Duncan hints readiness to step in as Hearts coach

Duncan hints readiness to step in as Hearts coach

David Duncan strongly linked to take over Hearts coaching job

David Duncan has hinted at his preparedness to take on the Hearts of Oak job though insisting no offer has been made.

The former AshantiGold coach is well-placed at the frontrunner to succeed incumbent Nebojsa Vucicevic who is increasingly coming under pressure by irate fans agitating for his removal.

The Serbian trainer has been handed a two-match ultimatum within which period he will be sacked if he fails to produce maximum points.

In-line Duncan is however keeping his calm despite revealing holding informal talks with some Hearts personalities.

“I have had talks with people associated with Hearts one way or the other,” he said.

“No formal offer has however been made so I won’t pre-empt that before it happens.”

Tough-talking Duncan who has also coach South African side Free State Stars was linked with a possible return to AshantiGold following the dismissal of Croat Zdravko Lugarusic but the move failed to materialize.


  1. charles agyarko nti ymcmb says:

    management shd fire vucicevic n hire david duncan if we dont want to forget de league n de fa cup titles.

  2. KT says:

    I just don’t share the idea of sacking this coach at this time. It will destabilize everything we worked for. It should be done at the end of the season.

  3. Elvis says:

    please management dont sack the coach

  4. ibrahim says:

    wonders would never end, today duncan wants to coach the team he has insulted on numerous occasions and claimed that referees have always favoured hearts against him. hmmm hypocrisy at its highest. hearts be careful

  5. Chu says:

    Afta ur noise of accusing us of referee advantage, u want 2 coach us. what goes around………

  6. giggs says:

    plz sellas Tetteh wll b a better option. Duncan has bn putn blames n insultng our dear club. I hate his character

  7. Francis Obeng says:

    The reason why the best and the greatest club in Ghana, Glorious Impeccable Hearts of Oak has not been performing is that the coach has been treating the Mighty players as though they are europeans. The way he talks to them, training, camping rules etc have a great telling effect on the psychic of the players. Besides, his luck has run out of the club. He is tactically bankrumpt that’s why he plays the players out of positions. I think Duncan can be a good choice. However, looking at his character, he can over react which can sometimes put the name of our beloved club into disrepute. We must consider pairing Ck Akunor and Yaw Preko as Mohammed Polo is so temperamental. May God bless the entire Hearts fraternity.

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