DR Congo keeper Kidiaba fires at Ghana: "We don't fear you"

DR Congo keeper Kidiaba is not scared of Ghana

DR Congo keeper Kidiaba is not scared of Ghana

DR Congo goalkeeper Robert Kidiaba insists the Leopards will go into Sunday’s quarter-finals against Ghana at the 2014 CHAN without panicking.

Ghana will go into the tie at Bloemfontein seeking revenge over the Congolese  after suffering defeat against them in the final of the maiden edition in 2011.

The Leopards finished second in Group D to book a date with Ghana who topped Group C.

Though Ghana do not appear to be the most impressive side but they are rated ahead of the Congolese.

But Kidiaba insists the Local Black Stars will not get special treatment.

“Ghana are not grand warriors. We are preparing this match with seriousness and we respect our opponent,” DR Congo’s iconic goalkeeper said.

“It will be tough for us as for them but with God’s hand, we will do everything to progress.”

Ghana have the influential midfielder – Yahaya Mohammed, back from suspension and he is expected to play a key role.


  1. bawah says:

    The act of not fearing is a faer in itself!

    • Maapa says:

      Exactly what I was going to write. You beat me to it it but let me add this…I am sure you are going to like this…He is being haunted by his own shadow. Yes indeed “…the act of fearing is a fear in itself…” He is afraid!


    Kidiaba is only exhibiting inferiority complex.

  3. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    Yes, yes, u can do it.

  4. We're The African Champions (UP 9JA) says:

    we already reach th semi final.

  5. NAIJA just taught MOROCCO good football lessons. The most unbelievable comeback ever. Bring on GAYnaaaaaaaaaaaq

    • spellBOUND says:

      noni, naija’s first stupid son. kwasia, don’t come here to brag. u probably turned off ur decrepit black and white tv when u were down by 3. now u come here to brag?????? foolish HE-GOAT!

      congrats to the players though for not giving up. noni, u can go back to your rabbit hole now.

  6. morris(the nigerian) says:

    Come on guys let’s enjoy our incredible comeback against the moroccans and not rub it on ghanaian faces ok..don’t need that stupid animosity between both nation to rear it’s ugly head again

  7. ike says:

    2013 & 14 are 9ja’s.

  8. ike says:

    Zimbabwe has shown Mali exit door,2-1.

  9. Wee ba says:

    Noni the greatest bleached face nigerian fraudster is here again….

  10. selfmade says:

    This monstrous goalkeeper has been playing in the Congolese jungle league for god knows when but always open his mouth whenever Ghana is concerned!! Instead of lookinh for a better club somewhere, he is happy playing in a very mediocre league whiles always yupping!!

  11. selfmade says:

    This keeper needs to be silence forever because he is always showing disrespect to Ghanaians!!! Tomorrow, our boys should shed their inferiority complex and play like royal Ghanaians!! I respect Congo a lot because they are traditionally one of the powerhouses in Africa football but we have better head to head than them and we have to teach them a better lesson!!! If Nigeria wins the Chan, it means Nigeria is gradually becoming the greatest west African football national of all times and this is the time for Ghana to stop then in this Chan tournament!!!! We should stop Nigeria from winning this tourament!!!! Infamous M.A.D.E

  12. selfmade says:

    We shouldn’t allow naija to win this cup and is time konadu shows us that he can do better as an assistant coach in Brazil!! Our play looks pathetic and we are yet to gel as a team and am surprise that Ghana after three games still hasn’t gel! Ghana are slow starters in tournament but progress after the first game but this particular team looks awful!!! I hope konadu proves me wrong tomorrow because his team is disjointed and it shouldn’t be so considering the fact that he has four players from the same club and should understand themselves better!! We ll watch tom!!

  13. josimar kwesu says:

    Naija rules & the rest follows@selfmade hook up with the rest of Guys on Africasoccernetv10 on watsapp,Josimars says so,wishin the best team to carry the day

  14. Chu says:

    GSN the inaugural tour was in 2009 not 2011. But for kidiaba, we shall show him how to drag how filthy arse across field. What happened when Congo played Tunisia at the same stage two years ago? Dhaouadui scored a spectacular mid second half post hitter and just after the whistle, all Tunisians sat aground and gave a show of kidiaba,s stupidness and today is no different.

  15. sam says:

    this keeper is soo annoyg! i don’t blame him, its our weak team that i blame! how can you ave almost 9 players from the same club in one team and still not ave team work?? they can’t even pass accurately. i wud not be surprised if we r beaten today! congrats to Naija for that come-back

  16. papa nkrumah says:

    Is it truly 9 players from one team and still no team work or gelling? Wow!

  17. Stranger Danger says:

    LOVE this guys hair.

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