finals. I can safely predict that the most humble of the two will walk away with the trophy…..

  69. sana says:

    Ghana congratulations for being the worste loosers ever in AFCON comêtitions! YOU suck, you the ugliest contenders, escortees, when are you ever gonna give up? Change that black star thing, it is all in your name, which black star ever shined? maybe just your TEETH! iyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, hehehehehhehehehe, kekekkekekekekekkeke, you sure made my day/ night guys, do you know i supported BK all the way? i was even jumping and sreaming, bokina bokina, go bokina bo bokina, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, they wiped you asses like oh yeah oh yeah, Burikna fasso is hot!

  70. Blakroze GH says:

    @secretevial, you clearly are a clueless person who doesn’t know what you’re talking about, if you knew anything about humility you’d 1st go to your blogs in zambia and humble them there, after come here and humble your proud folks here…..well the reason I say so is that if you watch our team for this tournament tell us a single person who showed any sign of pride, Ghana BS players are well known all round for our humility, cos even last year we could all see that manifest in our match with tunisia when the ayews were manhandled to the extent that dede had a shoulder injury which ruled him out for 6 mnths,heck, our coach even said he RESPECTS every single team that has made it thus far so don’t come here and talk to us about humility if it’s the fans that are proud, cos that form of pride cuts across the whole continent, everyone is proud of his country…..please be factual, all the players show humility=fact, the fans are proud=fact so what are you basing your point on? You yourself wouldn’t have come here to gloat or watch your fellow countrymen gloat over our position if you were’nt proud so spare us cos you will be thinking of the reason you guys didn’t make it out of your group stage but no you decide to come here and laugh at someone who did way BETTER than you… stupid ghanaian, zambian…all of you couldn’t make it out of the group stage but you lurk in the dark and wait to pounce on someone who has made it as far as the 3rd and 4th position….special shoutouts to the stupid fool called CONGOMAN who couldn’t come out of group stage, and hid behind the scenes like the COWARD he is, only to come out and laugh at us for reaching the 3rd and 4ths, where is this world heading now I wonder? Cos where we should encourage our players and rectify wrongs, we rather go to other peoples site to laugh at them for doing better than us, all I can get from the attitude of zambians now is that they are content with where they are and as such are now laughing at Ghanaians who are clearly not happy with where they are which is far better than the zambians! But hey, is the right attitude for minnows, they always rely on the pull him down syndrome when their teams fail with luck…

  71. Assisi says:

    The biggest reason why we failed in this Afcon was the lack of selection of players with different characteristics to match the occasion.
    Kwasi Appiah should have selected very strong players when we met Burkina Faso since their players were too strong and pacy than the Ghanaians. Take Aristide Bance who scored their equaliser. He went past our players any time he had ball as if we were kids. It was unbelievable spectacle.
    These are the very reasons people think Ghanaian coaches lack vision and organisational skills and thats why GFA tends to hire foreign white coaches to run the black stars.
    Burkina Faso are doing well because of their white coach. Period.

  72. capstone says:

    Ghana should just accept defeat and move on, try go reorganize your team, especially your midfield which used to be your greatest strength before. It is obvious from the inception of this AFCON that Ghana has no team. Your top striker (Gyan) has been a disappointment right from what he did at the world cup. Gyan is too proud. He rarely scores, if he gets 10 scoring chances, he scores only 1, and unfortunately, the team is built around him.

    Nigeria did not qualify for last year’s edition, not that we were not good, but because of administrative blunder. You could see what we played against you in London the third day we lost out in last year’s qualifier, Ghana was just lucky to get a 0-0 draw. No doubt Nigeria has the best team in this tournament and will surely be crowned African champions the third time on Sunday by God’s grace. Just watch out.

    The just shall live by faith.

  73. capstone says:

    Ghana should just accept defeat and move on, try to reorganize your team, especially your midfield which used to be your greatest strength before. It is obvious from the inception of this AFCON that Ghana has no team. Your top striker (Gyan) has been a disappointment right from what he did at the world cup. Gyan is too proud. He rarely scores, if he gets 10 scoring chances, he scores only 1, and unfortunately, the team is built around him.

    Nigeria did not qualify for last year’s edition, not that we were not good, but because of administrative blunder. You could see what we played against you in London the third day we lost out in last year’s qualifier, Ghana was just lucky to get a 0-0 draw. No doubt Nigeria has the best team in this tournament and will surely be crowned African champions the third time on Sunday by God’s grace. Just watch out.

    The just shall live by faith.

  74. Congoman says:

    Come on Blackroze GH, relax it’s only football. You know we don’t mean most of the staff we post here.
    I know your heart is broken in two by the Burkina’B, but that’s part of the game; u win, u draw or u get whipped.
    So try not to take it personal. For now we done with CAN 2013. I wish the BS Good luck on your journey to Brasil. Au’revoire.bye.

  75. Blakroze GH says:

    Damn, unfortunately for me, u right man, @congoman, I’m deeply heartbroken, cos I was thinking about concacaf way above everyone’s thoughts hmm that’s what has made this so hard to bear but….hey, you know shit happens, anywaez all the best in your qualification guys, cos we need to see some good football this year.2013, exciting times in African soccer, for the build up to Brasil…

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