Don't compare Andre to his father Abedi Pele - ex-Marseille chief Tapie

Abedi Pele and Andre Ayew (right).

Abedi Pele and Andre Ayew (right).

Former Marseille president Bernard Tapie has played down comparisons between Andre Ayew and his father Abedi Pele .

Tapie believes Andre has more catching up to do to meet the mark set by his father in the game.

The 23-year-old has become a firm staple at the club he joined as an amateur but Tapei says the two are incomparable.

“I do not know if Andre Ayew can compare himself to the talent his father had, not at all,” Tapie told Marseille’s official website.

“To me they are miles apart. Abedi was the most technically gifted player I had even before Enzo Francescoli, Dede is good but not to the level of Abedi. Obviously, his father is more gifted.”

It was Tapie’s tenure at the Stade Velodrome when Marseille won the 1993 UEFA Champions League but he was accused of fixing a match with Valenciennes.

He was charged and the club was demoted to the second-tier League in France.

The impressive impact of Andre Ayew is what has sparked a comparison with his father Abedi Pele who is an absolute legend because of his style of play and commitment. Of the two, who do you think is the best and why? Make your views known in the box below:


  1. Blaack stars Fan says:

    That’s an bsolute truth, but Dede has achieved more at his age than Abedi in his early twenties.

  2. Blaack stars Fan says:

    That’s an absolute truth, but Dede has achieved more at his age than Abedi in his early twenties.

  3. duncandinho says:

    Thats true, abedi is legend

  4. It’s true but we still love our Dede. All he needs is a little humility and hardwork and he’ll get there. His father was a massive talent.

  5. PITO says:

    Here goes my analysis…Abedi was lanky in his playing days and combined with his speed, agility, skill and drive he was a beast. Andre plays a bit like his father but Andre’s body frame is bulkier. Andre is a good player though not bad at all.

  6. mukmin says:

    Abedi is one of the most brilliant and technically gifted players ever, him and Dede are miles apart technically and in soccer iq but Dede is also a very good player in his own right. Abedi does not get the recognition he deserves because he played for Ghana. He was better than Papin and Waddle, I would rank him up there with Zidane whom I don’t think would have gotten the recognition he did had he played for Algeria.

  7. MUSAH FIFA says:

    Abedi open the door for all African players in Europe to day, before Europeans doesn’t respect African players, but Abedi let them respect us more, and is only Asantis who doesn’t respect him but the world respect him, go to anywhere in the world and they ask you where do you come from and if you tell them Ghana, most of people doesn’t know Ghana, some will ask you who is the best football player in your country and you have to said Abedi Pele before they recognize Ghana, so haters cool down your head and respect the legend.

    • Ghanaman says:

      you are an IDIOT and your mother is a WHORE you filthy APE!!!!

      How do you know who respects who?? You dirty RAT!!!

      Everybody knows Ghana in football due to the World cup and not Abedi Pele. Most kids growing up today if you say Abedi Pele will think you are talking about the Brazilian Pele.

  8. Pk dee says:

    Abedi is know in europe more than Ghana,fact!

  9. BlackAngel says:

    They ostracize me when i speak buh look @ this fool talking crap about the Asantis, Abedi is still loved by some of us. That guy is a huge legend both home nd abroad. We must understand all can’t love u….

  10. Page says:

    @Musah fifa wats up wif u n dis ashanti thing.stop it it aint cul at an ashanti guy but I luv the ayews.@Ghanaman,i was born in the 90s but I even know that abedi was the one who put in the cross that gave marsielle that 1 goal against milan in their champions league win.

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