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Dominic Oduro: Life lessons from Major League Soccer's most-traded man

Published on: 15 April 2017
Dominic Oduro

Dominic Oduro apparently is quite happy in Montreal. Read on

FAVORITE CITY: Montreal and Chicago. Chicago, I just loved the city. I would say this: From the airport, you drive all the way on I-90, then boom! The next they you know, you see the big picture with all the tall buildings. It's just nice, and it's fun to be in the city, too.

LEAST FAVORITE CITY: I don't think Columbus is a fun place to be in. Anybody can tell you that. It's very cheap to live over there -- I mean, you save a lot of money -- but you kind of want to enjoy the city a little. But it's just too small. Too not fun.

BEST FACILITIES: Montreal. I think we have one of the best training facilities in his league, hands down. I'm saying this, one, because I've been to other teams and I've been traded a couple of times, so I know what I'm talking about. And, two, even players who get traded that come over, they say it, too. Joey [Saputo] did a great job, and hands down, I'm not making it up. Toronto also has a good facility, but the only thing I like about Toronto is they have a steam room, and we don't have that.

CRAZIEST FANS: Montreal. And not because I'm playing for Montreal. I have seen other fans, and will do that. You know how passionate they are.

BEST FOOD: Anybody that knows me knows I only eat two types of food: pizza and fried rice. So far, I can't get it [great] anywhere. I don't think I've had a city where the food is really amazing. That, I'm very sorry. Chicago's known for pizza, but it doesn't matter. I prefer thin crust [and Chicago is known for] deep dish, but every state I've been in has pizza and Chinese, so that's what I eat.

BEST NIGHTLIFE: Montreal. I think it's [good in] Chicago, too, but the fact that Montreal has a little bit of European in them, it has a different taste than anything in the States.

BEST BARBERSHOP: OK, right now I'm with this barbershop called Notorious, in Montreal. It's really good, they know what they're doing. But I had this one guy in Columbus, I just call him Papi, and it was his own shop. I wouldn't say it's a barbershop, it's just him. He knew exactly what he's going to do to you, and he doesn't think about it. Like you go there, you try to give a description of what you want to do, like, “I'm looking for a sophisticated hairstyle.” And like, OK, 30 minutes and he's done it. That’s on the best guys who's done my hair. He did a great job.

Dominic Oduro

WORST WEATHER: Houston. Why? It was so hot, we had to train like 8 o'clock in the morning and be done by 9:30. That was how hot it was. That's how crazy it was. Any time after 10, the heat wave is just going to kill you.


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    April 15, 2017 11:31 am
    he deserves a bstar callup. he is consistent for his club but rarely gets called. instead, useless players like accam and others are always called...ho can gh win trophies with such lousy decisions
  • anokwale says:
    April 16, 2017 09:32 pm
    Oduro misses quite a bit. I would not get too excited about him. he had his chance at a friendly in 2012 against Chile in Philadelphia and somehow he had to be replaced very early. Not sure if it was an injury or what.